The 22 Best Pregnancy Health Blogs of 2013

  • 22 Best Pregnancy Blogs of 2013

    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting—and simultaneously challenging—times in a woman’s life. There’s a lot to think about when you’re pregnant: hormone swings, food cravings, and anxiety about the changes to come.

    We’ve compiled the 22 Best Pregnancy Health Blogs of 2013 to give mothers-to-be some added support. Click through the slideshow to enjoy this year’s winners.

  • Fearless Formula Feeder

    A debate rages among pregnant and new moms about the best way to feed their infants. While many are sticklers for the benefits of breastfeeding, a growing contingent advocates formula feeding. As the blogger behind Fearless Formula Feeder, Suzanne Barston is in the latter camp.

    Barston experienced breastfeeding challenges, which prompted her to become a loyal formula feeder and start writing about her perspective. Her blog provides encouragement and validation to women who either can’t breastfeed or choose not to.

  • Crazy Lesbian Mom

    Pregnancy is tough enough, but Crazy Lesbian Mom faces some unique challenges en route to becoming a mother. This gay parent was diagnosed with a mental illness—and with cancer after giving birth.

    Crazy Lesbian Mom shares her story in posts that sometimes reflect fear, discouragement, and hope. Refreshingly honest and poignant, this is one blog to keep regular tabs on.

  • Project Nursery

    Why not get a jumpstart on setting up your nursery while you’re waiting for your new bundle of joy to arrive? Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio have everything you need to tackle this challenge at Project Nursery.

    Become the envy of parents in your neighborhood with amazingly creative design ideas organized by space, category, and product. And don’t forget to check out their contests, giveaways, and baby registry checklist.

  • Celebrity Baby Scoop

    Ever wonder how your favorite celebs are handling parenthood and what baby products they are buying? Celebrity Baby Scoop has the answers.

    This blog is oozing with gossip, giveaways, and dish-worthy updates about glamorous tots and their famous parents. The photos alone will make clicking off of this star-studded site difficult.

  • Birthing at Home

    Birthing at Home is here to tell you that hospitals aren’t the only place you can have your baby. Whether you’re interested in midwifery, home births, or other aspects of natural childbirth, “birth junkie” Diana has the info for you.

    Diana’s passion for her subject matter is clear. She goes beyond sharing her own musings and birth stories to provide a wealth of resources to her readers. You’ll find relevant links, inspiring videos, and listings for practicing midwives in Birthing at Home.

  • Milk-Friendly

    It’s all about style on Milk-Friendly, a blog to inspire current and moms-to-be who are breastfeeding. And what a relief for moms who have struggled to feel good about themselves while undergoing a time of life that can be quite a challenge.

    Though Maryam makes it look easy in the photos on her site, she lets her readers know that breastfeeding can be tough when unassisted. With Maryam’s help, you can feel a little better about yourself as you improve how you look and feel.

  • March of Dimes' News Moms Need

    The March of Dimes offers the March of Dimes - News Moms Need blog. Whether you’re currently pregnant or just became a parent, there’s a lot to learn and not much time to absorb it all!

    This site includes helpful infographs and timely posts on pregnancy issues and beyond. You’ll find comforting words on teething, toilet training, and taking a vacation again someday on News Moms Need.

  • At Your Cervix

    Who better to learn about childbirth from than a labor and delivery nurse who became a certified nurse midwife? That’s exactly who you’ll find blogging at At Your Cervix, a site dedicated to delivering thoughtful posts on delivery methods and childbirth options.

    Now in her first year as a midwife, this talented blogger walks you through the transition from hospital to home births—and everything in between.

  • My OB Said What?!?

    Sometimes hard to believe but always true, My OB Said What?!? takes doctors and doulas alike to task for talking out of turn during birth experiences.

    The site allows the public to anonymously submit comments that they’ve heard their physicians, midwives, obstetricians/gynecologists, childbirth educators, and lactation consultants say, for better or for worse (and it’s usually worse).

    The site’s moderators hope to provide teachable moments by sharing these often surprising or downright shocking statements.

  • Birthing Beautiful Ideas

    Kristen is a feminist mom raising three boys. She is also a certified doula, with the role of providing physical and emotional support to women during childbirth.

    Kristen has a lot to say about motherhood, labor, birth advocacy, and more—and she says it all on her blog Birthing Beautiful Ideas.

    Part philosophical musings, part snarky stories, and part great advice, this is a smart place to turn for maternal soul food.

  • Belly Itch

    Tune in to Belly Itch if you fancy yourself a celebrity “bump watcher.” Here you’ll find a satisfying mix of celebrity gossip, the latest fashions, book and product reviews, and parenting tips.

    Jeneba “JJ” Ghatt is the author of many posts, which she signs “Belly Rubs from JJ.” Belly Itch considers perspectives from guest bloggers, so you can join in the fun too!

