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The Best Multiple Sclerosis Blogs of 2014

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  • Hope and Inspiration

    Hope and Inspiration

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and those who love them, often feel trapped by the seemingly unstoppable progress of the disease. But the Internet is alive with blogs created by people who are thriving and finding hope in spite of MS.

    Read these award-winning blogs for a shot of inspiration. Return to them regularly to witness the unstoppable strength of their inspiring authors and contributors.

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  • The National MS Society

    The National MS Society

    The National MS Society is a leader in MS research funding. The organization’s website is a wonderful resource for everything from learning about the disease to tips for living with the disease. This website makes it extremely easy to get involved in the cause. There’s even a directory of MS support locations in your area.

    These activists are passionate about accomplishing their goal of eliminating MS completely. Explore the site, lend your support, and check out different ways you can get involved through NMSS.

  • Wheelchair Kamikaze

    Wheelchair Kamikaze

    Marc, a 50-year-old New Yorker, was diagnosed with primary-progressive MS in March of 2003. His blog, Wheelchair Kamikaze, is a platform for MS discussion and Marc’s own musings on his experience with the disease. Posts often include photos and videos taken from a camera he secures to his wheelchair. All readers will enjoy this knowledgeable patient and witty realist. 

  • The Lesions Journals

    The Lesions Journals

    The Lesion Journals is the blog project of Christie, a “number crunching photographer” who loves riding her bike fast. The blog includes an MS newsreel, a general overview of the disease, and a reading list, but her blog posts may be the most insightful reading material.

    Christie emphasizes positive thinking. She believes that doing things that make you happy can help you take control of your MS. Her confidence in her philosophy is what sets this blog apart from the rest. Take a look at what she has to say if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

  • The MS Trust

    The MS Trust

    The MS Trust is a charity that works with and for people with MS who live in the United Kingdom. The MS Trust Blog doesn’t just cover updates on research from around the globe. It also funds research projects that aim to improve MS services, treatments, and support.

    This blog also includes guides for patients and health professionals to download, order, or read online. There is a lot to explore on this site. Check back here often for news and upcoming events, especially if you live in the United Kingdom.

  • A Short in the Cord

    A Short in the Cord

    Joan Wheeler is the woman behind A Short in the Cord. She was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago, and her blog chronicles her experiences with relapsing-remitting MS. Wheeler recognizes the challenges that come with living with MS, but also maintains that staying active and aware is key to health.

    Wheeler is a disability awareness advocate, and she’s captain of the MS Walk Team Wheeler’s Wobblers. Their tagline is “Wheelers wobble but don’t fall down, thanks to your support.” Wheeler has contributed to the MS community for a long time, and her posts are worth a read.

  • The Carnival of MS Bloggers

    The Carnival of MS Bloggers

    Carnival of MS Bloggers features a monthly collection of posts from bloggers around the Internet. Each edition includes at least one piece (sometimes two) by somebody living with MS. The site also hosts a bibliography of MS blogs for readers to explore, as well as the personal blog of the site’s owner, Lisa Emrich.

    Carnival is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to read first-hand accounts from patients and connect with others living with MS.

  • Broken Clay

    Broken Clay

    Broken Clay is a blog started by Katja, a wonder woman of sorts. She’s a software engineer for an aerospace company, wife, mother, singer, web designer, traveler, and athlete. And she happens to use a wheelchair to get around.

    Katja was diagnosed with MS in the 1990s. She started Broken Clay in 2001 as a way of sharing her challenges, frustrations, and revelations about the disease. Browse through her writing by selecting a topic, such as “travel” or “goofy stories,” to uncover her thoughts about accomplishing goals and finishing projects while on a roll. 

  • Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy

    Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy

    After Richard Boughton found out that he had MS in 2007, he picked up and moved from Portland, Oregon to Bali, Indonesia. His blog, Everyone Here is Jim Dandy, is an ongoing look at his life on the island.

    Boughton confronts the issues that arise from having MS (and always with a humorous kick), but the blog also covers what it’s like to live in Bali, news on his family, and general musings on whatever comes up.

  • An Empowered Spirit

    An Empowered Spirit

    If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Cathy Chester’s site, An Empowered Spirit. Her mission is simple: Celebrate life after 50 and connect those who want the same for themselves. To this end, she posts on MS, social justice, and tips for healthy living.

    Chester has had MS for 28 years, but she adamantly insists that MS does not “have” her. Her writing has been featured on Yahoo and other sites, and she regularly blogs for Huffington Post.

  • Dan and Jennifer Digmann

    Dan and Jennifer Digmann

    Dan and Jennifer Digmann’s love story is like something out of a modern fairytale. Both are MS patients and they independently attended a conference called “Finding Your Buried Treasure,” where they found each other. Now they write the blog Dan and Jennifer Digmann, which focuses on being your own biggest advocate, and finding faith in the face of chronic illness.

