12 Best Skin Disorders Blogs of 2012

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  • 12 Best Skin Disorders Blogs of 2012

    12 Best Skin Disorders Blogs of 2012

    Living with a skin disorder can literally be painful. Whether they are present from birth or develop over time, they are often progressive, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. Many individuals with skin disorders experience emotional effects that are far more challenging, however, such as isolation, self-esteem issues, and even depression.

    Thanks to these tremendous bloggers, individuals with skin conditions will know that they are not alone. No matter how rare their condition, these writers and talented storytellers have shared readers’ emotions, challenges, tears, hopes, and dreams. 

  • Larina McClain's Blog

    Larina McClain's Blog

    This blog is absolutely beautiful. From professional-quality photographs to writing that consistently pulls the heartstrings, Larina McClain puts her talents to work for the benefit of her little nephew, William. Born with Epidermolysis Bullosa, he currently suffers from chronic pain and skin fragility that makes every movement and touch painful and even dangerous.

    Thanks to his aunt, little William has a host of people looking out for his wellbeing, for a cure, and for a wider awareness of the impact of Epidermolysis Bullosa and similar conditions.

    Visit this blog at: larinamcclain.wordpress.com

  • Solve Eczema

    Solve Eczema

    A.J. Lumsdaine is determined to Solve Eczema – one child at a time. From thoughtful discussions of eczema diagnosis categories to reviews of effective skin products, Solve Eczema is really looking out for the best information, research, and tips to clear the skin of eczema and return it to normal, healthy skin.

    Follow advice for traveling, going detergent-free, communicating with strangers and loved ones about the condition, and even support A.J.’s research to Solve Eczema. The site is a fascinating read and an excellent stop for parental support.  

  • End Eczema

    End Eczema

    This science writer and his family live with eczema, and they have one goal in mind: End Eczema. Humorous, scientific, hopeful, and informative, this blog blends great personal stories with excellent updates on eczema research, advocacy funding, and awareness efforts.

    End Eczema offers insightful examinations of the impact eczema has on the life of those who live with it and creative takes on the work being done to end it. Stop by for education, commentary, and a nice trip through the personal life stories of this talented blogger and activist.  

  • Extinguishing Eczema

    Extinguishing Eczema

    Extinguishing Eczema doesn’t seem like such a challenge when Eczema Mom is in the picture. This beautiful tale of hope, healing, and health follows a loving parent on her journey to care for her young son. Plagued by eczema, food allergies, and asthma, this is one child whose life has truly depended on the goodness of his mother.

    Whether this lovely blogger knows it or not, each post she contributes to this fabulous blog convinces readers that eczema is manageable and that life is beautiful not because of the condition of our skin, but because of the condition of our love and relationships.

  • Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

    Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

    Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care offers a great service – not just to her dermatology patients but to readers everywhere. Her site contains relevant tips for all facets of skin care, as well as advice for managing specific conditions, preventing skin damage, and sifting through aisles of drugstore products.

    Submit a question about your condition to Ask Dr. Bailey what she recommends, from seborrheic dermatitis anti-wrinkle cream to rosacea home care techniques. Offering “Only the Best from Science and Nature,” this is one dermatologist who is true to her word.

  • The Healthy Skin Blog

    The Healthy Skin Blog

    The Healthy Skin Blog is truly looking out for the health of your skin. Experts and science writers contribute in-depth, relevant pieces on topics of interest to anybody with skin. Learn how to prevent cellulite, battle acne, regenerate skin, and keep your body’s largest organ at its personal best.

    Packed with information, these fabulous science writers keep The Healthy Skin Blog chic, timely, and interesting for people of all skin types. No matter your skin condition, this blog has an interest in helping your skin reach its full potential.

  • Dan’s Blog at Acne.org

    Dan’s Blog at Acne.org

    Can you say “killer acne blog?” If so, you must visit Dan’s Blog at Acne.org. This blogger has been in the trenches of acne treatment, suffered acne’s accompanying depression and stigma, and fought to achieve the life he has today. After succeeding in his own battle against acne-ridden skin, Dan decided to use his passion and understanding of the struggle for clear skin to speak to millions of readers.

    Activist, blogger, and all-around cool guy Dan brings hope to the masses, offering skin tips, the latest on acne research, and information about pharmaceuticals and cosmetic advances. Go Dan!

  • Rosacea Support Group

    Rosacea Support Group

    The Rosacea Support Group knows its niche. This site is absolutely packed with the best and most up-to-date information for individuals living with rosacea. Read about the latest pharmaceutical offerings, try the best homecare solutions, enjoy the distilled explanations of rosacea research, and revel in the sense of community this fabulous site provides.

    As if that weren’t enough, the Rosacea Support Group also offers book reviews, treatment guides, Q&A pages, and even a rosacea forum for readers to connect with people who know what they are going through from around the world. 

  • SkinMatters Blog

    SkinMatters Blog

    The SkinMatters Blog (by Skinsight) is the ultimate go-to resource for everyone and anyone with a skin condition. This catchall site covers everything from temporary skin disorders of pregnancy to incurable skin conditions that are as rare as they are painful.

    Stop by SkinMatters today to learn about skin health from the experts. Visit the community forum, download a skin care widget, find professional resources, and explore all they have to offer on skin disorders, treatments, and research. You won’t be sorry!

  • Blessed by Brenna

    Blessed by Brenna

    Blessed by Brenna is a fabulous tale of hope, healing, and the love of a wonderful family. Brenna is a beautiful baby who was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis, a rare and serious skin condition. Although the first months of her life have been defined by a dangerous battle for her health, this little girl is showing her mettle.

    The blog chronicles a family’s journey through surprise, prayer, uncertainty, pain, and adaptation. Filled with touching stories and moving images, it demonstrates one baby’s impact on everyone around her. Read just a few posts and you, too, will feel Blessed by Brenna. 

  • “EB”ing a Mommy

    “EB”ing a Mommy

    “EB”ing a Mommy of a child with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is not easy, but one mother’s love for her son has turned into a gift for other families battling this incurable disease. Courtney spent 2 years and 8 months with Tripp, and her own journey is helping thousands of others living with difficult skin conditions.

    Raw emotion and heart-wrenching honesty are coupled with poetic prose and soul-baring stories on this incredible blog. This mother’s advocacy and awareness efforts are putting EB on the map, and her family’s tragic loss has turned into the world’s gain.

  • Is Eczema Contagious?

    Is Eczema Contagious?

    For eczema advice with a side dose of humor, you need look no further. Is Eczema Contagious? offers support, sarcasm, and a regular reminder that eczema treatment and healing is the common goal of eczema patients everywhere. This blogger reasons that the more people with eczema band together, the better their future will be.

    Stop by for treatment advice, incisive reviews of the evidence behind suspected eczema causes and cures, and a healthy supply of wit. Kim Wilbur is out to make a difference, and her fabulous blog is an excellent start.

  • 12 Best Skin Disorders Blogs of 2012 Closing

    12 Best Skin Disorders Blogs of 2012 Closing

    Skin disorders can be a frightening challenge for individuals and their families. The visibility of these conditions often encourages isolation, withdrawal, and insecurity. People suffering from rare conditions face the additional hurdle of identifying others who truly know what they are experiencing.

    Thanks to the bloggers featured above, skin disorders need not be so scary and isolating. Visit these excellent resources to find hope, healing, and a slew of practical tips to begin your journey toward emotional and physical health.