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The 9 Best Heart Disease Blogs of 2013

  • 9 Best Heart Disease Blogs of 2013

    Whether you’re at high risk for heart disease or you’ve been diagnosed with it, you have somewhere to turn for reassurance, information, and prevention or treatment strategies.

    These heart disease blogs contain the best the Web has to offer on everything from medical advice to heart-friendly dinner menus. Read them and take the advice of these top-notch bloggers. Your heart will thank you!

  • What Would Cathy Eat

    Cathy Elton has a passion for delicious food. However, she also has a serious need to eat right due to a few stents in her arteries to keep the blood pumping. This foodie has made heart-healthy eating an art in her blog, What WouldCathy Eat? 

    In search of nutritious and delicious food that won’t leave you wishing for French fries afterwards? Cathy scores points for fun and flavor for the tasty and heart-healthy masterpieces she whips up.

  • Dr. Sinatra’s Heart Healthy Blog

    Dr. Sinatra’s Heart Health Blog is a gift to heart disease patients, fast food-lovers, and health nuts alike. Dr. Sinatra doesn’t just prescribe temporary fixes or shallow advice. He takes a unique approach to making a permanent difference in people’s heart health.

    The blog also boasts a host of dependable information on supplement use, health education, disease progression, treatment options, and the importance of lifestyle changes. Dr. Sinatra tells it like it is while protecting the hearts and health of his readers.

  • The Heart Scan Blog

    The Heart Scan Blog emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet, nutritional supplements, avoiding medication when possible, and serious self-discipline. Make no mistake: this blog isn’t for plaque-ridden readers who want to stay healthy with minimal effort. It’s all about dramatic and lifelong changes to improve heart health. 

    The Heart Scan Blog is dedicated to helping readers prevent or reverse heart disease, and it’s doing its job well. Cardiologist William Davis takes a no-nonsense approach to encouraging healthy lifestyle changes for his patients and his readers alike.

  • Cardiac Health’s “Ask Dr. T”

    Dr. Tryzelaar (Dr. T) has created a valuable resource for readers everywhere: free cardiac health advice. Cardiac Health’s “Ask Dr. T” feature allows you to get a professional opinion on everything from arrhythmia to stents.

    As if that weren’t awesome enough, Cardiac Health offers tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle, up-to-date news, treatment information, and health-related resources.

  • The Healthy Foodie

    Blogger and chef extraordinaire Sonia is looking out for her health and your appetite. She makes it impossible to leave The Healthy Foodie without jotting down a recipe. Eating for heart health and general wellness has never been so delicious. And Sonia’s photographs and conveniently categorized menu make finding the perfect recipe a cinch.

    To top it off, Sonia shares the fascinating tale of turning her life around by eating better, drinking less alcohol, and exercising more. This blog is an inspiration and a delicious addition to our heart-healthy favorites.

  • Heart Sisters

    Heart Sisters is a women’s heart health blog run by superwoman Carolyn Thomas. It’s focused on bringing attention to the disparity in heart health care and diagnosis between women and men.

    Heart Sisters is determined to improve women’s heart health and help reduce the number of misdiagnosed or delayed diagnoses of heart attacks in women. They also offer news, heart health information, and a seriously cute site to visit.

    Check it out to learn why women need blogs like this to stay healthy and informed about everything from myocardial infarctions to heart disease advocacy events.

  • Harvard Health Publications Heart Health Blog

    Harvard Medical School offers a lifesaver for individuals with heart disease: the Harvard Health Publications Heart Health blog. This blog takes the cake for a relevant and informational site. It’s packed with reliable resources, up-to-date news and research reports, medical advice, and expert answers to your questions on heart health.

    Health professionals and educators will also find valuable updates and trending concerns in the heart health community. Don’t forget to check out their health newsletters and book recommendations while you’re there.


  • Go Red for Women

    A long-time champion for women’s heart health, the American Heart Association (AHA) has devoted a blog to its national Go Red for Women advocacy campaign. Community, education, and compassion are essential to this campaign and to the improvement of women’s health.

    Women who have suffered significant heart health setbacks or encouraging turnarounds share their personal stories on this forum. Go Red for Women’s blog is improving awareness and life goals to make heart health a priority, one story at a time.

  • Drugs.com

    Drugs.com’s Congestive Heart Failure blog is filled with the latest news and information on medicine, treatments, prevention, and the benefits of exercise. It addresses common patient concerns and allows readers to join the community and post their questions.

    Learn about off-label drugs that can help heart patients—it’s more than just baby aspirin!—and how heart disease impacts patients of all genders and races differently. This blog is a real one-stop resource for patients and those who care for them.

  • Live Better

    Who knew life with heart disease could be so delicious, motivational, and educational? These blogs keep your heart health in mind while also looking after your general well-being. Join these bloggers on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

    Instead of eating out tonight, make your own heart-healthy menu or catch up on reading about healthy fats and heart meds. Most of all, revel in the sense of community that these super blogs offer the growing number of people with heart disease.

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