  • Baby Making Machine

    Baby Making Machine was born when Jennifer, TV anchor and devoted mommy, decided to catalog her “journey through motherhood” publicly.   

    Jennifer explores her goals and dissects the many trials and errors she experiences in her posts. Read along as this parent and working woman tries to have it all.

  • Mon Petit Amour

    Mon Petit Amour stands out as a blog that’s as visually appealing as it is enticing to read. Morgan originally created this blog for her son Hunter in 2009. Now she’s a mom of two with the arrival of a daughter earlier this year.

    The site shares gorgeous family photography with posts that make you feel like you’re reading an email from your best friend. Don’t forget to check out Morgan’s recipes and enviable nursery ideas.

  • ABC Family

    No relation to the TV station, ABC Family stands for “Arwen, Bryan, and Children.” Mom Arwen started her blog to share the initial challenges and tears of trying to become a parent.

    With the addition of a son, daughter, and two twin boys, Arwen’s blog has morphed into a family journal of hope, gratitude, and everyday life. The photos are cute too!

  • Pregnant Chicken

    Toronto-based Amy Morrison blogs as the Pregnant Chicken. Morrison keeps it real on her site—and really funny.

    Not your average bird, Pregnant Chicken squawks about things that pregnant women and mommies really want to know. Get the scoop on “boob versus bottle,” “porn for pregnant ladies,” and “why you’re never failing as a mother—” along with the side-splitting series “awkward pregnancy photos.”

    Come here when you need a chuckle, a weekly pregnancy calendar, or a list of possible no-nos for pregnant moms.

  • O My Family

    Minnesotan Allison tells tales of domestic bliss and battles on O My Family. There’s a lot here to absorb and love on this blog, with special sections on her husband’s housing renovations, her weight loss rollercoaster, and an unwelcome visit from postpartum depression.

    New parents and pregos alike will find a pal in Allison, who can tell them about everything from running with a bun in the oven, to how to teach your kids what “no” really means.

  • My Green and Natural Pregnancy

    Three-time mom Elizabeth presents a holistic look at pregnancy and childbirth on the blog My Green and Natural Pregnancy. It can be tough to find information either in books or online about “going green” or approaching pregnancy more naturally.

    Elizabeth fills the void by sharing what she has learned through her own multiple experiences of being pregnant. Get tips for reducing toxins in your diet, increasing your energy without sugar or caffeine, and just being healthier.

  • I Like Beer and Babies

    Hysterical and irreverent, I Like Beer and Babies stands out for its dry humor. This blogger mom’s family—a boy, a girl, and an “ADD Daddy”—provides plenty of fodder for amusement.

    With posts given titles like “How Toddler Parties Are Like College Parties” and “Co-sleeping Is for Suckers,” you know that you’re in for a different take on parenthood.

    If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the site, you can send the blogger your questions. She’ll publish your question, along with her answer.

  • FitPregnancy

    The magazine FitPregnancy offers a partner blog by the same name. FitPregnancy is a go-to resource that delivers the high-quality content you’ve come to expect from the publication.

     Here you’ll find a goldmine of valuable resources. Get a handle on prenatal and postnatal workouts (including videos), recipes, nutrition tips for before and after birth, a week-by-week pregnancy guide, a birth plan template, and much more.

  • Motherhood Uncensored

    Kristen Chase has been featured in an impressive array of TV shows and magazines for her quote-worthy blogging on Motherhood Uncensored. (She writes a few other blogs as well.)

    On Motherhood Uncensored, this mom of four who recently uprooted from Atlanta to Philly lets you into her mind and heart. Whether frustrated and exhausted or finding a reason to laugh, Kristen’s compelling writing will hook you.

  • A Little Pregnant

    Julie Robichaux has seen it all: in vitro fertilization (four rounds), pregnancy complications, miscarriage, and a premature birth. She vents about it all—sometimes swearing—on A Little Pregnant.

    Often graphic and always opinionated, you’ll find yourself sucked into Robichaux’s interesting universe and giggle-worthy worldviews about pregnancy, parenthood, and other adventures.

  • The Imperfect Parent

    If you’re tired of the same old, same old when it comes to pregnancy and parenting blogs, give the The Imperfect Parent a look. This site lets parents connect and share their experiences of childrearing, warts and all.

    Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to parenting techniques, and no one has all the answers. This site’s goal is to go beyond judgment and preaching, with parent-submitted content that you can relate to and feel good about.

  • Beyond the Nine Months

    You many never feel as overwhelmed and confused as you do during your nine months of pregnancy, and afterwards. Your family is growing, your world is changing, and life can seem topsy-turvy.

    Find comfort and stability from those who have taken this road before you. The Internet is filled with pregnancy and parenting blogs, but for news you can really enjoy and use, be sure to spend time on the 22 Best Pregnancy Health Blogs of 2013.

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