The Best COPD Blogs of the Year

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  • Best COPD Blogs of 2014

    Best COPD Blogs of 2014

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) comes in many forms. It includes both emphysema and frequent bronchitis. This disease is the third most common cause of death in the United States, according to the American Lung Association.

    There is no cure for COPD, so maintaining a good quality of life depends on finding the right treatment. Learning about COPD is just one step toward initiating important conversations with your doctor.

    Read the best COPD blogs to gain insightful information to help you get these discussions going.

  • COPD Foundation Blog

    COPD Foundation Blog

    The COPD Foundation has been a leader in patient advocacy for the last decade. They have even worked with the government to promote better detection and care. The COPD Foundation Blog discusses prominent health issues for current COPD patients and their families.

    The blog, written by health experts, is informative yet personal. It covers issues such as the potential long-term consequences of the newly popular e-cigarette. And it offers opportunities to ask questions from the “COPD Coach.”

  •’s COPD’s COPD’s COPD page provides everything you need to know about the disease. Deborah Leader, a registered nurse who specializes in the management of chronic breathing conditions, breaks down all of the information into easy-to-read articles.

    Here Leader discusses treatment measures, including the potential benefits of diet and supplements, and COPD risk factors, such as smoking and poor air quality. The COPD page is also helpful for loved ones of patients looking for solutions concerning travel and end-of-life issues.

  • COPD International Blog

    COPD International Blog

    Obtaining the latest news about COPD is just as important as learning about the basics. This is where the COPD International Blog can help. COPD treatment is always evolving. This blog’s goal is to make sure readers have the latest facts at hand.

    Learn about topics like the importance of exercise and health care coverage. Throughout all of the information, COPD International Blog maintains a positive tone and asserts that “COPD is not a death sentence.”

  • COPD from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

    COPD from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a government-funded organization dedicated to research and public information on diseases like COPD. The COPD page from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute covers comprehensive facts about the condition, as well as tips for getting diagnosed. There are links for volunteer opportunities within the “Breathe Better Network” and the “Country Conquers COPD” sections if you want hands-on involvement in fighting the disease. The organization is heavily involved in National COPD Awareness Month every November, so be sure to check out information about related events on the blog.

  • Drive 4 COPD

    Drive 4 COPD

    Drive 4 COPD is a public health initiative created by the COPD Foundation. Most people don’t know they have the disease, which makes early treatment challenging. Here you can take a short quiz to detect possible risk factors and symptoms.

    While this blog strives to promote early COPD detection, it’s also a community for patients and their loved ones. COPD can make everyday activities difficult, which may become isolating. Having a community like Drive 4 COPD can help lift your spirits while connecting you with others battling similar challenges.

  • Breathing Better, Living Well

    Breathing Better, Living Well

    No matter what form of COPD you have, breathing difficulties are prevalent. Lung irritants like smoke and chemicals can lead to COPD and breathing problems. Eventually, this can make exercise and other activities seem impossible.

    The mission of Breathing Better, Living Well is to promote easier breathing for a better life. This blog is dedicated to all types of chronic lung diseases. Get a checklist of steps to take after a diagnosis, tips for quitting smoking, and stories from other COPD patients who have chosen not to give up.

  • Health Central

    Health Central

    Health Central is a community of medical topics discussed by patients and experts, including those related to COPD. On this page, doctors and other medical experts discuss COPD medications and other treatment measures in depth.

    Easy navigation allows for access to information on COPD news, as well as links to local physicians. Health Central also offers a free quiz for potential patients to prompt immediate medical care.

  • Wellsphere’s COPD and Emphysema Community

    Wellsphere’s COPD and Emphysema Community

    Early detection and treatment are just as important as finding COPD comrades. Don’t fight this disease alone. Wellsphere’s COPD and Emphysema Community takes the time and effort out of connecting with other patients. You can share and read other personal stories, and even ask questions of the community.

    Blog articles convey a variety of COPD information, including favorite recipes, personal care, and device reviews. You can even sign up and search for people within the community and reach out via social media.

  • Respiratory Therapy Cave

    Respiratory Therapy Cave

    Being diagnosed with COPD doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the humorous side of life. Respiratory Therapy Cave was created with the mission to cause you to lose your breath—from laughing too hard. The blog provides accurate information about respiratory therapy and related topics with unrivaled wit.

    Topics include inhalers, mesothelioma, and the understated consequences of smoking. And each day carries a specific theme. For example, Mondays are dedicated to answering community questions on respiratory therapy.

  • COPD Connect

    COPD Connect

    COPD Connect is dedicated to creating a community forum for patients seeking answers and advice. The blog features news articles primarily focused on smoking, because cigarette smoke is the most prevalent cause of COPD.

    COPD Connect features a discussion board so you can sound off on any issue you like. Be sure to check out “Living with COPD,” where you’ll gain helpful treatment information from physicians. Support and insight from other patients in your shoes can help you travel the road of uncertainty.

  • COPD Digest

    COPD Digest

    COPD Digest is another initiative from the COPD Foundation. It’s a free online magazine that’s also available in print format. Each quarterly issue features the latest COPD news and highlights patient challenges.

    COPD Digest has a series called “Faces of COPD,” which includes inspirational profiles of people overcoming seemingly unbeatable obstacles. There’s also a link for easy access to the Foundation’s main blog for daily updates on everything you need to know about COPD.

  • Living with COPD

    Living with COPD

    Derek Cummings is a patient with stage 4 COPD, the most severe form of the disease. This stage is considered “very severe” because it’s disabling. In his blog, Living with COPD, he describes how he overcomes lack of mobility and still manages to enjoy life’s simplest gifts.

    At stage 4, Cummings’ outlook might seem grim, but he keeps a positive tone to encourage other COPD patients to keep going. He closes every post with the simple mantra: “Breathe easy.”

  • Dealing with COPD

    Dealing with COPD

    Dealing with COPD is a personal blog by Bill Hamilton. A self-proclaimed “Santa look-alike,” Hamilton’s goal is to share his personal struggles with COPD in a personal, positive tone. He discloses information about his vitals, advice given by doctors, as well as related topics in between his detailed weekly updates.

  • COPD Athlete

    COPD Athlete

    Russell Winwood had a stroke at age 36, but he changed his habits drastically to get in shape and reclaim his health. He began to take part in triathlons and became an athlete. But in 2011, he was diagnosed with COPD due to chronic lung infections. Refusing to give up and determined to stay active and engaged, Russell continues to race despite stage 4 COPD.

    His blog, COPD Athlete, includes details on races throughout Australia and tales of training challenges. It also raises awareness for organ and tissue donation.

  • Detecting COPD Early

    Detecting COPD Early

    The American Lung Association estimates that 12 million Americans have a diagnosis of COPD. An additional 12 million more may unknowingly have the disease. COPD can be found early, but immediate treatment must follow.

    COPD awareness and education can help lead to a diagnosis. Learning more about the condition and knowing that you’re not alone in the fight against COPD is a great first step in getting your condition under control.


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