The Best Prostate Cancer Blogs of The Year

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  • Find Resources and Support

    Find Resources and Support

    Prostate cancer represents 14 percent of new cancer diagnoses in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute. The good news is that it’s one of the most survivable cancers. However, early detection and proper care are critical to longevity.

    These blogs show that good information, a strong community, and inspirational voices are vital too. Whether you have prostate cancer or are caring for someone who does, read on for helpful tips, the latest news, and hope.

  • Prostate Cancer Blog

    Prostate Cancer Blog

    Jim Tuggey was first treated for prostate cancer using proton therapy at Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1999. At age 79, he now describes his quality of life as “perfect.” A huge proponent of this treatment, Tuggey started the Prostate Cancer Blog.  

    This blog is a collection of news on proton treatment centers, research updates, patient testimonials, and book reviews. Tuggey’s archive spans 10 years. His interest in educating others about this treatment makes his blog an invaluable resource for anyone curious about proton therapy.

  • Prostate Cancer - Our Journey!

    Prostate Cancer - Our Journey!

    Daniel Sencier started his blog, Prostate Cancer – Our Journey, after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2010. What began as a means of keeping friends and family informed of his health now acts as an engaging diary.

    Sencier writes about his travels, the people he meets, and, most recently, about moving from England’s Lake District to South Africa. Sencier has retained a PSA of 0 for the past three years. Prostate Cancer – Our Journey reflects this shift, chronicles his journey, and offers bits of wisdom about life beyond cancer. 

  • Cycle for Life

    Cycle for Life

    Cycle for Life is one man’s effort to make a difference for many. When John Wagontall was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004, doctors gave him four to seven years to live. Wagontall concluded that there was not enough prostate cancer information available while researching his disease.

    This set the gears in motion—literally. Wagontall has completed two long-distance bike rides to raise awareness for prostate cancer and to raise money for radiation units at his local hospital. Read about his amazing experiences on the road, his journey through cancer treatment, and how to donate to his cause.

  • Advanced Prostate Cancer

    Advanced Prostate Cancer

    The nonprofit organization MaleCare created Advanced Prostate Cancer as a supplement to treatment for those with advanced or recurrent prostate cancer. Joel T. Novak, the man behind MaleCare, updates the site frequently with information on new studies, teleconferences, and clinical trials.

    Advanced Prostate Cancer is dedicated to publishing as much information as possible and helping those with prostate cancer learn about treatment options. The site also offers an email newsletter and a comprehensive list of resources.

  • The Palpable Prostate

    The Palpable Prostate

    Are you looking for studies comparing treatment options? Webcasts of lectures on prostate cancer? Blogs written by survivors or those undergoing treatment? Questions you should ask your doctor? The Palpable Prostate provides visitors with links to other sites and articles.  This site acts as a gateway to finding the answers you need, collecting links so you don’t have to.

  • God and Prostate

    God and Prostate

    God and Prostate is a good resource for men looking for some spiritual guidance during their treatment journey. Prostate cancer survivor Bjarne Gabrielsen, PhD, provides readers with medical—as well as scriptural—resources.

    Gabrielsen recognizes that the struggle for prostate cancer patients extends beyond physical need. His blog posts tackle the spiritual questions patients and their loved ones crave to understand. Read through these lessons if you’re in need of some faith-based guidance.

  • ZERO—The End of Prostate Cancer

    ZERO—The End of Prostate Cancer

    ZERO—The End of Prostate Cancer is a national nonprofit that makes ending prostate cancer its number one priority. ZERO uses 98 percent of donations to support programs and activities related to awareness, education, and research of the disease.

    The organization regularly hosts runs, walks, golf tournaments, and endurance challenges all over the country to raise awareness and money for the cause. Find information about these events as well as a frequently updated feed of news articles relating to prostate cancer on the ZERO website.

  • Marilyn Beads

    Marilyn Beads

    Marilyn Mullins’ husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer shortly after the couple moved to the mountains of Colorado to enjoy their golden years. Her blog, Marilyn Beads, is an account of the couple’s experiences coping with the disease and treatment.

    Mullins includes a timeline of her husband’s journey with cancer, as well as links to helpful forums. Her writing is sincere and vulnerable. This blog is a must-read if you want to read a personal account that you can relate to.

  • Prost8blog


    Dr. L. Michael Glode, an oncologist and professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, runs Prost8blog. This blog provides updates on prostate cancer treatment and links to supplementary reading.

    Dr. Glode has 30 years of professional experience treating prostate cancer. Prost8blog reflects how well informed he is on the subject. His writing is thoughtful and insightful, with links to several outside resources in a single post.

    Check the blog for updates, or join the mailing list to have them sent straight to your email.

  • The Prostate Cancer Foundation

    The Prostate Cancer Foundation

    The Prostate Cancer Foundation is a philanthropic organization that funds global prostate cancer research. The group has been a major contributor to many of the advances made in prostate cancer research since 1993. Find everything from statistics and nutrition to wellness tips.

    Get the latest news from the world of prostate cancer research and treatment, donate to the cause, or sign up for their monthly newsletter. The resources found here are innumerable and invaluable. The site even has free downloadable guides! 

  • Getting Better All the Time

    Getting Better All the Time

    Prostate cancer still leads in diagnoses, but every year, the medical community moves closer to better treatments. Quality information and strong community remain as important as ever.

    If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, these blogs have nearly everything you need to know to navigate the journey.


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