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The 12 Best Crohn’s Disease iPhone & Android Apps of 2013

  • Best Apps for Crohn's 2013

    Whether Crohn’s disease patients like it or not, they spend a great deal of time in the bathroom and it can get boring. Thanks to advances in technology (smartphones, tablets), Crohn’s disease sufferers have new ways to occupy their bathroom time by popping open an app on their Apple or Android device. This past year, developers have stepped up their game and proved that, for Crohn’s disease, it really is true that “there’s an app for that.”

  • Bathroom Scout (Free or $0.99) or Bathroom Scout Pro ($1.36)

    Now available for both iTunes and Android, Bathroom Scout lives up to its name. Created by Mobilino UG, this app will help Crohn’s patients find bathrooms from a list of more than 700,000 restrooms all over the world. The app offers turn-by-turn directions and Google Street View to help you pinpoint your destination. The app also comes with several language options English, Spanish, Chinese, and most recently, Russian. Also, the developer encourages users to keep the app up to date by adding new bathroom locations, editing existing entries, and rating bathrooms they visit.

    If you opt to pay for the Pro version or purchase the iTunes version, not only can you enjoy the options mentioned above, but it comes with Satellite view and a waterfall sound effect, too.

  • Find Toilets (Free)

    This app from Elbatrop Ltd. is ideal for Crohn’s sufferers around the world, especially frequent travelers. Available for both iTunes and Android, reviewers have scored Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. with the best coverage in the U.S. Planning on heading out of the country? Reviewers gave the UK and Australia top marks for overall coverage. You can add toilets to the list as you visit them, too.

    In order to get Find Toilets to direct you to the closest facility, you will need to enable your mobile device’s GPS location settings. If you are using a device without GPS, you’ll need a WiFi connection to access maps. You can also enter your town or zip code to find the nearest bathroom.

  • Toilet/Bathroom Finder (Free)

    Don’t be caught needing a loo. Find one that’s near you. Available on both Android and Apple devices, Toilet/Bathroom Finder from BeTomorrow wants to be considered the “biggest world public toilet database” with over 70,000 facilities already plugged in. BeTomorrow is a French company, so toilet coverage abroad is robust.

    The app is available in English, French, German, and Spanish. Some reviewers would like the ability to add restrooms without knowing a specific address, but many users are pleased with the app’s performance. In August of last year, one user wrote, “I have Crohn's disease, so a bathroom location is key when out and about running errands. Bathroom Finder is easy to use, and add bathrooms, and I do every chance I get.”

  • CareZone

    This app is created with the caregiver in mind. Whether it’s childcare or eldercare, relaying information to all parties involved can be an issue. No matter how hard you try, it seems some detail is bound to slip through the cracks.

    This app from CareZone allows you to sync calendars and schedules, keep track of medication and important numbers, create to-do lists, and leave notes for other caregivers to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

  • Colonoscopy Prep Assistant (Free)

    The hardest part of a colonoscopy is the lengthy and tedious prep. Colonoscopy Prep Assistant is an essential App that every Crohn’s disease patient should have on their Android or Apple device. Created by WellApps (also creator of GI Monitor, discussed on the next slide), this app helps keep track during the prep. Simply select “number of glasses” or “drink until finished,” and then the app will tell you when to drink, time left, and the number glass you’re on. Relax while the phone does the monitoring for you.

    Upon completion of your last glass, Colonoscopy Prep Assistant even gives you a little cheer. After all, a little levity is always welcome. Just ask iTunes user GeorgeW6, who describes this as an “Excellent App for a Rough Time.”

  • GI Monitor (Free)

    Also created by WellApps (maker of Colonoscopy Prep Assistant), GI Monitor tracks symptoms, creates usable reports, and unites inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) sufferers. Created for both Apple and Android devices, this app is a must-have for all Crohn’s patients!

    One of GI Monitor’s best features is its ability to act as your own personal advocate by logging things like pain and stress levels, symptoms, meals, medications, and track possible correlations. No need to worry about forgetting your symptoms and experiences at your next doctor’s appointment—you can store questions for your doctor right inside of the app. Another added bonus: socialize with other Crohn’s patients. In May of this year, Android user Ashlee Russo wrote, “This app has it all! I can log BMs [bowel movements], track symptoms and medication, and the social aspect is an awesome and very important part of getting through the tough days with [this] disease.”

