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The 13 Best Quit Smoking Blogs of 2013

  • 13 Best Quit Smoking Blogs of 2013

    Quitting ain’t easy. But when it comes to breaking the habit, these bloggers are experts. Take advice from people who have been there and struggled with the addiction of tobacco to help you on your own way to recovery.

    Check out their quitting diaries, strategies and medical tips, and you may become the best thing in the world—a quitter!

  • Quit Smoking Forever

    This doctor knows how to keep a crowd interested. Dr. Antonio Howell—a “quit smoking” fanatic since his med school days—is putting his passion and medical knowledge to work for you. You’ll find tips, up-to-date research, advice, motivational videos, and informative articles on Quit Smoking Forever. 

    Sign up for this RSS feed to get the latest on pharmaceutical quit methods, programs to kick the habit once and for all, and advice from one very cool doctor.

  • Quit Cigs 4 Free

    Quit Cigs 4 Free quickly, safely, and naturally with MP3 hypnosis downloads and a book about quitting cigarettes. Monthly updates on natural quitting and self-empowerment techniques to quit for good make for a stellar smoking cessation blog.

    Consider the site’s resources a freebie start on what could be a very short journey toward a life free of cigarettes. Blogger Rob was able to, and you can too!

  • Smoking Cessation

    Smoking Cessation Blog is led by smoking cessation guide Terry Martin, a former smoker of 26 years. This blog combines high-quality information with hard-won advice from a community of people who have conquered their addiction.

    Don’t miss out on this site’s compassion and support, information about managing COPD or adjusting spending habits, and how to “Quit Smoking101.”

  • Alere Wellbeing Blog

    Alere’s Wellbeing Blog is more than just a smoking cessation site. It’s an all-around health and wellness resource. It offers a large variety of blogging voices, insightful examinations of new health policies, and discussions of quitting strategies from a non-judgmental perspective.

    Linked to Alere’s wellness coaching resources, this blog provides two pieces of the quitting puzzle. Along with Alere’s Wellbeing Blog’s expert bloggers, you can work on fitting the pieces together to quit for good.

  • Cigarette Zoom

    Cigarette Zoom is as charming as it is incisive. This site zeroes in on cigarette company monitoring, international smoking policies, and even celebrity smoking sightings. It offers a creative mix of social commentary, ad campaign updates, and self-help encouragement.

    This blend of the essential and those little extras will keep you engaged. A few minutes on Cigarette Zoom and you’ll be hooked.

  • Cigarettes Reporter

    Cigarettes Reporter is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on new smoking ad policies, statistics, and the latest research. They’re eager to spread the word about effective quit techniques, and dispelling myths about post-cessation weight gain.

    Search no further than this site for relevant, timely information to help you fight the war waged by cigarettes.

  • Quit Smoking for Good Blog

    Blogger, thrice-quitter, and ex-smoker “for good,” Rudy runs this blog as much for himself as for his readers. The Quit Smoking for Good Blog is packed with encouragement and information dedicated to helping smokers quit for life, not just for now. 

    Take advantage of Rudy’s book reviews, personal stories, and guest posts about others’ journies toward a life free of smoking addiction. After all, quitting is often a (support) group affair, and Quit Smoking for Good can prove it.

  • UCanQuit2

    This unique site is especially organized for members of the military, veterans, and their families to find support and resources for smoking cessation. UCanQuit2 offers savings calculators, personalized quit plans, round-the-clock support chatting, news, videos, and tons of materials to help visitors quit smoking and “make everyone proud.”

    This comprehensive resource is a truly effective and thorough supply of tools, tips, and information that can make the difference between quitting and continuing to smoke.

  • American Lung Association

    If the American Lung Association could have only one message, it would be this: stop smoking. Their help page for smokers looking to quit has it all. Get information on what smoking does to your body, updates on smoking policy, and advocacy opportunities. This official page keeps readers informed and empowered.

    As a bonus, the American Lung Association offers a personalized quit program that includes self-help guides and group support chats online. Register for their E-newsletter or call their helpline to learn about workplace quitting assistance. These resources are here for you when you’re ready to stop smoking.

  • Become an Ex

    Become an Ex has a great strategy for quitting smoking. Instead of stopping with little more than good intentions, this innovative site teaches you how to “re-learn life without cigarettes.”

    Learn how to replace your addiction with something healthy like comedy or exercise. Find out how to keep post-smoking weight off, and discover positive strategies for stress reduction. This holistic view of life without cigarettes will leave you wondering why you waited so long to become an ex.

  • I Can Quit

    This resource provided by the Australian government is a gift to the entire online world. I Can Quit offers personalized plans, comprehensive information on quit strategies, and tips for staying off tobacco once you have made the cut. 

    In addition to getting step-by-step guidance, you can also join a wonderful online community. Swap quit stories and offer each other encouragement and advice.

    Learn how to boost your willpower, reorganize your life around new priorities, and quit once and for all—no matter how many times you have tried before.

  • Fresh Beginning

    “Fresh” is the perfect description for this readable collection of inspiring and practical posts. Fresh Beginning is composed of a brave community of folks determined to improve their health and lifestyle by quitting smoking.

    Topics include hypnosis and smoking cessation, keeping your kids off tobacco, and alternatives to smoking like nicotine patches. Site users and managers believe that community support is key to quitting. Become a member and post your own questions and experiences. 

  • Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking blog

    Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking blog is an international program based in London, and offers programs in 45 countries, making healthier living accessible from Mexico to Mauritius.

    Post topics include profiles of quitters, health news, user testimonials, and insight into the marketing practices of the nicotine industry.

  • 13 Best Quit Smoking Blogs of 2013

    Thanks to all the bloggers, reporters, and readers who have taken the time to build the online community that has helped so many people cut ties with smoking.

    Explore these sites and learn the ins and outs of tried-and-true smoking cessation strategies. Your smoke-free days may just start tomorrow.

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