The 15 Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2015

The Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of the Year

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  • The Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2015

    The Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2015

    According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, about 5 million American adults have this disorder. Being a middle-aged woman and having an autoimmune disease increases your risk.

    Fibromyalgia is tiring and painful, but you don’t have to spend hours navigating the Internet for fibromyalgia information between fatigue and muscle pain. We’ve compiled the top blogs to help you find important information and support.

  • My Foggy Brain

    My Foggy Brain

    “Fibro fog” is a common symptom of fibromyalgia. It refers to lapses in memory and an inability to think straight. In My Foggy Brain, Tamiko Arbuckle chronicles her experience with the disorder and depression, which can often be attributed to fibro, and her journey to feeling well again. Arbuckle shares her story with an uplifting spirit, and encourages her readers to make positive changes every day.

  • Counting My Spoons

    Counting My Spoons

    Julie Ryan shares personal challenges related to migraines and fibromyalgia in Counting My Spoons. Ryan also suffers from endometriosis and temporomandibular joint disorder — both may be related to fibro — which she discusses at length. Check out the blog post: Fibro Warrior Wednesday, a weekly series that includes interviews with fibromyalgia patients to help you gain insights and build new connections.

  • Fibro and Fabulous

    Fibro and Fabulous

    The blog and subsequent book “Fibro and Fabulous the Book,” contain Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom’s testament to the fact that you can have fibromyalgia and still be fabulous. The seasoned writer turned her attention to fibromyalgia topics after her diagnosis in 2005. Come experience life from the perspective of this author as she candidly describes her struggles and triumphs.

  • Seeking Equilibrium

    Seeking Equilibrium

    Chronic pain and tender points on the body are common symptoms of fibromyalgia. While intensity can vary, most pain is ongoing and severe enough to interfere with daily activities. This can leave you feeling helpless.

    Seeking Equilibrium is Rosemary Lee’s personal story of fibro pain and how she overcomes it. Lee uses a combination of humor and comfort to soothe the suffering of fellow fibromyalgia patients.

  • The Fibro Frog

    The Fibro Frog

    The Fibro Frog is a blog that gets its name from the “fibro fog” symptoms of fibromyalgia. Blogger Amy details the chronic pain of fibro and commonly related disorders, like arthritis, bone spurs, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. One of the main fibro symptoms Amy struggles with is depression, which launched her weight gain. 

    Through her writing, Amy hopes to assure other patients that they’re not alone. She puts an emphasis on her good days as a positive reminder that there’s more to life with fibromyalgia than pain.

  • Fightin the Fibro

    Fightin the Fibro

    Fightin the Fibro highlights the quests of one fibromyalgia patient as she aims to beat pain for good. Blogger FibroFacial Gal believes that no one should ever feel guilty about their pain, or be accused of exaggerating its severity. Join her as she takes on bad doctors and policies, as well as downright unsympathetic people who are uninformed about the disorder.

  • Chronicles of Fibromyalgia

    Chronicles of Fibromyalgia

    Chronicles of Fibromyalgia follows the ups and downs and ups again of author Leah Tyler. This blogger has fought her way back from multiple strokes, attacks of pancreatitis, and bout after bout of fibro — all before age 35. Tyler is inspiring and also very tolerant of the difficulties brought on by illness. Don’t wait until you’re feeling better to read this blog!

  • Cranky Fibro Girl

    Cranky Fibro Girl

    Fibromyalgia symptoms can make it challenging to stay positive all the time. Instead of putting on a brave face, Jenny Ryan opts for letting the world know how much fibromyalgia makes her mad and cranky.

    Head over to Cranky Fibro Girl for some honest discussions about fibro difficulties. Humor is Ryan’s weapon of choice against fibromyalgia, but she also effectively shares personal stories that are inspiring at the same time.

  • Rebuilding Wellness

    Rebuilding Wellness

    Join the delightful and crusading Sue Ingebretson at Rebuilding Wellness. Ingebretson knows the destruction fibro can cause from her personal experience. She also knows what it is like to rebuild health through diet, patience, and self-care. Her illness led her to become a fibro pro, with career posts at leading organizations. Check out her weekly blog entries on news, exercise ideas, and, most of all, inspiration. 

  • Infinite Daze

    Infinite Daze

    The Boston-based blogger at Infinite Daze adds an important resource of academic research and medical news to the fibro blogosphere. Along the way, you can read about her struggle with disease, including chronic fatigue syndrome. Yes, she keeps it real, with real complaints and concerns, but no one said this would be easy. When you read Infinite Daze, you’ll find a courageous friend with a strong voice and the determination to get well and help others.

  • My Restored Health

    My Restored Health

    Tami Stackelhouse is a certified health coach who, in her own words, has gone from “disabled to thriving.” An attack of mono in eighth grade may have been what triggered her fibro. She began to struggle to do daily activities and started a search for help and even just a diagnosis.

    Stackelhouse quit her stressful job in 2005, with support from her loving husband. Her days since then have been focused on healing. Reading My Restored Health is like having your own health coach and guest posts are inspiring too.

  • Fibro Daily

    Fibro Daily

    Synergy Health provides the blog at Fibro Daily. The editorial team and contributors seek to make people with fibromyalgia feel less alone by providing personal stories and lots of resources. Follow their regular features like Fibro Warrior of the Week, and their in-depth coverage of topics like fibro and sleep. The site is helpfully divided by subject tabs and easy to navigate. Search for posts specific to the fibro-needs of women or men, information on treatments, tips, and news, and always helpful inspiration.

  • Surviving with Fibro

    Surviving with Fibro

    “I have fibromyalgia. It hurts. I am still living.” So declares Melissa, the founder and blogger at Surviving with Fibro. She certainly is living, and helping others who suffer from fibro. This blog has just about everything you need to read on the pain and exhaustion brought on by the illness. Look for treatments, must-reads, facts, and more. This married, full-time working mom is a true warrior against the debilitations of fibro.

  • This Is My Fibro

    This Is My Fibro

    Fibromyalgia can make you want to give up. This Is My Fibro is written by a woman who refuses to succumb to the pain. In fact, she opens her blog by declaring: “I only get one life and I will not let fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it.” With this attitude, this mother of two foster babies faces the disorder head-on.

    The mission of This Is My Fibro is to find reasonable solutions to help sufferers of all levels of pain. Discover devices to help you reach for dropped baby toys, and read reviews from this helpful blogger.

  • Hopes and Struggles

    Hopes and Struggles

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. But there is a wealth of information within these blogs that can help you talk to your doctor about all possible treatment options. Medicine, exercising, good nutrition, and reaching out to your fibromyalgia community for hope and support can help you fight your worst symptoms.