The Best Heart Disease Blogs of the Year

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  • Best Heart Disease Blogs of 2014

    Best Heart Disease Blogs of 2014

    Heart disease is often regarded as a problem that you’re born with, or something that only happens in older adults. While these are certainly factors, heart disease can happen to anyone. In fact, according to Medline Plus, heart disease is the most common cause of death in the United States.

    While you should prevent and treat heart disease with the guidance of a doctor, a number of helpful blogs also can help guide you to your goals.

  • What Would Cathy Eat?

    What Would Cathy Eat?

    Eating a heart-healthy diet doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of plain salads. In What Would Cathy Eat, heart disease survivor Cathy Elton shares heart-healthy recipes that are good for you—and actually taste good too.

    After discovering one of her arteries was 90-percent blocked at age 44, Elton knew she had to change her eating habits. Nutritionists recommended a diet of broiled chicken with a side of steamed broccoli. A few expletives later, she set out on a mission to make heart-healthy meals she would actually like.

    Through this blog, you can find some of the recipes she’s shared, such as Spanish chickpea and spinach stew, chipotle and chocolate chili, and spicy vegetable burgers.

  • Dr. Sinatra’s Heart Health Blogs

    Dr. Sinatra’s Heart Health Blogs

    Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra shares expert advice through his Heart Health Blogs. These medical-based articles cover topics related to the prevention and management of heart disease, ranging from diet and supplements to warning signs and correlating diseases. Dr. Sinatra also helps bust common heart health myths.

    Heart disease doesn’t always have the same cause, which is why Dr. Sinatra explains risk factors such as arrhythmia, blood pressure, and cholesterol management in depth.

  • Ask Dr. T

    Ask Dr. T

    When it comes to heart health, you likely have many questions. This is where Cardiac Health’s Ask Dr. T may help. This comprehensive heart website was founded by retired cardio thoracic surgeon Dr. Tryzelaar. The main goal of his blog is to answer reader questions about anything related to heart health.

    As an added bonus, you can also read expert nutrition advice for heart disease. There is even a section dedicated to professionals in the field covering the latest news in cardiac care. Don’t forget to take the free heart disease risk factors evaluation, as this can be an invaluable tool to take with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

  • The Healthy Foodie

    The Healthy Foodie

    In a world of high-fat, processed foods running the market, committing to a heart-healthy food can seem impossible (and downright unappetizing). The Healthy Foodie offers solutions to such dilemmas with easy, homemade foods that nourish your body.

    Sonia, who decided to make significant health changes during her mid-30s, started the blog. Known as the “Health Foodie,” Sonia shares a wealth of healthy recipes that will keep both your heart and weight in check.

  • Heart Sisters

    Heart Sisters

    Heart Sisters is a blog dedicated to women battling heart disease. Founded by heart attack survivor Carolyn Thomas, this blog explores differences in symptoms between genders, as well as some of the most common myths attributed to female heart attack patients. Furthermore, you can learn about personal risk factors along with preventive measures.

    Thomas also shares the latest heart health news with readers, such as new medications and tips for long-term survival. And you’ll get tips about specific concerns among heart patients, such as travel and gift-giving. 

  • Harvard Medical School’s Heart Health

    Harvard Medical School’s Heart Health

    Harvard Medical School is a leader in public health information, and their Heart Health blog is no exception. The blog’s authors include medical doctors as well as science information experts. Collaboratively, they provide the latest information on relevant heart health news and tips.

    Here you’ll learn about advances in heart medications and methods for reducing the risk of a heart attack. Heart Health explores other related topics such as stroke, and how coping with the death of a spouse affects your personal heart attack risk.

  • Go Red for Women

    Go Red for Women

    Heart disease is prevalent in both genders, but statistically kills more women. In fact, Medline Plus estimates that heart disease kills one out of every four women in the United States. Since 1924, the American Heart Association’s (AHA) mission has been to help eliminate heart disease in the United States. Part of this mission prompted the organization to found Go Red for Women.

    The AHA offers information and support specific to females. You can even “go red” yourself and join the website’s growing community of heart disease prevention advocates.

  •’s Congestive Heart Failure Blog’s Congestive Heart Failure Blog

    You may have turned to for medication information in the past. Now you can use their Congestive Heart Failure Blog as another valuable source. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 5.1 million Americans have heart failure. Since this condition can be fatal when left uncontrolled, the time to seek life-saving solutions is now.’s blog features studies on medications as well as clinical trials. You can also learn about other contributors to heart failure, such as depression and air pollution.

  • Clinton Foundation

    Clinton Foundation

    The Clinton Foundation is an advocate for helping people achieve happier, healthier lives. The organization has made strides in covering heart disease—a leading concern—on its blog. An important fact the blog points out is that women are more likely to call 911 if another person is experiencing a heart attack, than to call for themselves. Exploring self-care is just as important as caring for others.

    Because excess weight is a precursor of future heart disease, the Clinton Foundation has also partnered with Go Red for Women to explore methods to decrease obesity in children.

  • Heart Foundation Blogs and Stories

    Heart Foundation Blogs and Stories

    A heart disease diagnosis can be frightening. That’s why it’s important to reach out and connect with others dealing with the same issues. Blogs and Stories from the Heart Foundation is an online forum available to help you stay connected and informed on heart disease. The Circulate Blog is dedicated to easy-to-read articles related to everything about the heart, including tips for better eating and exercise. You’ll also find coverage of local heart health events from across the country.

    This blog highlights personal stories of survival and triumph—you can even submit your own story.

  • Integrating Heart Disease Information with Action

    Integrating Heart Disease Information with Action

    Thanks to the Internet, basic information about heart disease is at your fingertips. Still, simply reading medical information won’t do any good if you don’t take action against heart disease. The most common risks for heart diseases include:

    • smoking
    • high blood pressure
    • high cholesterol (poor diet)
    • sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise)

    Reducing such risk factors can also reduce your risk for heart disease. Talk to your doctor about ways to manage your risk factors for a better outlook.


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