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The 11 Best Prostate Cancer Blogs of 2013

  • 11 Best Prostate Cancer Blogs

    One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. However, only 1 in 36 men will die from the disease. That’s thanks to growing developments in early detection and treatment.

    The following blogs are here to support you or your loved ones with prostate cancer. These voices will encourage you to keep your spirit strong, stay informed, support others, and never give up.

  • Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC)

    Partners are essential to healing. Women Against Prostate Cancer is the blog of a national organization dedicated to supporting women in the fight to eradicate prostate cancer. Posts from widows, teachers, medical professionals, and more fill this blog with practical information.

    This blog is a fantastic clearing-house of knowledge about how to support others while taking care of yourself. Check out health news, diet and nutrition tips, prevention information, and event announcements. 

  • Prostate Cancer Journey

    This brave and precise record isn’t for the faint of heart. However, reading this difficult journey will give you insight into treatment and a realistic picture of life with cancer.

    Blogger JC was diagnosed with a particularly deadly form of prostate cancer in 2005. He kept careful notes of his medical progress and doctor visits. Prostate Cancer Journey tracks the growth of the disease, along with small victories and larger disappointments.

    JC’s wife took over in February of 2013, when he entered hospice. She carefully detailed his final days. JC’s blog became his gift to his peers and prostate cancer patients to come.

  • Prostate Cancer Blog

    The Prostate Cancer Blog by prostate patient Jim Tuggey chronicles his disease, cure, and 14 years of cancer-free checkups.

    Many people might not continue to advocate for the health of others after so long a remission. However, Tuggey wants other prostate cancer patients to find comfort, health, and the up-to-date information they need.

    Tuggey focuses on proton therapy, the treatment that saved him. However, he wholeheartedly supports patients in making their own care decisions.

  • Prostate Cancer – Our Journey!

    British blogger Daniel Sencier beat cancer. Now he turns his attention to helping others in Prostate Cancer – Our Journey! Sencier documents his journey to wellness in thoughtful, comprehensive posts often illustrated by his own photography.

    This upbeat former solider moves from illness to advocacy, taking on policy and raising money for research. He even launched an effort to help prostate cancer victims in Romania.

  • Cycle for Life

    John is a former firefighter and serious cyclist. He started Cycle for Life when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005 at the age of 46. He has transformed his difficulties into help and insight throughout his treatment, recovery, and numerous radiation trials. 

    John biked across his native Canada in 2006 and 2007 to raise awareness for prostate cancer and inspire other sufferers. Today, he continues to report on the details of his health and treatments with a positive voice. 

  • Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Program

    The Advanced Prostate Cancer Program blog is the voice of the prostate cancer support nonprofit Malecare, and is regularly awarded top blog honors. The program tirelessly pursues its mission of supporting men who suffer from advanced or recurrent prostate cancer and related conditions.

    Blog editor Joel Nowak has survived four cancers and continues to advocate for awareness, treatment options, changes in insurance policy, and more. Discover prostate cancer news and thoughtful analysis, links to clinical trial information, and in-depth podcasts on relevant subjects.

  • The Palpable Prostate

    You’ll get great information on any aspect of prostate cancer from more than 100 posts on The Palpable Prostate. Read the latest news on diet, testing, treatment, research, policy, and advocacy. 

    The blog is particularly helpful in linking to related blogs and news sites.

  • My New York Minute

    Dan Zenka and his blog, My New York Minute, are encouraging, passionate, amusing, and driven. Zenka has felt just about every blow cancer can deliver, including a Stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis. But he keeps smiling and continues to deliver news and information in a positive voice.

    This seasoned public relations professional has turned his misfortune into help for others. Zenka is now a vice president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), which raised over $1 million dollars in July 2013.

  • God and Prostate

    Dr. Bjarne Gabrielsen, known as B.J., was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1995. He immediately turned to Christianity for support and healing. God and Prostate is a beautifully conceived and delivered witness to his personal battle.

    B.J. addresses the role of faith in health and disease. He also provides you with medical and policy news, links to clinical trial information, and stunning photographs of his global travels.

  • Zero Cancer

    Zero Cancer is the voice of the nonprofit group The Project to End Prostate Cancer. The blog takes on policy issues and fundraising efforts while providing resources and information in straightforward language for patients and their loved ones. And they won’t give up until all prostate cancer has been eradicated.

    The site posts videos and newsletters. It also hosts a store stocked with awareness materials and active wear so you can show your support for cancer victims.

  • Us TOO

    Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network seeks to help men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their loved ones make informed decisions about their care. Us TOO is the place to read up on detection methods, treatment options, post-treatment issues, and how to cope with relapse. You can even learn how to start your own UsToo regional chapter.

    The blog has a special focus on African-American men and prostate cancer because an African-American man dies of the disease every 100 minutes.

  • Arm Yourself with Support and Information

    The world may feel like it’s spinning out of control with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Gather as much help and knowledge as you can find—not just from your doctor, but also from people who have been in your situation.

    Reach out to these courageous bloggers, whether you’re seeking information or inspiration.

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