The 16 Best HIV/STD Health Blogs of 2013

  • 16 Best HIV/STD Blogs of 2013

    Self-care, prevention, treatment, and health promotion are particularly important concerns when it comes to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

    A wide range of blogging perspectives are available to offer hope and healing to those suffering from these conditions, as well as their loved ones.

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  • HIV and ID Observations

    Part of the group of Journal Watch Blogs, HIV and ID Observations helps physicians and other health professionals stay informed on HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases.

    Paul E. Sax, MD is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and blogger. He provides readers with brief, clinical perspectives on groundbreaking developments reported in medical journals.

    Sax adds occasional humor to the site with pictures of his pets and clips from Seinfeld.

  • HIV/AIDS Blog Central

    HIV/AIDS Blog Central is an important component of the HIV/AIDS resource The Body. It strives to demystify HIV/AIDS and its treatment while fostering an active online community.

    HIV/AIDS Blog Central presents the viewpoints of a wide range of bloggers with diverse perspectives. Some blog on their personal experience living with HIV/AIDS. Others are medical and policy experts who share information and resources. 

  • The STD Project

    People with STDs often face stigma and misunderstanding. The STD Project understands this reality and is on a mission to change it.

    Launched and facilitated by Janelle Marie, this blog encourages awareness, education, and acceptance through resource recommendations and storytelling.

    The STD Project posts interviews with those suffering from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. It also showcases viewpoints of loved ones, and invaluable news and resources for this community.

  • POZ

    POZ blogs offer real stories from the frontlines of HIV and AIDS. The bloggers on POZ represent an impressive and diverse array of experts and advocates.

    The POZ brand, which also publishes a magazine, is an award-winning online and print brand for people living with and affected by AIDS and HIV. This is a go-to site for top talent in blogging on these conditions.


    When you live with HIV, it’s not just about surviving. It’s also about thriving. The POWER blog, created by Program for Wellness, helps readers get closer to that purpose.

    POWER prides itself in unearthing emerging stories from around the globe. It offers groundbreaking HIV and health information that the site states is “usually not found in a doctor’s office or in publications.” 

  • Justin's HIV Journal

    Gay HIV-positive activist Justin B. Terry-Smith shares his story and more in Justin’s HIV Journal. His goal: to help people who have sex without protection understand the implications of it.

    Personal and powerful, Justin’s blog serves the writer’s purpose of helping to educate readers through his personal journey. More than a role model, Terry-Smith serves to inspire and inform those who join him online.

  • HIV Blogger: Living Positively

    HIV Blogger: Living Positively was conceived and crafted by Michael Carchrie Campbell, who blogs from Northern Ireland. The site was born from Carchrie Campbell’s desire to record his experiences and journey after being diagnosed with HIV at the beginning of 2009.

    Carchrie Campbell describes his life since diagnosis as “a rollercoaster ride.” His blog does justice to recording it while providing additional resources for support, and even a recipe section.

  • Denying AIDS and Other Oddities

    Based on the book by the same name, Seth Kalichman’s blog Denying AIDS and Other Oddities provides a surprising look behind AIDS myths and those who spread them.

    Kalichman’s blog and book use a psychological lens to expose a “wacky world” of confused thinking in those who insist AIDS does not exist. He serves to issue a wake-up call to policymakers and scientists—particularly those in locations most affected by the pandemic.

  • My Journey with AIDS...and More!

    My Journey with AIDS...and More! is a blog full of drama, diversions, and life as experienced by Kenn Chaplin, who has licensed the blog under Creative Commons.

    Chaplin was diagnosed with HIV in 1989, and started the blog to record his thoughts, feelings, and activities as an HIV-positive person.

    Chaplin shares photos, a mourning diary, an HIV/AIDS glossary, and more. This is an always-interesting place to turn when you’re looking for truth and compassion.

  • Shawn & Gwenn

    A unique, humor-based participant in the HIV blogosphere, Shawn & Gwenn’s blog combines candor, comedy, and education.

    The stylish site, created by Shawn Decker and Gwenn Barringer, seeks to help college students learn more about sexual health by using the pair’s relationship as an example. Both are infected with HIV.

    Cute, classy, and colorful, Shawn & Gwenn take a fresh approach to HIV education. Because of their compelling approach, their message appeals to young people far and wide.


    The Hepatitis B Foundation’s blog HEPBBLOG provides posts with purpose. Their mission: to find a cure for hepatitis B and help to improve the lives of “hep B” patients worldwide through education, research, and patient advocacy.

    From medical journal reviews to reports on fundraising events to raise awareness, this photo-filled blog will make you think and take action toward helping with this important cause.

  • Living in the Bonus Round

    Part video diary, musical tribute, photo journal, and blog, Living in the Bonus Round is a feast for the senses.

    The site’s creator Steve Schalchlin, a self-described “small-town singer/songwriter living in Manhattan,” has been open and blogging about his HIV/AIDS-positive status “since before blogs were even invented.”

    Schalchlin reports on the site that his main job is to stay alive, reporting on the philosophy of health and life and his own true story. The blog’s tagline says it all: “I was supposed to die, but I wrote a musical instead.”

  • Go Ask Alice

    Columbia Health’s question and answer Internet resource Go Ask Alice has the answers you need on HIV, STDs, and many other health conditions.

    The site allows users to search for health information by subject. It provides answers to previously asked questions in the archives, and you can submit your own questions to “Alice!”

    “Q&As of the Week,” a special section updated each Friday, posts the most recently published inquiries and responses.

  • HBV & HCV Advocate Hepatitis Blog

    A winner for comprehensiveness alone, the HBV & HCV Advocate Hepatitis Blog is run by editor-in-chief Alan Franciscus. The blog’s main mission is to keep its online audience up-to-date on current news and information about hepatitis.

    In addition to providing authoritative blog posts, the site also answers questions from readers. All visitors are encouraged to submit questions, post comments, and be a part of this active online community.

  • Blog AIDS Gov serves as an information gateway to federal programs and agencies working toward HIV and AIDS prevention.

    The government’s blog for the site, Blog AIDS Gov, serves as a forum to discuss HIV/AIDS policies and research. It also encourages public discussion on using new media effectively in response to HIV/AIDS.

    This blog offers a dynamic online conversation that’s open to comments, stories, and ideas from readers.

  • I’m Still Josh

    Hip, hopping, and oozing with social media savvy, I’m Still Josh is a site you’ll want to peruse and savor. After learning in 2012 that he is HIV-positive, Josh Robbins decided to build his blog.

    However, Robbins believes that his circumstance of being newly positive is just part of his story. It isn’t his death sentence, and it isn’t close to defining who he is as a person.

    This HIV-positive activist wants his site to speak to and help other young men his age find hope through his experiences.

  • Reading for Pleasure, Moving Through Pain

    If you have HIV/AIDS or another sexually transmitted disease, you might sometimes feel lost or alone. But when you have a supportive online community behind you, it can make the journey a little easier.

    The 16 Best HIV/STD Blogs of 2013 can help you learn more about prevention and treatment for STDS, and improve your sexual health knowledge. Do the right thing for yourself and your loved ones, and visit these blogs.

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