The 23 Best Diabetes Health Blogs of 2015

The Best Diabetes Blogs of the Year

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  • You Can Do This!

    You Can Do This!

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011, 21 million adults in the United States were diagnosed with diabetes. The disease affects more than 9 percent of the U.S. population, and that number is growing. It’s also the seventh leading cause of death — but diabetes doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

    Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, take medications, or are controlling it through diet and exercise, you may need some extra help. These blogs are great sources for the latest research and for finding friends who understand life with diabetes. Check them out to see if they can help you control your condition.

  • Diabetes Mine

    Diabetes Mine

    The blog DiabetesMine provides diabetes-related news, reviews, interviews, guest posts, cartoons, and Q&A sessions. The founder and editor, Amy Tenderich, has type 1 diabetes, as does most of the staff. But DiabetesMine doesn’t stop at type 1. The blog has resources for all types and stages of diabetes. 

    Also, the reviews of diabetes-related products really come in handy when making decisions about what tools to use when trying to control diabetes. DiabetesMine is a fun place to laugh and learn and recently joined to expand readership. 

  • Diabetes Self-Management

    Diabetes Self-Management

    The magazine Diabetes Self-Management was first printed in 1983. Now in digital form, the website and blog offer excellent practical information on exercise, nutrition, diabetes medications, self-help, and other diabetes health topics. 

    You’ll find information on the latest ongoing clinical studies and support articles that emphasize you’re not alone in your diabetes challenges. Make sure to bookmark this blog for high quality and up-to-date information.

  • Texting My Pancreas

    Texting My Pancreas

    Kim Vlasnik is the blogger behind the funny and heartwarming Texting My Pancreas. Vlasnik was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6. She’s long been an expert at dealing with diabetes challenges. Vlasnik knew she had found the support she needed when she found the diabetes online community. Inspired, she started Texting My Pancreas to share her experiences, cartoons, and diabetes advocacy.

    Whether telling harrowing stories about coping with blood sugar lows while caring for her young child or giving solid advice on dealing with an insulin pump, Vlasnik is a talented writer. Get caught up in her stories and laugh about the crazy ins and outs of life with diabetes.

  • Scott’s Diabetes

    Scott’s Diabetes

    Scott Johnson has lived with type 1 diabetes for 34 years. He writes about his experience with the disease on his blog, Scott’s Diabetes. An engaging writer, Johnson discusses topics like the perils of swinging between blood sugar highs and lows. He also uses the blog to introduce friends, organizations, and resources that readers will find interesting and enlightening for their own journey with diabetes. As a valuable bonus, Johnson includes resources to find clinical trials in which you can participate.

  • Diabetes Stops Here

    Diabetes Stops Here

    The blog Diabetes Stops Here is part of the American Diabetes Association (ADA)’s Stop Diabetes movement. The blog and the movement support efforts to prevent and cure diabetes. Diabetes Stops Here details the behind-the-scenes work that the ADA does to promote diabetes research and awareness. 

    The blog also shares many stories about people living with diabetes in addition to news and tips on things you can do to help improve and maintain your health. It also highlights the volunteers, advocates, and supporters who help with the efforts to improve the lives of others. Each entry is a bit of inspiration for people fighting the good fight. 

  • A Sweet Life

    A Sweet Life

    Married couple Mike and Jessica Apple both developed type 1 diabetes as adults. Treating diabetes as a way of life, they cofounded their blog, A Sweet Life. The couple works to develop a balanced, natural diet that can reduce the complications of diabetes. They share what they’ve learned with readers, filling their blog with recipes, tricks, and tips about eating healthy with diabetes.

    The blog also features a wide range of contributing authors, who write about the latest diabetes research, treatments, and reports on financial and technological issues important to those with diabetes. The blog brings a lively discussion on nutritional standards and different dietary approaches to living with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Hands Foundation

    Diabetes Hands Foundation

    The Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) blog is committed to making sure no one dealing with diabetes ever feels lost or alone. This blog is a great resource that provides valuable insight into the state of the diabetes world, whether it’s new legislation or the latest in medication research and advancements. DHF also promotes exercise through their “Big Blue Test” program. 

