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The Best Mom Blogs of the Year

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  • The Best Mom Blogs of 2015

    The Best Mom Blogs of 2015

    The world of mom blogs is fun, crafty, humorous, and often touching. Mothers who blog are tasked with handling the business of their home while documenting select parts of it to share with the world.

    Many of these bloggers do so with engaging writing, fun photography, and grace. Here are our picks for the mom bloggers who represent the very best of 2015.

  • Mom Blog Society

    Mom Blog Society

    Some of the best blogs rely on a variety of sources. Mom Blog Society is one of those, where posts come from a collection of bloggers and brands. They specialize in reviews, how-tos, and buying guides. Like many mom blogs, you’ll also find plenty of recipes, travel tips, and parenting guidance. There are also product reviews providing unbiased feedback and updated posts every day. 

  • Family Focus Blog

    Family Focus Blog

    Founded by Nashville-based Scarlet Paolicchi, the Family Focus Blog includes parenting tips, activities, and guidance on leading a family while also living “green.” Paolicchi has plenty of posts on home décor, DIY, and crafts, making it a highly “pinnable” blog if you’re a Pinterest fanatic. Some of the greatest guidance comes in the form of emotional support for mom and kids. Whether you’re dealing with a kid who’s afraid of the dark, or trying to balance a career with parenting, she has worthwhile advice. 

  • Free-Range Kids

    Free-Range Kids

    If you pine for the day when kids were allowed to play outside without constant supervision, or when it didn’t require full body armor to skateboard, you may like Free-Range Kids. Started by Lenore Skenazy, proclaimed “America’s Worst Mom” by members of the media after allowing her 9-year old to ride the subway alone, this blog is all about giving your children the foundation to make smart, safe decisions, and then the freedom to exercise those decisions. 

  • Mamavation


    Leah Segedie started Mamavation as a resource for moms who want to stay healthy. She calls herself a “fitness matriarch” and was named “Mom of the Year” by Shape Magazine in 2010. The blog is a collective effort with a dietitian and naturopathic doctor on staff. The posts run the gamut from food and health to beauty and activism. Popular posts include tips on what processed foods are the worst for your kids, and the secrets behind boxed orange juice.

  • Rockin Mama

    Rockin Mama

    Far from a one-track woman, the founder of Rockin Mama is a NICU nurse by day and blogger by night. She’s a “babywearing, breastfeeding mama” and dedicates her blogging gig to a variety of topics. She started Rockin Mama to chronicle the first year of her son’s life. Several years later, it’s one of the most popular mom blogs around. There are product reviews, recipes, craft ideas, and personal posts galore.

  • Scary Mommy

    Scary Mommy

    Jill Smokler, author of Scary Mommy, founded this website for moms with humor. She’s written bestselling books like “Confessions of A Scary Mommy” and “Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies),” but she’s not the only one on the team. Managed by several editors, the humor is unabashedly honest, if borderline offensive, but a warning on the banner says it’s only intended for people who appreciate sarcasm and “wear panties that don’t easily get in a wad.” 

  • I Am Not the Babysitter

    I Am Not the Babysitter

    I Am Not the Babysitter, or IANtB, is another mom blog that started as a personal venture before growing into a multiple-person front. This particular blog is geared towards natural living, parenting, social issues, travel, and entertainment. Jamie Lynne Grumet, the mom behind it all, is an advocate for children’s health and has appeared on several national media programs. In addition to heavy topics, you’ll see viral and humorous content shared here, too.

  • Jolly Mom

    Jolly Mom

    Piera Jolly is the mom behind Jolly Mom. Her blog is a combination of crafts, recipes, kid stories, and parenting insights. Based in Atlanta, her photos also show her love of the lens. You’ll find product reviews and craft ideas for kids and moms alike. Like many of our bloggers, Jolly Mom can also be found on Pinterest and throughout the social media landscape.

  • Love That Max

    Love That Max

    Love That Max was founded in 2008, ancient history in the blog world. Now, its content is often featured on the Huffington Post, and its founder, Ellen Seidman, is a magazine editor and writer whose work can be found across online and print publications. The blog is a chronicle of life with Max, Ellen’s son, who has special needs. Much of the content here is geared towards special needs parenting, but not all. You’ll find that the posts have broad appeal, full of life lessons that are good for everyone, not just parents of children with special needs, and not just parents at all. 

  • Happy Reading!

    Happy Reading!

    Mom blogs are a unique niche of the online world — where you can go to figure out what’s for dinner, or what to do when your toddler won’t stop throwing fits.

    And among these many-faced outlets, you’re bound to find some high-quality writing and useful information.