  • Low – FODMAP Diet (Free)

    The Low-FODMAP diet encourages the elimination of short-chain carbs and monosaccharaides that do not absorb well in the small intestine. Researchers have found it beneficial for patients with Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and IBS. Foods considered to fall on the Low-FODMAP do-not-eat list include apples, peaches, artichoke, inulin, rye, asparagus, watermelon, and even chocolate.

    As you can see, FODMAPs cover a wide range of foods. The Low - FODMAP Diet App was designed for Android users to quickly check if a food item is good, bad or unsure. Although not designed by a medical professional, it may prove to be helpful. One user wrote last November, “There is such a range of foods we can and can't eat - so much that I can't remember it all. Having this app makes choosing what I buy and eat so much more convenient and easier.”

  • Drag Toilet Paper (Free)

    Has your Crohn’s disease or just general frustration ever given you the urge to unfurl the entire roll of toilet paper in a bathroom? If so, you’re not alone. Some of the developers at M&P Software must have been in a similar boat when they created Drag Toilet Paper for both Apple and Android devices. 

    And if dragging the paper off the roll in record time isn’t enough for you, the latest update of this app allows you to listen to some cool tunes and view some interesting background cartoons. It only has one level and it’s not interactive with other users, so lovers of competitive games, you’ll have to compete with yourself.

  • PoopTime

    Ever wondered how much money you would’ve earned with all the quality time Crohn’s disease has caused you to spend in the bathroom? PoopTime, developed by Bomdigular for Apple devices, will keep you entertained and informed. You can even share “earnings” with your Facebook friends and Tweeps!

    Aside from having a silly name, PoopTime provides a great deal of entertainment (facts, jokes) as well as your “accumulated earnings.” It even keeps track of your longest use so you can aim to break your own personal record (or not). It’s silly, but it puts a positive spin on all that time you “waste” in the bathroom.

  • Poo Log ($0.99)

    Based on the book, “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” and developed by Avatar Labs, Poo Log allows Apple users to time and track their bowel movements, and with all the humor you could want in a poo-tracking app. Time each BM and then rate it in six categories: Delivery, Size/Shape, Number of Particles, Smell, Number of Wipes, and Post-Poo Sentiment. You can even leave yourself notes about your poo if you need to.

    While you’re doing the do, this app provides you with “Poo Pastimes,” appropriately themed trivia to help you pass the time. Apple user HiltonGrrrl called this app “a helpful tool for the stool!”

  • LIVESTRONG – Calorie Tracker LITE (Free)

    Created by the folks at Livestrong, a healthy living resource site, Calorie Tracker LITE is designed to help you track your food on both Android and Apple devices. For patients with Crohn’s disease, this app can be particularly helpful if you’re monitoring symptoms and foods that may be making them better or worse. As an added bonus, this app can help you set weight-loss or nutritional goals and keep track of your successes.

    Pay $2.99 to upgrade to the full version of LIVESTRONG – Calorie Tracker, which is also available on both Android and Apple devices, and you gain enhanced personalization features and lose the ads you’ll see on Calorie Tracker LITE.

  • myIBD

    Keeping track of all the components of inflammatory bowel disease can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating. Available on both Android and Apple devices, myIBD from The Hospital for Sick Children helps you keep all your important IBD information in one place. Keep track of your bowel movements, your food, your mood, your pain, and the medicines you take. At your next doctor’s appointment, pull out your device and check your day-to-day progress and management of the disease.

    Patients newly diagnosed with IBD can also learn about the condition at the IBD Academy. This is a collection of videos and articles put together by a team of doctors and specialists affiliated with the University of Toronto. One Apple user says this app “beats the others hands down.”

  • Pillbox

    Take the stress out of remembering your daily meds by letting Pillbox do the work for you. An app from Community Health Network and available on Apple devices, Pillbox sorts your medicines by Time, Interval, and Dosage. It reminds you when you’ve missed a dose and can keep track of refill schedules, pharmacy phone numbers, and prescription numbers.

    Got other family members who need help remembering their meds? You can set personalized reminders for each family member, giving you one less thing to worry about each day.

  • Best Apps for Crohn’s 2013

    Crohn’s disease can be a very isolating disease, especially with the amount of time it causes someone to spend in the bathroom. As technology advances and developers become more in tune with Crohn’s patients’ needs, more amazing apps will develop for personal health management use. Just imagine: one day soon you could be carrying your records, labs, and imaging, right inside of your mobile device.

  • Methodology

    We selected these Crohn's apps based on their potential to aid people with Crohn's and their loved ones in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps included: user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to Crohn's and its community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are successfully designed to make life with Crohn's more manageable.

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