The 12 Best Lupus Blogs of 2013

  • Best Lupus Blogs of 2013

    Lupus is a condition without end. That is, if you have lupus, you’ll always experience its symptoms. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. These gifted bloggers share the ups and downs of a disease that leave many feeling helpless. Find encouragement and inspiration in their journeys, and help others who face the same diagnosis as you.

  • Despite Lupus

    At age 26, Sara Gorman found herself at a crossroads. She was a young, recently-married, successful professional who had just been diagnosed with lupus. Her career and social life demanded her to be active all the time. Her condition, however, had other plans.

    In her blog, Despite Lupus, Gorman shares the ebbs and flows of the disease that those with lupus will find familiar. It’s not easy, sure, but with a little help from friends, good doctors, and some creative planning, you can live a great life.

  • Lupus, Humor, and Wellness

    Lupus is a serious medical condition. But to Carla Ulbrich, creator of Lupus, Humor, and Wellness, lupus is funny. Not the disease itself, but some of the experiences she’s had along the way.

    Lupus has real effects on Ulbrich’s body. She’s often tired and sleep doesn’t come easily, but laughing helps her stay healthy and happy. She’s managed to keep a positive outlook while inspiring others through her humorous songs and books.

  • The Life of a Thirty-Something with Lupus

    Flo is a young, vibrant woman. People often tell her she doesn’t look like she’s sick, but she’s been living with her condition since high school. Flo was diagnosed with lupus as a bright, active ninth grader. Since then, she’s undergone numerous surgeries and procedures, including a hip and kidney replacement.

    In her blog, The Life of a Thirty-Something with Lupus, Flo shares her struggles—from maintaining clear skin to hiding bald spots—in a realistic, down-to-earth way that can both inspire and educate people who have lupus and those who care for them.

  • Molly’s Fund Lupus Blog

    The organizers behind Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, a lupus awareness organization, share posts about many of the condition’s aspects on Molly's Fund Lupus Blog. Blog posts are divided into specific categories, such as lupus treatment, lupus and pregnancy, and lupus and depression. You can also see the most popular posts, or those that others with lupus and their caregivers have found most helpful. It’s not just a site for people with lupus—caregivers will find a lot of help here, too.

  • Lupus Survival Guide

    When you’re facing a lupus diagnosis or a setback in your progress, comfort and care from others who know what you’re going through can mean the world. Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana, creator of Lupus Survival Guide, knows this very well. She was diagnosed with systemic lupus six years ago. Since then, Zeppieri-Caruana has helped patients and caregivers find a place for help, a listening ear, and encouragement.

  • The Road to a Lupus Cure

    Lupus has no cure. Treatments can address symptoms, but they don’t slow the progress of the disease. The Lupus Foundation of America and its blog, The Road to a Lupus Cure, help patients learn about the condition and feel better. You can read about others living with lupus and discover their tricks and tips for making life easier. You’ll also hear from scientists and researchers who are working on the frontlines of lupus research.

  • Lupine Life

    Amber is a writer, mother, and wife. She also happens to have lupus. Her blog, Lupine Life, largely focuses on the first three things because, she says, “lupus does not define who I am.” But she also blogs about how having lupus affects everything.

    Amber’s posts are frank, honest, and refreshing. She finds the good in having the condition, such as the kindness of strangers. And she shares the frustrating parts too, like dealing with doctors, medical insurance, and tests.

  • Lupus Chronicles

    Annie, creator of Lupus Chronicles, has been a nurse for 20 years. She has seen patients face a variety of diagnoses, setbacks, and triumphs in her line of work. She started her blog as a way to help patients sort through the maze of tests, medical terminology, and resources they encounter after a lupus diagnosis.

    Annie draws on her own knowledge and the knowledge of guest bloggers to answer frequently asked questions in the straightforward, matter-of-fact way you’d expect from a healthcare professional, and from a friend.

  • Life Despite Lupus

    Creator of Life Despite Lupus Ro Melina hasn’t exactly had an easy life. She began experiencing symptoms of lupus at a young age, and her body couldn’t keep up with her mind. But that didn’t matter to Melina. She set out to live a full life, one that makes her happy and fulfilled despite her condition. In her blog, she captures the many highs and lows that come with living with lupus. She also shares the latest in research, tips, and tricks that have helped her along the way.


    Life with lupus can be very difficult at times. On the blog MOMSLUPUSMAGIC, one woman shares the emotional and spiritual struggles she faces each day, both as a mom and as a person with lupus. She’s angry, sad, and frustrated. She’s hurt, determined, and lost. This emotional rollercoaster is all too familiar for people with lupus and their caregivers. Take the journey with her: learn from her honesty and find strength in her hope.

  • Sometimes, It Is Lupus

    Fans of TV medical dramas have probably seen someone diagnosed with lupus. As doctors will tell you, the disease is rather uncommon. But sometimes, it is lupus. And it was for Iris Carden, an Australian journalist who was diagnosed in 2006.

    Carden’s blog Sometimes, it is Lupus shares many of the day-to-day struggles and dilemmas medical blogs don’t cover. How do you budget your body’s energy to get housework done? How do you handle heat and humidity without becoming exhausted? Carden answers these questions and more.

  • Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

    The Lupus Adventurer, as this blogger calls herself, views her disease as something to welcome, not just endure. She approaches each setback and triumph as a new journey to be experienced thoroughly. She chronicles her adventures with thoughtful, in-depth, and even poetic posts.

    While there’s plenty of helpful information to learn from the Adventurer, she shares a very human side of the disease, too. Follow her along in Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines.

  • Find Comfort, Counseling, and Care

    Whether you’re diagnosed at eight or 38, living with lupus is a journey. You will have good days and bad. You’ll feel well, and then ill. You may experience breakthroughs followed by setbacks. 

    No matter the individual path your body takes you down with lupus, you can always find hope and encouragement in others around you who are going through the same thing.

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