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The 11 Best Fitness Blogs of 2013

  • Find a New Source for Fitness

    Fitness is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise not only helps ward off disease and illness. It also makes you feel good and gives you energy.

    Whether you’re lacing up your sneakers for the first time in your life or you’re a life-long fitness fanatic looking for some new ideas and motivation, these bloggers can help you get out there and get moving. Read on for practical tips, inspiration, and encouragement.

  • Nerd Fitness

    You don’t need a pocket protector to be a part of Nerd Fitness. You just need to be serious about your health. Founder Steve Kamb wants to teach people how to get fit, cook a healthy meal, and live a good life. Kamb has built an online community where you can explore these pillars alone or meet and support other “rebels,” members of the Nerd Fitness community.

    Nerd Fitness has a comic-booky feel and quotes Yoda and Lord of the Rings regularly. But it’s okay to geek out a bit—especially when it comes to your health.

  • Workout Mommy

    It’s a common misconception in new parent circles: when baby comes, time for workouts—and your body—are gone for good. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Workout Mommy blogger Lisa. That’s why this site is so great for new parents. As a mother of four, Lisa knows maintaining your fitness can be a challenge, and she’s doing exactly what you think can’t be done. She’s finding time in her crazy schedule to make fitness and exercise a priority and sharing it with you, even if it’s doing pull-ups on the playground.

  • ACE Blogs

    The folks at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) know a thing or two about exercise. ACE blog posts almost-daily updates on a variety of fitness and healthy living topics. Some posts are meant for people trying to pass their ACE certification exam, but the majority will help you find motivation and new ideas for your fitness routine.

    Because ACE bloggers know that fitness is only one part of the get-healthy picture, they also include blogs about healthy eating from time to time.

  • Life Fitness

    Life Fitness Blog is brought to you by one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment. Each update falls into one of seven categories: innovation, fitness advisor, hammer strength, our people, fitness community, fun side of fitness, and events. These regular updates are easy to read. They approach real-life subjects, situations, or events and help you find ways to get the most out of your fitness time.

  • Fitness at Life by Daily Burn

    People follow trends when it comes to fashion and food. Why not fitness? That’s exactly what The Daily Burn’s Fitness Blog does. The site is one-part trend and one-part tried-and-true methods. These bloggers know that readers need solutions for their current situations. Posts can be described as encouragement- meets-real-world-answers. It’s for beginners, people who are working on reducing marathon times, and everyone in between.

  • Blogilates

    Cassey Ho, fitness instructor and creator of POP Pilates, brings the success of her YouTube fitness videos to her healthy living blog, Blogilates. She posts workouts, exercise, and inspirational material to help you get to know others in the Blogilates community.

    Each month, Ho uploads a workout calendar, which you can get the password to by subscribing to her e-mail list. She also shares meal plans and recipes that can help you round out your healthy-living goals. She’s full of energy, ideas, and motivation to help you get fit and healthy.

  • Healthy Ashley

    Meet Ashley. She’s a marathon-running, mom-to-be athlete who loves sharing her passion for being fit and healthy with others on Healthy Ashley.

    Ashley covers all the topics she did before she was pregnant, but now she’s focusing on fit mommies who wonder how they can keep up an intense exercise schedule while keeping baby’s health in mind. The blog has good information and motivation for distance runners and people working on their first mile alike.

  • Powercakes

    One of the most important aspects of fitness is learning how to fuel your body. As a certified personal trainer, the blogger behind Powercakes, Kasey Arena, knows just how important it is to find the best balance for your body’s needs.

    Arena shares new workout moves through step-by-step videos. To round out her fitness philosophy, she also shares recipes to help your body grow stronger.

  • Loving Fit

    As a former professional figure skater in Russia, Tatianna knows that hard work and determination are needed to develop a strong body. Her blog, Loving Fit, harnesses her years of experience to guide those looking to get fit and healthy.

    Tatianna thinks of the human body and all its muscles in terms of one, interconnected muscle. She designs her exercises around the philosophy that when your entire body is strong, every part works better. She also shares how she eats and lives to fuel her body and her goals.

  • Ultra Runner Girl

    Stephanie Case is serious about running. In fact, “runner” doesn’t really capture what she does. Case, creator of Ultra Runner Girl, has completed six 250-kilometer races and several 100-mile endurances races.

    Case’s blog dives into the philosophies behind distance running and helps runners of all levels find encouragement and meaning. If you’re not inspired by her running, you’ll certainly be inspired by her job. Case is an activist, working all over the globe to end human rights abuses.

  • The Truth About Exercise

    The fitness world is swimming in fads and falsities. Can drinking a single concoction for weeks really help you lose all the pounds you want to shed? Maybe, but it’s not healthy.

    Getting healthy boils down to two simple facts: Eat well, and move more often. That’s exactly the thought behind The Truth About Exercise. The truth is, it is hard work. There are no secret drinks or potions. But it’s good work that’s worth doing.

  • Become a Healthier You

    Making the decision to get stronger and healthier is a life-changing decision. These 11 blogs can help you on your journey to becoming a healthier you. Each is unique, so you may find something to take away from just one or all 11. No matter what, they’re good starting points for inspiration, motivation, and sometimes a few laughs.

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