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The Best Psoriasis Blogs of the Year

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  • Breaking Down Barriers

    Breaking Down Barriers

    Psoriasis is more than a skin condition. This chronic autoimmune disease can be financially, physically, and emotionally burdensome. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, about 125 million people around the world have one of the five forms of psoriasis. That includes 7.5 million Americans.

    These psoriasis bloggers are breaking down barriers every day by writing about their experiences and sharing important information. 

  • Just a Girl with Spots

    Just a Girl with Spots

    Living with psoriasis since she was 15 years old, Joni decided early on that she wouldn’t let the skin condition define her. She harnessed her self-consciousness by blogging about it in the hopes that she might help others.

    Just a Girl with Spots tackles a serious subject while offering practical information about things great and small. Joni’s sensible approach to healthy living and overall wellness make this a blog worth visiting. Her valuable insights and upbeat personality even landed her a spot on the Dr. Oz Show in 2013. 

  • Being Me in My Own Skin

    Being Me in My Own Skin

    It wasn’t always easy for Alisha Bridges to talk about her psoriasis. Being Me in My Own Skin was her way of “coming out” about her skin condition. Her blog is sprinkled with profiles of psoriasis “psuperheroes,” educational materials, and insights gleaned from years of personal experience.

    This blog is no tale of woe; it’s about empowerment. All you have to do is look through the comments to see that this blogger/advocate is connecting and making a difference.

  • Dr. Tell Me

    Dr. Tell Me

    When you’re looking for reliable sources for information, The National Psoriasis Foundation’s Dr. Tell Me Blog should make your short list. This easy-to-navigate website provides expert advice from dermatology, rheumatology, and health and wellness professionals. The blog is populated with hundreds of medically reviewed articles about psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and more. While no website can take the place of your doctor, there’s a convenient “Ask a health educator” form that allows you to submit specific questions. 

  • Serious About Psoriasis

    Serious About Psoriasis

    Serious About Psoriasis is a blogging platform that encourages active participation. It’s about patients communicating with patients and helping them along the way. This community aims to reinforce the fact that you’re not alone—and need never feel that way. Learn how others cope with psoriasis or tell your own story. If writing’s not your thing, the site also accepts video testimonials. You never know what’s going to happen when you get serious about psoriasis. You may get inspired or you may inspire someone else. 

  • Psoriasis Psucks

    Psoriasis Psucks

    “There are more of us out there than we think,” writes Sarah, the 23-year-old blogger behind Psoriasis Psucks. She started writing about her condition in an attempt to network with fellow psoriasis patients, inviting others to join the conversation. Her blog is a unique blend of photos, information, and thoughts. Hope and positivity play alongside frustration and sadness, because that’s all part of life with a chronic immune disorder. 

  • Jessica and Psoriasis

    Jessica and Psoriasis

    Jessica Gough has been living with psoriasis since she was seven years old. Now 20, this passionate young woman is well on her way to doing just that. “Psoriasis is more than just a skin condition,” she writes. Raising awareness about psoriasis is the idea behind Jessica and Psoriasis. Her blog posts touch upon the many ways psoriasis impacts her life, and the lives of so many others. Whether you’re reading her latest entry or perusing the archives, you’ll find a wealth of information and support.

  • The Itch to Beat Psoriasis

    The Itch to Beat Psoriasis

    Howard Chang has The Itch to Beat Psoriasis, and he’s been scratching at that itch for more than 35 years. A volunteer with the National Psoriasis Foundation and co-founder of a psoriasis support group, Chang chronicles his experiences on the Everyday Health blog. He touches upon the many ways psoriasis can affect your life, from dealing with dermatologists to diet and exercise. Sometimes hearing from a long-time psoriasis patient is just what the doctor ordered.

  • My Living with Psoriasis Blog

    My Living with Psoriasis Blog

    Twenty-two-year-old Kara started her My Living with Psoriasis Blog in an effort to reach out to other psoriasis patients around the world, and it’s working. The U.K. writer encourages readers to submit guest posts, make comments, and participate in polls. She also enjoys trying out new products that may help with her skin condition, and reports the results.

  • My Skin and I

    My Skin and I

    Simon Jury is the first person to tell you that My Skin and I doesn’t offer medical advice. There are no health professionals or pharmaceuticals involved. Jury started the blog as a place for people whose lives are affected by psoriasis. Although photos tell the story of what psoriasis looks like, his focus is on what the condition does to people—emotionally as well as physically.

    Jury’s tips come from personal experience, and he encourages feedback from people with psoriasis and from those who simply want to understand it. 

  • Psoriasis out of the Shadows

    Psoriasis out of the Shadows

    When faced with psoriasis, you can try to hide it, or you can stand your ground. These bloggers choose to face it head on. They research, learn, and grow rather than become passive patients. As they openly share their stories, they help others along the way. These passionate advocates are helping to take psoriasis out of the shadows and into the light of day. As they do so, more people with psoriasis can take charge of their lives.