16 Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2013

  • 16 Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2013

    Fibromyalgia can affect sufferers’ lives on many levels, from fatigue and sleep, to memory and mood, and widespread musculoskeletal pain experienced as “tender points” throughout the body. Yet because fibromyalgia is an “invisible disease,” it’s often misunderstood by others, including many in the healthcare community.

    To help ease the burden, many bloggers devote their time to creating online diaries about their experience. These blogs provide a sense of community and allow sufferers to share support and strategies with others who have fibromyalgia and their loved ones.

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  • The Invisible Disease

    A self-described “fibromyalgia fighter,” Lynn-Marie chronicles her journey facing the invisible disease with humor and hope. Lynn-Marie’s goal of writing her blog is to record the progress of living with, dealing with, and trying to understand fibromyalgia.

    The Invisible Disease blog provides comfort and companionship to online readers through a discussion of everyday topics that will be familiar to those who live with chronic pain. It also offers a few laughs along the way as Lynn-Marie tackles topics like trying to work out and her take on TV commercials for fibromyalgia drugs.

  • Felicia Fibro

    While many bloggers focus on the “glass half empty” side of chronic pain, Felicia Fibro stands out as a “glass half full” gal. With a focus on empowerment and inspiration for those with fibromyalgia, Felicia Fibro tackles difficult topics—like receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis and living with chronic illness—with passion and grace.

    Felicia’s blog contains a wealth of resources. She answers frequently asked questions about the disease, and offers advice about what to read, watch, wear, and use to make life with fibromyalgia just a little bit easier. As someone who has been living with a fibromyalgia diagnosis for 12 years, Felicia is the perfect guide in helping others stay positive about their condition.

  • My Foggy Brain

    Imagine living not just with fibromyalgia, but with depression and attention-deficit disorder (ADD) as well. Blogger Tamiko brings to light what it’s like to manage this trio of difficult conditions, by providing excellent food for thought and reflection.

    As the winner of multiple blog awards, My Foggy Brain lives up to the hype. It’s a source of honest and empowering information about personal experiences that others can relate to and learn from. In addition to blog postings, My Foggy Brain features multiple lists of tools and resources that people with fibromyalgia, depression, and ADD can utilize—including templates to create your own pain journal, and links to other sites for online support.

  • Faith, Family, & Fibro

    “Christian wife and mama” Karen Knapp delivers three distinct categories of timely posts in her blog, Faith, Family & Fibro. Knapp pulls triple-duty by exploring each of these topics in an open and supportive environment.

    The blog provides added community outreach via social media, offering a Facebook fan page and support group, and a “blog frog community,” where readers can interact. You’ll also find reviews and giveaways, posts from contributing writers, and weekly link-ups with advice such as day-specific menu planning.

  • Life and Fibromyalgia

    Two friends in Michigan—Heather (who has fibromyalgia and arthritis) and Kathy—started the Life and Fibromyalgia blog to explore and share their collective personal journeys. Commenting on topics much broader than life with a chronic condition, the bloggers chat conversationally about family life, work, activities, and popular media while also tying in Heather’s experience as a fibromyalgia patient.

    Written as they’re speaking just to you, this blog will endear you to the writers and make you feel like you’re reading letters from an old friend. The pair also created A Tale of 2 Friends blog to further chronicle their stories.

  • Counting My Spoons

    Julie, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010, started the Counting My Spoons blog as part of her self-care efforts to get back to a normal life. But in the process, she created an important resource for others with the condition to learn about what works, what doesn’t, and how to cope.

    Julie shares tactics she’s tried, books she’s read, foods she’s eaten, and ideas about living successfully with fibromyalgia. The result is a positive, hands-on portrayal about how one person moved from her “darkest days” of diagnosis to feeling better—and how you can do the same.

  • Fibro and Fabulous

    Nationally recognized blogger and author Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005, and quickly transformed her disappointment into a new passion: writing about the condition. The Fibro and Fabulous blog covers everything from how sex with fibromyalgia can become less of a “pain in the neck,” to how to respond when a doctor tells you that fibro is all in your head.

    The site provides links to Linstruth-Beckom’s other writing as well, from fibro-focused articles to the Fibro and Fabulous book. If you don’t find everything you need on the site, you can explore her list of outside resources and websites that also address the condition.

  • Seeking Equilibrium

    Rosemary Lee’s blog, Seeking Equilibrium, is a down-to-earth look at one woman’s efforts to find humor amidst her painful diagnosis. Though Lee admits that she’s not always successful at this feat, readers of her posts will agree that she has found a way to transform suffering into healing words.

