The Best Menopause Health Blogs of the Year

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  • Best Menopause Blogs of 2014

    Best Menopause Blogs of 2014

    Menopause means more than just the permanent loss of your period. It also means a loss of estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that affect your body in many ways. This is why menopausal women experience night sweats and mood swings. You also may experience weight gain and find it increasingly difficult to manage your figure. It’s no wonder menopause is called “the change.”

    Learn the ins and outs of menopause and read some inspiring stories along the way with the best blogs of 2014.

  • Ellen Dolgen’s Menopause Mondays

    Ellen Dolgen’s Menopause Mondays

    Is it a normal case of “the Mondays,” or is it menopause? Menopause and women’s health advocate Ellen Dolgen uses her large platform to promote the segment “Menopause Mondays.” Here she explores new information about treatments and surgeries, breaking it down in layman’s terms for readers.

    She also discusses issues many women are too embarrassed to raise. Whether you have questions about libido, awkward sex, or mood swings, you’ll likely find some insight in Dolgen’s extensive blog archive. Her personal experience, advocacy, and humor are what makes this blog so endearing.

  • Menopause Goddess

    Menopause Goddess

    When you think of a goddess, you might imagine a deity or a superwoman. Given the nature of menopause, you might wonder how these two terms go hand in hand. Lynette Sheppard co-founded the concept of Menopause Goddess to empower women going through the change.

    Here you’ll find a community of goddesses from all walks of life sharing wisdom and tips to manage menopause naturally. You’ll also find personal stories in between that will make you cry tears of laughter. No matter what stage of the change you’re facing, you can come to this blog and instantly be welcomed into the growing community of goddesses.

  • The Perimenopause Blog

    The Perimenopause Blog

    Menopause doesn’t just happen overnight. In fact, there are many sweaty nights leading up to menopause, which can occur over the course of several years. If you’re experiencing early symptoms of menopause but still have periods, you’re likely suffering from perimenopause. Thankfully, The Perimenopause Blog is dedicated to all of the related issues.

    Here you can differentiate the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. You’ll also explore natural treatment methods through diet and supplementation. The blog even features a men’s section for the men in your life to get involved and better understand the changes you’re going through.

  • FlashFree


    You may not mind that your periods are stopping, but hot flashes can be the worst. Flushing skin and waterfalls of sweat hit without warning, interfering with your day, and keeping you up at night. FlashFree is a blog dedicated to helping women find relief from menopausal hot flashes, along with weight gain and anxiety.

    Explore why you’re gaining water weight overnight, and how exercise may alleviate hot flashes. You can even get mid-life insights from men to provide different perspectives on stress and body image.

  • Is This the Middle?

    Is This the Middle?

    Melanie Bruce, an English professor at a community college, shares personal stories in Is This the Middle? Unlike other menopause blogs that focus on the health and medical aspects of the condition, Bruce takes on the mid-life change with humor and in-depth insights. You’ll laugh and cry at her triumphs and challenges.

    From frustration over students’ bad grammar to coming to grips with a deceased companion, the stories in this blog are relatable to any woman finding herself in the middle. Bruce also shares some menopause tips along the way, including a pursuit of sweat-defying pajamas.

  • High Heels Hot Flashes

    High Heels Hot Flashes

    When going through the changes that mark menopause, it’s important not to disregard the things that are important to you. High Heels and Hot Flashes is a mid-life blog that covers such issues. Penned by author Debra Ann Elliot, the blog provides a balance of relevant women’s health information, as well as beauty and fashion tips. This award-winning blog is known for its humor in exploring topics most relevant to menopausal women.

  • Menopause Chit Chat

    Menopause Chit Chat

    Menopause Chit Chat is a site dedicated to serious advice for women suffering from menopausal symptoms. Its blog, Menopause NOW, contains news and articles on a monthly basis. Here you can find friendly, yet factual information related to menopause diagnosis and treatment. Explore conventional medications and alternative remedies, such as herbal supplements and yoga, check out the latest books, and even get relationship advice amid hormonal changes.