    DHF blog articles detail niche diabetes online communities, so you can find the support that matches your needs. The DHF social networks (in English and Spanish) include over 50,000 registered members, making it a great place to meet others with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation

    Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation

    The Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF) might be the place for you if you’re looking to connect and communicate with other people with diabetes. In fact, communication is the DCAF mission. Entries on DCAF are short and sweet, with details about all the cool diabetes community events happening across the web.

    The blog also provides links to recordings of online radio interviews with active diabetes community members: from advocates and poets to parents and entrepreneurs. DCAF advocates for and educates the general public and those with diabetes.

  • BitterSweet


    Karen Graffeo has been a type 1 diabetic since the 1970s. Since then, she has seen many changes in diets, technology, and attitude. She writes about them all on her blog, BitterSweet. Also commenting on the day-to-day diabetes challenges, Graffeo’s insights are funny and worthwhile.

    Her reviews of diabetes products get to the information users really want to know. She’s also involved in diabetes community and advocacy efforts, especially in the Connecticut area. If something important is going on in the diabetes world, chances are she’ll be blogging about it.

  • TuDiabetes

    TuDiabetes was founded by Manny Hernandez in 2007. His goal was to create a social network for people dealing with diabetes. Today, TuDiabetes is a place for diabetes education, advocacy, and empowerment.

    The blog section of TuDiabetes brings many blogs together. From the newly diagnosed seeking help to those with experience in mastering the diabetes dance, there are bloggers of all types here. Chances are, you can find someone who shares your needs and can help you understand more about your diabetes.

  • Diabetesaliciousness


    Kelly Kunik has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 8. Many of her family members also have type 1 diabetes, and she lost her older sister to diabetes complications. All of this has led her to become an advocate, a “diabetes humorist,” and an expert on how to live the good life, despite diabetes.

    Kunik jokes about her busted pancreas, but she embraces diabetes as her greatest strength and biggest passion in her blog Diabetesaliciousness. Follow her as she finds a balance between indulging in tempting food and keeping her blood sugar under control. Add a touch of advocacy and wry wit, and Diabetesaliciousness is definitely delish.

  • D-Mom


    Having a child newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is a frightening experience. Life is suddenly full of new fears, new language, new math, and new headaches. But Leighanne Calentine has you covered. Calentine made it her mission to create D-mom, a community where parents can find quality information and interact with one another, after her daughter was diagnosed at the age of 3.

    D-mom includes stories of families across the world dealing with diabetes. It also has a very useful glossary of terms, snack recommendations, dining guides, and more. Entries cover a range of topics: from shopping tips to essays on caregiver issues and explanations of how diabetes feels for your child.

  • Diabetes Daily

    Diabetes Daily

    Diabetes Daily is a one-stop shop for an array of diabetes information and resources for people with type 1 or 2 diabetes. It has forums, blogs, guides on diabetes topics, detailed diet information, recipes, and even financial advice.

    The blog sections are separated into type 1, type 2, food, life, treatments, technology, and weight loss. This site is for you if you’re looking for a variety of perspectives. There is a wide range of contributors for all of these entries, and they include everything from personal stories to interviews.

  • Six Until Me

    Six Until Me

    Kerri Sparling looked around the Internet in 2005 and couldn’t find many people blogging about life with diabetes. She didn’t want to hear horror stories and statistics — she wanted stories of day-to-day life with the disease. So she started sharing her tales of life with type 1 diabetes on her blog, Six Until Me.

    Kerri talks about her daily life with diabetes in a fun, engaging style. Hear about the woes of finding a dress that works with her insulin pump monitor, the perils of late-arriving pizza, and one of her baby daughter’s first words: “diabeedles.”

  • Diabetes Stories

    Diabetes Stories

    Riva Greenberg wants people to do more than just cope with having diabetes. She wants them to flourish! Living with type 1 diabetes for over 40 years, she’s seen radical improvements in diabetes treatment and life expectancy. Now, she wants to hear other stories about people living well with diabetes.

    At Diabetes Stories, Greenberg brings to light the people who help those with chronic conditions heal and live life to the fullest. The blog highlights doctors, researchers, and wise people with insight into how you can improve your life with diabetes.

  • dLife


    The dLife philosophy calls for a whole person to be treated, not just their blood sugar. The dLife blog is dedicated to empowering people with diabetes to take care of themselves in the best way possible. The dLife team provides tools for self-management to keep people engaged in their care.