    Tackling complex subjects like research into fibromyalgia head on, Lee also keeps her blog intimate by sharing her experiences and thoughts about living with chronic pain. Her choice of colorful graphics may make you wince or laugh out loud, enhancing the creative experience of visiting this unique site. 

  • The Fibro Frog

    Don’t let the cute frog on the home page fool you into thinking that the content in this blog is light. On the Fibro Frog blog, blogger Amy hones in where it hurts—the real problems and real feelings of fibromyalgia sufferers.

    Writing from the perspective that if you’re going to address chronic conditions, you need to be upfront about the issues, Fibro Frog sets its mission as helping people understand the symptoms and effects of fibromyalgia. If you’re looking for a fibro blog that doesn’t sugarcoat the issues, this is a realistic yet hopeful testimony of what it’s like to live with chronic disease. 

  • Fightin the Fibro

    FibroFacialGal, who describes herself as “a pretty private gal” who has experienced fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain for nearly 20 years, is the blogger behind Fightin the Fibro. In her posts, she shares misadventures, experiences, perspective, and a search for balance and comfort—and in the process provides helpful guidance to other sufferers.

    Illustrated with an avatar to reflect a variety of mood states based on the condition, Fightin the Fibro combines funny with factual. Whether she’s writing about swimming in public pools, her latest trip to the doctor’s office, or providing her take on medical research, this blogger will make you feel like you don’t have to go through it alone.

  • Dawn's Fibro Blog

    The personal can be universal, and Dawn’s Fibro Blog proves it. As blogger Dawn Santos shares her monthly musings on pain, medications, and fighting through depression, her readers find ways to overcome their personal struggles as well.

    Working from Neil Marcus’s premise that that “Disability is not a brave struggle…It’s an ingenious way to live,” Dawn inspires others—whether through poetry, pictures, or pleas for perseverance. 

  • My Life with Fibromyalgia Pain

    Blogger Cynthia suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and lymphedema. In her blog, My Life with Fibromyalgia Pain, she shares a Christian perspective of her challenges and how she meets them head on.

    This blog features her “pain diary,” in which she candidly shares how she developed symptoms and how her conditions affect her and others. The site includes a 10-level pain scale for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and myalgic encephalomyelitis, as well as a resource list for chronic pain conditions.

  • Inspired Living with Fibromyalgia

    The Inspired Living with Fibromyalgia (ILwF) blog is part of the ILwF website, created by blogger Emily as a one-stop source for fibromyalgia information, news, and connections. Originally blogging on Blogger about the inspirations that helped her cope with the condition, Emily’s success led her to launch her own site in April, 2013.

    Responding to the needs of her readers, Emily expanded her blog’s content from lighthearted advice to include serious research. The ILwF blog today includes information to satisfy both niches: inspiring others to live their best life with chronic pain, and increasing knowledge and awareness of fibromyalgia. When you visit the site, you’ll see that this is a winning combination.

  • Mummy Whisperer

    The Mummy Whisperer, otherwise known as Lisa Pearson, may be best known for her childcare expertise as author of The Mummy Whisperer’s Six Steps to a Sparkling You and Enjoying Being a Mum. Yet after a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia, Lisa expanded her blog topics to address the challenges of living with the disease.

    She started out with the goal of documenting her fibromyalgia story in hopes of learning to improve her symptoms and manage the illness. However, Lisa’s mission soon expanded to helping others find answers to their own personal health challenges. The Mummy Whisperer provides practical advice to fibro patients to guide them toward expertise and resources—and ultimately toward feeling better.

  • But You Don't Look Sick

    Nationally known writer, blogger, and patient advocate Christine Miserandino developed the “Spoon Theory” to help those suffering from chronic illnesses communicate about it. Her blog But You Don't Look Sick contains a wealth of resources for fibromyalgia patients and others with chronic pain.

    As a patient of multiple conditions including fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s syndrome, and Raynaud’s disease, Miserandino keeps it real by letting readers know that although she may seem happy and upbeat in her writing and public speaking engagements, she has a difficult time dealing with her chronic illness, just like others do. Miserandino creates a deep connection by sharing her personal story candidly, while never ceasing in her efforts to improve the lives of her readers.

  • The Best Bloggers Deserve Your Best

    It’s hard enough to manage life with fibromyalgia. Yet the bloggers who made the Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2013 list go above and beyond every day in their mission to help other patients live better lives.

    You can help yourself while helping these talented bloggers simply by visiting their sites. When you support these bloggers in their efforts, you open yourself up to a world of new resources and community connections that may change your life forever. So the next time you’re feeling down about your condition, give yourself a dose of comfort by reading this year’s top blogs.

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