The Best Quit Smoking Blogs of 2015

The Best Quit Smoking Blogs of the Year

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  • Support for Saying No

    Support for Saying No

    If you’ve ever heard the saying “Winners never quit, and quitters never win,” you know that doesn’t apply to cigarettes. Real winners are the ones who do quit smoking.

    Quitting is important not only for yourself but also for the people around you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. This includes the 41,000 Americans who die because of secondhand smoking exposure.

    Click through these blogs and sites for guidance on kicking the habit for good. Soon you’ll have a saying of your own: “So long, cigarettes!”

  • Smoking Cessation Smoking Cessation

    When you’re ready to make the healthy journey from smoker to nonsmoker, it’s always good to hear from someone who has made that journey too. Terry Martin leads’s Smoking Cessation blog. She smoked for 26 years before finally finding the right treatment combination to help her quit for good.

    This is a comprehensive site. In addition to blogs about the benefits of quitting, be sure to read the site’s support pages. It’s a big community of people who have quit, and they’re ready to support you.

  • Alere Wellbeing Blog

    Alere Wellbeing Blog

    In your quest to quit, Alere’s Wellbeing Blog may become an important ally. On this site, you can find stories covering a variety of wellbeing topics. These include weight management and tips on becoming physically active, as well as smoking cessation advisory articles.

    Alere is unique among all the smoking cessation blogs. It works with registered dietitians to help individuals find calorie plans that fit both their physical and psychological needs. Alere’s expert bloggers also tackle many hot topics in the smoking cessation community that you probably have questions about too, including e-cigarettes and medications for smoking cessation.

  • Cigarette Zoom

    Cigarette Zoom

    If celebrity magazines had a column dedicated to smoking cessation issues, Cigarette Zoom would be a natural fit. This blog is part celebrity gossip and part policy. In any given week, you might be shocked to learn that a professional golfer smokes 40 cigarettes a day. The next blog post might tell you about a brand new smoking ban in one of America’s biggest cities.

    It’s an exciting blog, captivating and fresh, and it’s sure to keep both smokers and nonsmokers interested in the topics that matter.

  • Cigarettes Reporter

    Cigarettes Reporter

    State and city policies regarding cigarette smoking change by the day. And smoking cessation research results are released quite frequently. It’s hard for a person to keep track of it all. That’s why you need Cigarettes Reporter. This blog can keep you updated on the latest in smoking cessation techniques, research, and statistics.

    Companies send out a lot of mixed messages about what it takes to quit and which products promise the most success. Blogger Jenny Novac helps you wade through all of the noise and find the information you need.

  • American Lung Association

    American Lung Association

    The American Lung Association faces the harsh results of smoking each day. They see it on the faces of Americans who have just received a life-changing diagnosis of cancer. That’s why they’re so determined to help people quit. They want fewer and fewer people to need their help, so they’ve started a blog to encourage people to stop smoking. 

    It’s one part hard truth: You might be surprised to know the damage cigarettes cause to your body. And it’s one part helping hand: The site contains many self-help resources, as well as online group support.

  • Become an Ex

    Become an Ex

    Whether it’s cigarettes or soda, quitting an addiction is powerful. When you learn to live without something that’s harming you, you regain control of your life. That’s the premise of Become an Ex. Stopping smoking is about more than not picking up a cigarette. It’s about learning to live your life again. 

    Become an Ex is dedicated to helping you to relearn the habits that led you to cigarettes and to face the triggers that tempt you to smoke. 

  • I Can Quit

    I Can Quit

    Maintained by the Australian government, I Can Quit is a resource for people all over the globe. The site tackles the issue from all sides. In addition to guidance on finding the right quitting plan for you, the site has stories about developing and strengthening your willpower, tips on learning from previous failures, and a community of people who are in the same boat as you.

    If you need motivation, read through the plethora of success stories. All are very honest, as quitting doesn’t always succeed the first time, but also very inspiring.

  • The Quit Blog

    The Quit Blog

    Quitting can be isolating. If your friends smoke, you may decide to avoid them or else find yourself face-to-face with temptation. When that happens, it’s important that you find a source you can trust, and someone who will talk to you about the harsh realities of smoking while also encouraging you.

    The Quit Blog, part of the website Quit Nut, can be that resource. It’s an honest blog. For example, it doesn’t hesitate to express that “No, e-cigarettes aren’t really a solution.” But it’s also encouraging and uplifting, letting you know how your health will improve within the first hour after your last cigarette.

  • Quit Smoking Community

    Quit Smoking Community

    Quitting smoking can be overwhelming, even daunting. Sometimes you just need a space to talk, and to be heard. That’s where the Quit Smoking Community can help. Once you’ve read all the information you think you can absorb, the community members on this site can help you prepare for the journey ahead. 

    Read peoples’ quit diaries, or start your own. Ask questions. The site and its purpose are simple: They want to help you stop smoking. You’ll likely find something or someone through this site that can help you on your journey.

  • The Happy Quitter

    The Happy Quitter

    If you do anything for 35 years, it becomes part of your personality. After turning 50, the Non-Smoking Lady Bug finally had enough and called it quits. As anyone who has tried knows, there’s more than just lighting up. More than just a journal of a journey, this blog offers ex-smoker jokes, poetry, daily prompts, and other tools for people looking to move beyond their smoking years.

    The Happy Quitter is a fun blog and a useful resource for people looking for an Internet friend to help guide them through making lasting changes.

  • Don’t Give Up on Giving Up

    Don’t Give Up on Giving Up

    If you’re just starting out on your journey to quitting smoking, reach out to one of these communities. If you’ve been smoke free for several years but find yourself suddenly tempted again, you can find a community that can help. All of these blogs, their experts, and the communities behind them can help you cut the ties that bind you to cigarettes. The important thing is to find the help that gets you to the other side of the journey.



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