The Best Lupus Blogs of 2015

The Best Lupus Blogs of the Year

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  • Lupus Bloggers “Get It”

    Lupus Bloggers “Get It”

    Lupus is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects every part of the body. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, about 5 million people around the world are living with lupus, including about 1.5 million Americans. 

    As with any chronic illness, symptoms can vary. The on-again, off-again nature of lupus can be quite stressful. That’s why many lupus patients find comfort in comparing and sharing with others who “get it.” These bloggers are full of inspiration and enthusiasm, and are eager to spread a good vibe.

  • Despite Lupus

    Despite Lupus

    Sara Gorman is living life to the fullest, Despite Lupus (her aptly named blog), and she wants you to know that you can too. It’s not that lupus didn’t change her life, because it most certainly did. It’s that she researched, made the necessary adjustments, and took control of her condition. 

    Gorman’s blog details everything from the emotional reaction to lupus hair loss to finding a stylish pill bag. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is her number one priority, because that’s what allows her to live life on her own terms. Through highs and lows, this blogger is happy to share her journey with readers.

  • Lupus, Humor, and Wellness

    Lupus, Humor, and Wellness

    They say laughter is the best medicine, and Carla Ulbrich takes that statement to heart. Her blog, Lupus, Humor, and Wellness, doesn’t minimize the seriousness of lupus, but seeks out humor in everyday situations. In addition to writing, Ulbrich performs as the Singing Patient for healthcare professionals and patients across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Bookmark this blog so it’s at the ready when you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up from someone who’s been there.

  • Life of a 30-Something with Lupus

    Life of a 30-Something with Lupus

    Lupus hit Flo hard, shortly after she entered high school. Despite enduring numerous medical procedures, including dialysis, the now 31-year-old “Miz Flow” writes, “I may have Lupus, but as you can see, while lupus may try, it DEFINITELY doesn't have me.” Her blog, Life of a 30-Something with Lupus, makes that crystal clear. Miz Flow’s lively spirit is impossible to resist, but it’s her perseverance that’ll give you something to ponder.

  • Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus Blog

    Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus Blog

    Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus is a nonprofit whose mission is to support people with lupus. The Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus blog provides education and advocacy strategies that help people with lupus become proactive rather than passive patients. From health insurance and social security disability to symptoms and treatments and everything in between, they’ve got it covered. You can also sign up for the newsletter, find a physician, and get involved in events. There’s a wealth of information for caregivers, patients, and those who love them.


    As soon as you land on, formerly known as The Ultimate Lupus Survival Guide, you know you’ve stumbled upon something different. The blog’s creator, Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana, has led a lupus support group and serves on the board of directors of the Lupus Foundation of America’s Florida chapter. Her experiences help her to help others by offering encouragement and support. is informative with just the right touch of whimsy. 

  • Life Despite Lupus

    Life Despite Lupus

    The writer behind the blog Life Despite Lupus definitely has a way with words. She’s animated, witty, and just a wee bit sarcastic — and it works. It just goes to show that multiple hospitalizations don’t have to stop you from getting out there and taking a great big bite out of life. In addition to writing about lupus, this blogger has a wide variety of interests and loves to share what she learns. She’s also open to blog post suggestions and likes to interview fellow “lupus warriors.”

  • Sometimes, It is Lupus

    Sometimes, It is Lupus

    Let’s face it, far too many people have no idea what lupus is. Iris Carden aims to change that. Lupus awareness is the theme behind Sometimes, It Is Lupus. Despite living with symptoms throughout her life, doctors were unable to connect the dots until 2006.

    As her blog matures, Carden is finding more and more fellow “lupies” visiting and commenting. She’s expanded her reach to include various social networking sites to give a voice to all. Hop on board and help Iris tell the world what it’s really like to live with lupus.

  • Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

    Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

    Do you consider lupus to be an adventure? The woman behind Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines says it is. “Where an adventure takes you depends partly on the decisions and friends you make along the way,” she writes. This blog is less about the medical aspects of lupus and more about the perspective you choose to bring to it. This blogger’s faith and strong support system nurture her along in much the same way she nurtures her readers. Straightforward and thought-provoking, these writings should be savored slowly.

  • Getting Closer to Myself

    Getting Closer to Myself

    Getting Closer to Myself chronicles one woman’s life with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Blogger Leslie was diagnosed with both conditions when she was only 22 years old. This up close and personal look at one person’s life could be exactly what you need to put your own life into perspective. Colorful, informative, and real, this slice-of-life blog tackles everything from product reviews to the on-again, off-again nature of autoimmune diseases.

  • Undefeated Diva

    Undefeated Diva

    “If you cannot trust your own body, how are you supposed to trust anything else,” writes the Undefeated Diva. It’s a sentiment that speaks to the readers who frequent her colorful blog. But she’s not alone. Many people with lupus share her journey: a multitude of mysterious symptoms and a diagnosis years in the making.

    Lupus is one of those, “but you look so good” diseases, and it’s her mission to talk about it from behind that seemingly healthy façade. This diva has a fire in her heart, and she’s determined to share it with the world. If it’s kinship you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. 

  • CT Lupus Blog

    CT Lupus Blog

    The Connecticut chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America — the largest lupus nonprofit in the United States — maintains an active blog, which is useful for anyone with lupus.

    Besides the activities of the chapter, the CT Lupus blog contains useful treatment information, including how to manage pain, dietary advice, caring for your immune system, and the importance of remaining positive.

    “Do not let lupus ruin the beautiful person you are. You can control the emotional effects of lupus instead of letting the disease control you,” they write.

  • Lupus Activists Reaching Out

    Lupus Activists Reaching Out

    There are about 16,000 new cases of lupus in the United States each year. That’s a lot of new patients seeking information and support. Fortunately, there are some kindhearted bloggers who take the time to reach out and communicate. One blog entry at a time, the newly diagnosed can take comfort in the fact that they’re not alone. The more you know, the better able you’ll be to take charge of your own life. Happy reading!