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The Best MS Blogs of 2013

  • Best MS Blogs of 2013

    Self-care, support, and the latest news on treatments are important if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with MS. Talented and committed writers compose these blogs. Each one advocates wellness for MS patients in their own way.

    Read on for inspiration and knowledge, and gather the strength to carry on.

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

    This comprehensive resource is packed with information for MS patients and their loved ones. Help comes in the form of well-written personal advice, info on fundraising and advocacy events, and diet and treatment options.

    Join the MS Connection Blog community by commenting or becoming a blogger yourself. Use the site’s tools to customize the content most relevant to you.

  • Wheelchair Kamikaze

    Dive into Marc’s enlightening posts and discover how one man’s deeply personal journey can help millions in Wheelchair Kamikaze.

    Marc analyzes contemporary issues like insurance and politics, as well as the therapeutic power of making art, all through the lens of MS. You’ll be amazed at his insights and his honest encouragement.

  • The Lesion Journals

    Sleek, modern design is just one attractive element of Christie Germans’ forthright blog. The Lesion Journals has chronicled Germans’ MS journey since 2009. She’s blogged through treatments and travel, providing insight and opinion on everything from vertigo to Vitamin D.

    Germans’ commitment to living well in spite of MS will give you hope and comfort.

  • My MS Blog

    The official blog of Britain’s Multiple Sclerosis Trust claims to address the “A-Z of MS.” The Multiple Sclerosis Trust Blog offers posts on medical and foundation news, fundraising events, heartwarming interviews, and symptoms. There’s also complete information on the UK’s latest policy developments.

    Be sure to check out the accomplishments and victories of MS patients all over the world as they run races and climb mountains. What will you be inspired to do?

  • Navigating the Journey of MS

    Navigating the Journey of MS chronicles the life of an MS patient from Wisconsin named Cathy. She closes each post with “Have a great day, everybody.” This phrase encompasses Cathy’s positive attitude and compassionate spirit.

    After being diagnosed, Cathy developed an online store for MS-related products. Her brief posts reflect the reality of a busy life and the can-do attitude of someone committed to living well regardless of circumstances.

  • A Short in the Cord

    Joan Wheeler has been inspiring MS patients since 2007 with her beautifully written and deeply reflective blog A Short in the Cord. Wheeler bravely addresses MS challenges such as the trials of fatigue, traveling with chronic illness, and social issues facing MS patients.

    Wheeler’s commitment to finding beauty and hope every day will keep you inspired.

  • Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA

    Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA, is a near-encyclopedic journal of one person’s life, times, and chronic illness. The blog focuses on community, fun, and healing despite difficulties.

    Writer and musician Lisa Emrich applies her creative talent to telling her story, advocating for the MS community, and providing the most up-to-date medical news available.

    Emrich weaves empowering information for the MS community through this blog and her “Carnival of MS Bloggers.” 

  • Living! with MS

    The exclamation point says it all. Blogger Nadja Yse Stringer is determined to enjoy life, regardless of diagnosis!

    Inspiration awaits you on this lively, lovely journal. You’ll find Stringer’s thoughts on everything from MS-related conditions like depression and anxiety, to fashion, yoga, art, and more on Living! With MS.

  • Carnival of MS Bloggers

    Carnival of MS Bloggers is the brainchild of Lisa Emrich and a fantastic compendium of MS blogs. Here Emrich gathers the best MS posts, poems, and polemics from around the Web.

    Carnival has created its own MS community of those committed to health solutions with a focus on fantastic content. Jump on the Carnival bandwagon and you might not want to get off!

  • activisMS

    The Carolinas are well served by—and anyone interested in MS can learn from—activisMS. ADA and Medicare updates share space with articles on caregiver issues and health insurance.

    Take action: discover the latest news and opinions on MS policy. Learn about fundraising and awareness events. Join in the effort to improve the lives of MS sufferers and the people who love them.

  • I'm an MS Activist Blog

    The public policy office of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society produces I’m an MS Activist Blog. This is a comprehensive resource on health policies that affect those with MS.

    Deeply committed to informed understanding, this blog keeps readers educated on the latest news in the MS activist community. Use the information to get the facts and become an activist yourself!

  • MS Recovery Diet

    What’s the relationship between MS and diet? How can MS patients battle their symptoms? Join bloggers Judi Bachrach and Ann Sawyer at MS Recovery Diet to find your answers.

    Bachrach recovered from her most debilitating MS symptoms by changing what she ate. Her elimination diet customized for MS patients could move you to change your diet and improve your symptoms. Join the site’s forum to tell others about your personal experience.

  • Brokenclay

    Blogger Katja must have lots of free time. After all, she’s only a wheelchair-bound MS patient, mother, wife, software engineer, singer, athlete, and world traveler. She also really likes to go to the gym.

