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The 9 Best Lung Cancer Blogs of 2013

  • Best Lung Cancer Blogs of 2013

    Lung cancer has many faces, and each face has its own story. From diagnosis to treatment plans and chemo to remission, these blogs share many challenging aspects that people with lung cancer face day in and day out.

    These bloggers are honest, gifted writers who share very personal journeys. Learn from their experiences, find encouragement in their hope, and rejoice in their triumphs. You’ll have many of the same experiences in your own journey to beat lung cancer.

  • Fawn’s Journal About Living with Lung Cancer

    Fawn is a mother and wife in her mid-30s. Her blog is sprinkled with adorable pictures of smiling children, updates on school events, and all the happenings of a home filled with love and laughter. There’s just one problem: Three years ago, Fawn was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

    Fawn has been blogging about Living with Lung Cancer ever since her diagnosis. Currently, she’s a part of a lung cancer drug trial. She shares the side effects of treatment, and the everyday struggles she faces as she works toward remission.

  • My Lung Cancer Odyssey

    Lung cancer can, and often does, spread to the brain. Patrick Leer faced that reality as he fought for his life in his final days. In his blog, My Lung Cancer Odyssey, Leer outlined his experience with lung cancer the way you would in a scrapbook or journal. For example: “06/11/2013 first chemo since DX scheduled... chemo fatigue and chemo fog is kicking my ass - I pray it is doing the same to lung cancer.” Leer’s humor was refreshing. His honesty was, too.

  • Stage IV

    Lung cancer may have a reputation as an older person’s disease, but Jessica Rice is a young face that puts a new perspective on that myth. Creator of the blog Stage IV, Rice was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer when she was just 30. She had no family history or risk factors for the cancer.

    Since her diagnosis, Rice has been through chemo cocktails, a variety of medicines, a clinical trial, CyberKnife, and whole brain radiation. Her blog chronicles all aspects of her life, from trips to see NASCAR races to chemotherapy sessions. Rice has recently celebrated her two-year “cancerversary” (diagnosis anniversary). Reading her blog can be painful, but it’s always honest.

  • Life and Breath: Outliving Lung Cancer

    Most people diagnosed with lung cancer die within five years of diagnosis. That statistic is what makes Linnea Duff’s story so unique. She was diagnosed with lung cancer almost seven years ago. Today, she’s living with cancer, but thanks to clinical trials and treatments, she’s alive.

    Duff started her blog Life and Breath: Outliving Lung Cancer because so few survivors live long enough to tell their story. She shares her life: treatments, tests, divorce, and family life with an optimism that’s real.

  • The LUNGevity Blog

    If it takes a village to raise a child, surely it takes at least that many people to help a person defeat cancer. LUNGevity is a community designed for people diagnosed with lung cancer and their caregivers to discover treatment options, read about the latest research, and find support.

    The LUNGevity blog is a place to hear from real cancer patients and their loved ones. LUNGevity is also working to inspire caregivers, friends, and family to advocate for a disease that strikes so quickly.

  • Cancer Grace – Lung

    New medical discoveries and treatment possibilities come to light every day. But much of this information stays locked in medical journals. The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE) is sharing that information so patients and family members can learn from it. The doctors writing the GRACE Lung Cancer Blog break down the studies and their implications into language that everyone can understand.

  • Lung Connection Community

    The American Lung Association portal, Lung Connection Community, is an important resource for patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. You must create an account to access the site’s resources, but once you do, you’ll be able to connect with a large network of affiliates, peers, and experts. You can also create your own blog within the site, where fellow community members can share and comment on posts. The blog portion of this community is only one aspect of a robust site that can be a pivotal resource to families facing lung cancer.

  • EmBen Kicks Cancer

    When you click on EmBen Kicks Cancer, the young face staring back at you may startle you. Yes, she’s young and vibrant, and yes, she has lung cancer. Emily Bennett Taylor was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer when she was 28. As a healthy athlete who had never smoked in her life, the diagnosis came as a shock.

    After two years of treatment, Taylor is currently in the NED (no evidence of disease) phase and enjoying life as a newlywed. Read about her journey to stay healthy and cancer free as told by her friends, husband, and herself.

  • A Lil Lytnin’ Around the World

    Tori Tomalia beat cancer once as a child, and hoped she would be done with it then. However, that wasn’t the case. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in the summer of 2013.

    Tomalia started her blog a Lil Lytnin’ Around the World more than eight years ago as a way to chronicle her world travels. Today, it documents her fight against cancer. She has already been through chemo, and she’s approved for a clinical trial.

  • Find Motivation, Resources, and Care

    According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer is the leading cancer killer of both men and women in the United States. It has a reputation as a disease that only strikes older people. However, as these bloggers show, it can strike at any age.

    If you’ve been diagnosed, use these bloggers and their journeys as inspiration and motivation to educate yourself, take care of your body, and beat cancer.

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