    This blog has answers to all of your diabetes questions. Topics include childhood diabetes, tips for handling emotional highs and lows, oral medications, diabetes in women, and more. It’s all covered here. From battling junk food cravings to the latest research, dLife bloggers have great insights into life with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Sisters

    Diabetes Sisters

    Alarmed by the lack of good resources for women with diabetes, the founder of Diabetes Sisters decided it was time to take charge. Founded in 2008, the organization provides support and information for women with the disease, focusing on pregnancy, menopause, and puberty.

    The organization’s sisterTALK blog shares Diabetes Sisters’ focus, and contributors write about a wide range of diabetes concerns from a female perspective. This is a welcoming community that understands that diabetes can be frightening. The team seeks to welcome all women and let them know that Diabetes Sisters is a safe place to learn how to be healthy with diabetes.

  • Our Diabetic Life

    Our Diabetic Life

    Meri, the mind behind Our Diabetic Life, is amazingly strong. Three of her four children have type 1 diabetes, which she has been blogging about since 2009. Her husband lost a valiant fight with metastatic melanoma in 2012. Dealing with the immense challenges of her life, Meri has a beautiful style of prose that really makes you think.

    Meri’s entries aren’t at all depressing — they’re truly inspiring. From essays that border on poetry to a collection of tweets about a day juggling blood glucose ratings for three active boys, come cheer Meri and her diabetic family on!

  • Diabetes Dad

    Diabetes Dad

    Tom Karlya is the father of two children with diabetes. He was a successful actor when his first child was diagnosed in 1992. When his 2-year old was lying in a hospital bed with tubes running out of her arms, she looked up at her dad and said, “Daddy, fix!” Ever since then, he hasn’t stopped searching for a cure for childhood diabetes. 

    Karlya’s writing at Diabetes Dad will capture your attention, as will his noble devotion. Each post, whether personal or news-oriented, ends with the line, “I am a diabetes dad.”

  • This is Caleb

    This is Caleb

    Lorraine is the mom who brings you tales of caring for a diabetic kid and more at This is Caleb. She’s determined not to let her child’s disease define him, just as she’s determined to help diabetics worldwide.

    This is Caleb has a techno-fascination with the newest devices for tracking blood sugar and other health metrics. Lorraine’s posts are smart on technology, and perhaps more importantly, clear on usability and experience. She also includes guest posts and giveaways. 

  • College Diabetes Network

    College Diabetes Network

    College is a steep learning curve in the best of circumstances. Most college students are away from home for the first time, having to balance school needs and new, more grown up responsibilities. Imagine managing all that with no one to remind you to check your blood sugar!

    Christina Roth founded College Diabetes Network when she launched into school in 2009. She’s created an invaluable resource for the college-bound and their families. You can even become a user before college, with helpful information about the important doctor appointments to make before you leave for school.

  • Kate’s Sweet Success

    Kate’s Sweet Success

    Kate Cornell began blogging about diabetes in 2011. Her strong voice is a valuable contribution to the catalog of online diabetes writing — she pulls no punches, on her own behavior or on those who discuss diabetes.

    A self-described poor eater before her diagnosis, Cornell faced her challenges and drastically changed her lifestyle. Out went the processed foods, and in came healthy diet and exercise. But she still advocates for those who haven’t made it over to the healthy side. Kate’s Sweet Success has been hard-won, but worth it. She encourages others who may feel the same. 

  • Insulin Nation

    Insulin Nation

    Insulin Nation is all about the science and technology that can make life better for those with diabetes who take insulin. The magazine-style site is edited by a team that takes on a vast range of topics that cover real, daily issues between people with diabetes and the world of devices. It’s not just straightforward tech-for-patient reviews, like what the new Apple Watch can do, but issues like how diabetics can safely get tattoos. And how do you talk to your kid about your pump? Go to Insulin Nation for device news for sure, but stay to join the community of forward-thinking folks with diabetes — techies and the rest of us.

  • Resource and Support

    Resource and Support

    All of these blogs provide important educational resources, real stories of day-to-day life with diabetes, and the support of an active and vast online community. Read their stories and find the motivation and power to take care of yourself and control your blood sugar.

    Diabetes can be frightening, but these top diabetes blogs can help give you the tools to conquer your fears and live life to the fullest!


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