  • Friend for the Ride

    Friend for the Ride

    Everyone needs a friend to share major life changes with, including menopause. Because menopause doesn’t begin at the same time for everyone, you may feel alone in your journey. This is what inspired Barbara Younger to start her menopause blog, Friend for the Ride. Written solely in the first person, the mission of this blog is for Younger and guest writers to share mid-life changes. This menopause blog provides insights while maintaining humor and compassion—everything you would expect of a true friend.

  • The Menopause Makeover

    The Menopause Makeover

    The mission of The Menopause Makeover is to help women learn how to look and feel better within a 12-week program. This blog is a complement to the best-selling book of the same name by Staness Jonekos. While your health should be your biggest concern, Jonekos recognizes that beauty issues are often just as important for menopausal women.

    The Menopause Makeover blog offers beauty and health solutions, while always maintaining a keen sense of humor along the way. While you’re perusing helpful articles, check out some of the helpful tools, like how to assess healthy weight.

  • Menopause Chicks

    Menopause Chicks

    Shirley is a perimenopause “chick” looking to crack open conversations about the change. She brings up important questions women should address and provides information on perimenopause and menopause in her blog, Menopause Chicks. On top of that, the author manages to bust common myths that irk her the most, such as menopausal women standing in front of fans all day.

    The mission of Menopause Chicks is to get the conversation going. This online platform can help you have conversations with your friends, family, and doctors. Special attention is focused on women entering menopause in their 30s, which is out of the norm but not impossible.

  • The Best of Everything After 50

    The Best of Everything After 50

    Entering your midlife is anything but a crisis. Barbara Hannah Gufferman, author of the book and accompanying blog The Best of Everything After 50, proves this sentiment. Gufferman is an advocate for positive aging. While menopause is a cause of many troubles during this time in your life, the author’s mission is to create a positive spin.

    Aside from being a health expert, Gufferman utilizes this blog as an opportunity to provide practical, yet age-relevant insights into fitness, beauty, style, and sex.

  • Fab Over 50

    Fab Over 50

    Fab Over 50 is a website dedicated to women retaining their style as they proceed to the next stage of their lives. Shared experience facilitates learning. The website’s blogger and founder, Geri, has made it a mission to create a platform where women can share their experiences in a new and meaningful way.

    You can come to Fab Over 50 looking for tips on menopause and gain much more. Geri also shares personal stories, while providing news that’s relevant to women in this life stage. The author provides a solid combination of wit, humor, compassion, and wisdom.

  • Menopause: Time to Think About It

    Menopause: Time to Think About It

    The North American Menopause Society has been a leader in informing women about all health issues surrounding midlife since 1989. The organization aims to provide women essential information on a grander scale through its blog, Menopause: Time to Think About It. Here you can find sound advice on everything from nutrition and exercise, to healthy sex and relationships. Furthermore, the blog provides facts surrounding important tests, such as mammograms. All of the facts on this blog are backed by studies and professional journals.

  • Menopause Advice and Support from Poise

    Menopause Advice and Support from Poise

    You may know Poise as the prominent brand behind bladder leakage products. The company also has a wealth of information on its website related to women’s health issues. Their Menopause Advice and Support blog offers common questions and answers related to early and late menopause. Here you’ll learn about menopause’s effects on thyroid health, bone density, body mass, hair changes, and much more. The blog also gives you the opportunity to ask your own menopause questions.

  • Change Can Be Good

    Change Can Be Good

    Going through all of the changes associated with menopause can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding “the change,” and you may even experience perimenopause earlier than other women may.

    Still, it’s important to bear in mind that menopause marks a turning point in your life, and can open the door to bigger and better things. It’s even more vital that you don’t go through these changes alone. Whether you want to read articles or share your own experiences, the best menopause blogs are good places to start.