    This couple knows a thing or two about MS. They have collectively lived with the disease for 20 years. They regularly speak at events on understanding and living with MS, and they even co-authored a book. They are an inspirational duo, and their blog reflects their positive outlook on life.

  • My New Normals

    My New Normals

    My New Normals is the blog brainchild of Nicole Lemelle, a former chemist and nurse, and current writer and activist. Her work to raise awareness and inspire others living with MS has earned her numerous awards, and her writing has been featured in print and on the web.

    The blog contains over 400 posts on topics as wide-ranging as acceptance, Mardi Gras, and physical therapy. The site provides an outlet for readers to comment and relate to her experiences, links to other sites, reading lists, and information on MS.

  • Kaleidoscope Muff

    Kaleidoscope Muff

    Updated almost daily, Kaleidoscope Muff is the personal blog of Muffie, a former English teacher and principal. Her prolific posts detail life with a disability, but also with hope. Muffie is charming and inspirational, and her writing focuses on the little things that make every day exciting.

    Though she mentions her MS and updates on her developments and discoveries, the bulk of her posts relate to her family and her daily life as a mother and wife. This blog serves as a reminder that you aren’t defined by your diagnosis.

  • DJ-Stellar Life

    DJ-Stellar Life

    Though this window into the world of Diane J. Standiford has the cheerful name of A Stellarlife, the author isn’t afraid to tell it like it really is. Standiford simultaneously vents her frustrations about living with MS in an assisted-living home and finds the humor in her situation. She maintains an encouraging tone throughout and emphasizes that her goal is to raise awareness and promote diversity.

    Standiford has lived with MS for close to 25 years, and she’s not shy about what she has to say. If you’re looking for the real skinny on MS, look no further than A Stellarlife.

  • MS Lisa Says

    MS Lisa Says

    Blogger Lisa Dasis shares stories and patient tips on her site, MS Lisa Says. The blog is entertaining and updated regularly. It feeds readers news on topics ranging from treatment options to lifestyle choices. Lisa’s husband has his own section, “Steve’s Corner,” where he shares advice with other caregivers. This blog is a must-read for anybody interested in learning more about the disease on a personal level. 

  • MS Connection

    MS Connection

    MS Connection is a site full of resources for those with MS. Readers can find support through honest articles written by people who have a relationship with the disease. The site features discussion boards on everything from research to employment, as well as articles written by people living with MS, those who care about them, and medical experts.

    The goal of MS Connection is communication—putting patients in contact with resources, friends, and support groups. Visit this site if you’re looking for a community of people who want to help each other thrive in the face of MS.

  • Matt Cavallo

    Matt Cavallo

    Matt Cavallo was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS when he was just 28. He updates his blog, Matt Cavallo, regularly. His tone is charming and conversational, and the pages are filled with useful images for patients and caregivers.

    Cavallo discusses MS symptoms in detail, comparing his personal experiences to what he has read on the disease. He also provides information on medication, treatments, and facts about the different types of MS. Check out this writing from a knowledgeable young patient for a refreshing, youthful look at how to live with MS.

  • Girl with MS

    Girl with MS

    Girl with MS is Caroline Craven’s blog aimed at empowering those living with MS. Craven was diagnosed with the disease in 2001, after losing her sight and balance while on a trip across Guatemala. She is now a certified holistic nutrition educator and an MS wellness coach.

    On her blog, Craven discusses an array of topics, such as dietary issues, alternative medicines, and her many travels. Nearly daily updates offer the opportunity for renewed inspiration about how to thrive with MS.

  • Pajama Daze

    Pajama Daze

    Though Pajama Daze focuses on chronic fatigue syndrome, its hope and wisdom is perfect for MS patients and those who love them. Blogger and patient CB has turned living in pajamas into a fulltime job.

    The blog includes topics like “Pajama Jobs” and “Creative in our Pajamas.” These areas showcase helpful and inspirational information on decent work-from-home gigs and crafts to help you feel productive.

  • Ugly Like Me

    Ugly Like Me

    Ugly Like Me is Jamie Tripp’s personal blog about coping with MS. That’s what it started off as, at least. Over time, the page has shifted from focusing on the disease to highlighting other aspects of her life that make her happy, like making art.

    Tripp shares her portraits, poetry, and diary with her readers. It seems publicizing her thoughts and artwork has done much to help her heal. Her work is moving and might even inspire you to pick up pencil and paper.

  • There Is Hope

    There Is Hope

    These MS bloggers care deeply about making sure that the right kind of information and inspiration is available. Whether it’s through reading posts on holistic remedies, articles on the latest in research, or memoirs of someone diagnosed with the disease, these blogs will keep you informed and motivated, qualities essential to thriving with MS. Find your community, knowledge, and your way.

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