    Brokenclay is Katja’s longtime chronicle of advice and reflections on living with disability but never, ever giving up.

    Read from the blog’s beginning to discover Katja’s story from diagnosis to present day. Or, pick through to find thoughtful writing on topics like activism, aging, and personal growth.

  • Everyone Here is Jim Dandy

    Oregon native and current Bali resident Richard Boughton writes as an active person with a full life, who just so happens to have MS. Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy, touches on everything from cataracts to Balinese driving customs.

    Boughton comments on his condition while connecting it with the human condition, life with MS, and even life in Indonesia.

  • Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis

    Cathy Aten chose to use her art and her artistic spirit to pursue a path to healing when she was diagnosed with MS in 2000. Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis is her tough, honest campaign to achieve peace and share it with others.

    Aten’s writing has a deceptively light touch and is imbued with poise. Her own artwork and that of others grace these meaningful, compassionate posts. 

  • Wobbly Teetering Blogging

    Life in a wheelchair hasn’t stopped this Australian blogger from exploring the world, online or through travel. She tackles MS, practical and painful shoe designs, sexism, MS metaphors in popular culture, and more under the nom-de-blog Che Koala.

    Always entertaining and often in your face, Wobbly Teetering Blogging isn’t afraid to take on social customs and medical assumptions. Read for keen insight and helpful information.

  • An Empowered Spirit

    Cathy Chester is a talented writer, mother, and MS advocate who was diagnosed with MS in 1987. An Empowered Spirit courageously covers just about all aspects of MS, from travel with disability to news on the Affordable Health Care Act.

    Chester’s blog has engaged a lively, vocal community that comments on her posts and provides their own helpful perspectives. This group won’t let you down!

  • Dan and Jennifer Digman

    Jen and Dan Digman’s story inspires hope and happiness in everyone it touches. Individually diagnosed with MS, the couple met at a medical conference and instantly fell in love. They married and took on a life of battling MS with their keyboards, their voices, and their indomitable spirits.

    The resulting Dan and Jennifer Digman blog is compassionate, realistic, feisty, and packed with information. You’ll want to read it over and over. 

  • MS Views

    Stu’s Views & M.S. News covers treatment, clinical trials, news on policy and insurance advancements, and personal issues like the isolation of the disabled.

    The site is committed to creating global connections among MS organizations to broadcast meaningful information to as many patients as possible.

  • My New Normals

    Writer and nurse Nicole Lemelle may be in a wheelchair, but her blog proves she is living life to the fullest. Mardi Gras and MS. Laughter yoga and lesions. Chronic illness and cooking. In My New Normals, there’s something for everyone.

    This nationally recognized advocate writes honestly and beautifully, creating an amazing record of her emotional strength. Begin reading for inspiration and humor, and return for information and enlightenment.

  • Kaleidoscope Muff

    Suppose your best friend was diagnosed with MS and decided to start a blog. The result might be something like Kaleidoscope Muff: friendly, fun, warm, practical, and brimming with heart and hope. Blogger Muff writes from her home in New Jersey where she’s a retired English teacher and a grandmother.

    Is life just perfect? No. Is MS painful, confusing, exhausting, and depressing? You bet. Will venting about mosquitoes and posting a Key Lime pie recipe help? It could be just the ticket. This is one of the most comforting blogs we’ve recognized this year.

  • Stellar Life

    Crusading Seattle blogger and MS patient Diane J. Standiford started Stellar Life in 2007, declaring, “I am disabled and proud” on the front page of this brave blog. 

    Standiford tirelessly posts news, interviews, policy information and her own health notes and observations. She’s upfront with her politics not in order to offend, but because she believes all voices should be heard.

    Read for a daily dose of diversity and the encouragement to take up the fight for wellness for all. 

  • MSLisaSays

    This recently launched blog will attract you with its sleek design and easily accessible content, and keep you for its stories and wisdom. Lisa Dasis is a writer and enthusiastic supporter for those living with MS. MSLisaSays is her collection of reflections and tips, and blog posts on the reality of living with someone with MS written by her husband.

    Lisa inspires with her humor and goodwill, and with her health news: recent treatments have nearly cut her symptoms in half.

  • MS Connection

    Several MS patients speak out on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s blog, MS Connection. However, they all share a positive outlook and a commitment to helping others.

    Patients, advocates and medical professionals lend their words to topics as varied as risk factors, aging, diet, and the importance of emotional support. This is a fantastic go-to reference for anyone interested in joining a community determined to defy this disease.

  • Read for Comfort, Counsel, and Companionship

    For many, an MS diagnosis brings both answers and questions. Along the course of this debilitating and as-yet incurable disease, you and your loved ones will need regular support and information.

    These blogs provide a place to turn in your anger, confusion, and pain. Whether you’ve been diagnosed or care for someone who is, you don’t have to be alone.

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