Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2013

  • 11 Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2013

    For over 7 million people in the United States, psoriasis is an itchy, everyday fact of life. Thanks to these brave bloggers, you no longer have to feel alone.

    These talented bloggers are boldly building an online community of activists, educators, and sufferers learning to cope with (and conquer) psoriasis. Join them on their journey and laud them for their efforts.

  • The Psoriasis Spot

    Dudley Dix has a great new blog. The Psoriasis Spot offers an open, friendly environment in which Dudley discusses everything from boating (he designs yachts!) to treatment for his skin condition.

    Living and thriving with psoriasis since 1985, Dix has learned a ton about managing the ups and downs of life with this psoriasis. Stop by for information on the condition, tips for reducing and preventing outbreaks, and his opinions on medicinal psoriasis treatment options.

  • Just a Girl with Spots

    Joni is working hard to be Just a Girl With Spots. Her fun, positive blog is written proof that life with psoriasis can make you stronger, healthier, happier, and more self-confident. Living with psoriasis since her teens, Joni has used her condition to shape her adult life both physically and emotionally.

    This cheerful blogger is determined to keep a great attitude and spread the word that psoriasis only limits you as much as you let it. Check out her chic site for an honest look at the multifaceted effect this condition has on her life. 

  • Being Me in My Own Skin

    Alisha Bridges is no longer hiding. In fact, she’s sharing everything about her personal story with psoriasis on Being Me in My Own Skin. This remarkable advocate is spreading awareness and reducing the stigma of psoriasis and similar skin conditions.

    A 17-year veteran of covering—and then coping with—psoriasis, Alisha is in the trenches. She shares her struggles and accomplishments with readers to offer support, advice, and encouragement for others living with psoriasis.

  • National Psoriasis Foundation: Dr. Tell Me Blog

    The National Psoriasis Foundation has a great thing going: the Dr. Tell Me Blog. Here naturopathic doctors, dermatologists, and other medical experts offer reliable, relevant answers to your psoriasis questions.

    Browse the archives, learn about psoriasis and related conditions, get advice about health care access and treatment, and even get involved with the Foundation’s fundraising mission. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask. Soon enough, one of their doctors will answer.

  • Serious About Psoriasis

    Dedicated to reducing the stigma toward and improving the health of psoriasis sufferers everywhere, this site will be a great resource for you if you’re Serious About Psoriasis.

    Read fellow psoriasis suffers’ stories, or share your own. You’ll find comfort in the companionship, solidarity, and practical information this excellent resource has to offer.

  • The Inside Out of Psoriasis

    The Inside Out of Psoriasis details Carla Marvin’s journey through the triumphs and challenges of life with psoriatic arthritis. Marvin shares the pitfalls and positive moments of learning to cope with the pain and discomfort of her condition. 

    Follow Marvin’s quest to increase awareness about psoriasis, improve her health, and promote proper psoriasis management. With a little company, psoriasis can be defeated from the inside out!

  • Toby Hadoke

    Not for the easily offended, Toby Hadoke’s blog is a good-humored journey through the recent psoriasis experiences of this talented writer, actor, and comedian. It will leave even the most melancholy of psoriasis sufferers in stitches (and not the bad kind).

    Candid, creative, and unafraid, Hadoke invites readers into his psoriasis management efforts, his medicine cabinet, and even his living room. Cheer him on, laugh until you cry, and discover the silver lining on the cloud of psoriasis. 

  • Psoriasis Psucks

    Psoriasis Psucks, and this blog’s college-aged writer is ready to let the world know it. This blogger is dedicated to collecting the web’s best posts and comments about everything psoriasis-related and to getting people talking about their skin. 

    From quirky tributes to skin conditions to photos and rants about the impact of psoriasis on everyday life, this blog is not for the faint of heart. If you can handle a bit of the unpredictable in your life, make this a regular stop in your daily websurfing.

  • Jessica and Psoriasis

    Blogger Jessica Gough may be young, but that doesn’t mean she’s inexperienced with psoriasis. Living with the condition since 2000, Jessica and Psoriasis have become quite a pair. This bubbly writer is frank, cheerful, and inspiring.

    Jessica’s blog is filled with uplifting messages, posts about her daily life, psoriasis management, and wise reflections on issues like psoriasis in the media and dealing with insecurity.

  • The Itch to Beat Psoriasis

    A psoriasis sufferer for over 30 years, Howard Chang leads the psoriasis community to hope and healing in Everyday Health’s Psoriasis Blog, The Itch to Beat Psoriasis. This active writer and counselor will help you on your personal path with the latest research on psoriasis treatments, clinical studies, advocacy and awareness activities, and supportive stories.

    Don’t forget to take advantage of the site’s community support groups and Health Tools while you’re there.

  • Psoriasis: A Girl's Point of View

    Outspoken, hilarious, touching, and insightful, this charming blog will keep you coming back for more. Thirty-year-old blogger Lissa, the self-described “girl” of Psoriasis: A Girl's Point of View, has suffered from psoriasis since she was a teen. 

    Follow her posts through treatment, pregnancy (which provided a remission) and into motherhood. You won’t be disappointed! 

  • These Bloggers Know the Truth

    These bloggers know the truth about dealing with psoriasis—from isolation and embarrassment to the difficulty many face in finding a good doctor. Take their advice, learn from their examples, and be inspired by their stories. After all, they’re all living (and thriving) with psoriasis.

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