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The Best Crohn’s Disease Blogs of 2013

  • Best Crohn’s Disease Blogs of 2013

    Often referred to as an “invisible illness,” Crohn’s disease can be frightening and isolating in addition to being physically debilitating. However, you can find help, humor, and compassion in these candid blogs by Crohn’s sufferers and their loved ones.

    We’ve chosen this selection of Crohn’s blogs for the courage bloggers use to attack an elusive and often embarrassing foe. Read their advice, share in their triumphs—great and small—laugh and cry with them, and know you’re not alone. 

  • Jenni’s Guts

    “Gutsy” is truly the best way to describe Jenni’s Guts. This is a hilarious and straight-forward take on life with Crohn’s as experienced by one mother, wife, and LPN. 

    This award-winning blogger covers Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and food intolerance with unstoppable humor.

    Whether she’s outing a gas station for not letting her use their bathroom (that’s illegal in 13 states!), describing her latest surgery, or just musing on her most recent trip to the toilet, Jenni will have you chuckling in agreement.

  • Crohnsboy

    This blogger’s superpower is his relentless belief that sufferers can overcome Crohn’s and IBDs.

    Crohnsboy focuses on awareness and healing, bravely examining solutions to the difficulties Crohnies suffer. Follow along as he investigates any new approach that can offer hope.

    Realistic, crusading, sometimes controversial, Crohnsboy gives hope and help with his never-say-die commitment.

  • My Life’s Journey

    My Life’s Journey is blogger Cynthia’s thoughtful approach to her decades-long experience with Crohn’s and colitis. This read will bring great comfort to any reader, whether you suffer from an IBD or know someone who does.

    Genuine, witty, and wise, this informative journal gives hope and support to sufferers of chronic disease and pain. Get Cynthia’s perspective on topics such as travel with disease, and surgery during pregnancy.

  • Uncover Ostomy

    Welcome to Jessica Grossman’s world, where ostomy is sexy, and Crohn’s and colitis are conquered with humor and courage.

    Uncover Ostomy is the blog segment of Grossman’s awareness campaign, supported in part by IDEAS, the Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society. 

    Check out Grossman’s bright and hopeful posts on living—really living—a life full of love, work, family, and friends in spite of chronic illness.

  • Crohn's Disease Relief

    As straightforward as it is helpful, Crohn’s Disease Relief aims to lift the spirits of anyone who suffers from Crohn’s or IBD. This blog provides extensive listings for topics like shopping ideas, readings, and government health department updates.

    Crohn’s Disease Relief encourages with practical information, while acknowledging the pain and isolation that comes with chronic illness.

  • J-Pouch Life

    This collaborative blog brings together the undaunted voices of Crohn’s and colitis sufferers. JPouch Life offers support and insight on life after colorectal surgery.

    Deeply personal stories touch on topics like pregnancy with Crohn’s and the surgical experience outside the United States. They also showcase individual trials and triumphs with wisdom and humor.

    Become inspired as you read the words of those who have been there—and lived to tell the tale. 

  • The Dietary Adventures of Jilluck

    The Dietary Adventures of Jilluck traces “Jilluck’s” Crohn’s diagnosis, pregnancy, and healing with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

    Jilluck offers an optimistic take on what you can do to lead a healthier life despite diet restrictions. She’s straightforward about the realities of disease, while undaunted by the prospect of wellness.

    The delicious recipes included are a wonderful resource for anyone who suffers from IBD and has trouble coming up with a healthy meal.

  • The Bright Side of Crohn’s

    Good news, Crohn’s sufferers! There’s a silver lining to every cloud and a bright side to even the most discouraging diagnosis. Canadian mother and IT professional “Bright Side” blogs with gentle humor and determination in the Bright Side of Crohn’s.

    Bright Side covers a range of issues, like how to be a supportive partner to those with IBD, celebrity sufferers, and trigger foods. Her resources include reader surveys and helpful reading.

    This infectiously positive journal will inspire you with a can-do attitude and the strength to seize the day.

  • Crohn’s Leaving the Seat Down

    Crohn’s Leaving the Seat Down is an entertaining, sardonic look at life with Crohn’s that’s sure to get you through the toughest day. Author Vern was diagnosed in 1988 and dived into getting better with the same focus and drive that had made him a competitive figure skater.

    Vern offers advice on diet, helpful organizations and reading, and why creating art can be a vital element of healing. His regular postings include the wise and witty “Crohn-fucious say…” and the rollicking “You Might Be a Crohnie.”

  • Ali on the Run

    Ali takes on marathons—and Crohn’s—in Ali on the Run. Diagnosed as a child, this sporting blogger has learned to take the long view.

    Is her suffering real? You bet. But even when the going gets tough, Ali knows she’ll get a second wind to face her challenges.

    Read her honest, spirited, and touching journal of the ups and downs of life with chronic illness, on and off the racecourse. Ali’s list of personal race results alone is an inspiration worth the click.

  • The Crohn’s and Colitis Effect

    Frank Garufi, Jr. didn’t start out as a blogger. But Frank bravely took to the ether when his beloved first-born son, Domenic, was diagnosed with Crohn’s. The result is a complete chronicle of Domenic’s disease in the Crohn’s and Colitis Effect.

    Garufi’s blog is packed with helpful information on medications, treatments, interviews, and extensive resources. He also provides help through the IBD Round Table Discussion, regularly programmed Q & A sessions with disease experts. 

  • SCD Lifestyle

    SCD Lifestyle is a can-do blog that focuses on the “specific carbohydrate diet” as a healing approach to Crohn’s, colitis and IBDs.

    Bloggers Jordon Reasoner and Steve Wright describe themselves as conventional guys who reexamined their assumptions around illness following their IBD diagnoses.   

    A significant web resource for book and health product recommendations, SCD Lifestyle can help anyone live a healthier, more energetic life through diet. The site even offers a downloadable e-book on the diet to get you started right away.

  • Taking up the Fight

    Receiving a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease is surely one of life’s most difficult moments. You may feel confused and frustrated that there’s no cure for Crohn’s and limited medical relief. The Internet is so full of opinions, it’s hard to know where to turn.

    Start with the 13 Best Crohn’s Blogs of 2013 for insight, advice, and the been-there-done-that camaraderie to see you through your fight.

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