The 12 Best COPD Blogs of 2013

  • 12 Best COPD Blogs of 2013

    Although the online community for COPD is still evolving, these blogs offer high-quality writing, timely resource promotion, advocacy and awareness endeavors, and educational efforts.

    Check out this collection of top blogs and reap the benefit of these COPD advocates’ hard work.

  • COPD Foundation Blog

    The official blog of the COPD Foundation has it all. You can get the latest listings of COPD events or health tips and advice. Discover symptom management strategies or awareness activities. Read up on COPD in the news or a growing archive of personal stories from readers like you. 

    COPD doesn’t have to mean a life sentence of inactivity and poor health. This is the perfect site for getting involved, getting educated, and taking control of your illness. Take advantage of this excellent online network and never worry about where to find info or advice again.

  •'s COPD Blog

    One of’s many great health blogs,’s COPD Blog takes the cake for relevant, timely, and interesting COPD pieces. Blogger Deborah Leader is a registered nurse and freelance medical writer who covers everything from dealing with your symptoms to managing daily life with this illness.

    Nurse Leader keeps her readers in-the-know about the latest research on quitting smoking, reducing pollution-aggravated symptoms, learning about oxygen-support options, and other COPD news.

  • COPD International Blog

    The COPD International Blog has its sights set on education and empowerment for those with COPD. This unique international organization reminds readers that “COPD is not a death sentence,” and encourages COPD patients to take control of their health.

    This blog is stretching the communication boundaries for COPD readers everywhere by promoting COPD events, sharing information, and broadening the online social network available to COPD patients. Follow along to get the help you need to build a happy, healthy life that is manageable and sustainable.

  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's COPD Website

    The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s COPD page is not a blog in the traditional sense. However, it’s a great resource for COPD patients looking to stay informed about leading a healthy life with COPD.

    Part of the Department of Health and Human Services, this site is packed with newsletters, advocacy and educational resources, event updates, and even resources for health professionals. Stop by to send an informational COPD E-Card or learn about your risks associated with the flu.


    DRIVE4COPD is aimed at finding Americans with undiagnosed COPD. It promotes the awareness and advocacy project developed by the COPD Foundation and sculptor Michael Kalish. Experts estimate that of the 24 million people in the United States who suffer from COPD, half are undiagnosed.

    DRIVE4COPD’s campaign represents a monumental public health initiative to screen millions of Americans for COPD symptoms. They aim to help potential COPD sufferers get the care and support they need as soon as possible. 

  • Breathing Better, Living Well

    At Breathing Better, Living Well it’s all about leading a full life—with or without COPD. This blog and webpage boasts a host of resources: book reviews, expert articles, assistance for smokers trying to quit, a pulmonologist radio show, educational info on multiple conditions, and a stellar online community.

    Whether you just want to poke around or you’re itching to get more involved, this site has plenty to offer. Ask a question in the community forum, consult an expert physician, or browse articles in dozens of topics that will make your life with COPD easier.

  • Health Central's COPD Blog

    Health Central’s COPD Blog spans a range of topics—from traveling with COPD to finding alternative treatments for the condition. This blog will quickly find its way into your bookmarked sites, with expert answers, helpful tools for managing COPD and general health, the latest news and research, and even celebrity interviews for COPD awareness.

    The blog draws on its excellent database of health information, pointing you toward valuable information about comorbid conditions and relevant health issues for COPD patients.

  • WellSphere's COPD and Emphysema Community

    WellSphere’s COPD and Emphysema Community is the ultimate resource in forming online connections with other COPD patients. This blog hosts an active and growing COPD/emphysema forum for sharing information, asking questions, and communicating with other people with COPD.

    Look no further for a great sense of community, top-notch articles, and an informative blog that’s both reliably interesting and unpredictable. It’s your community, and it changes and responds to your questions and needs. Get involved!

  • Respiratory Therapy Cave

    Blogger and respiratory therapist Rick Frea blends humor and a healthy dose of politically incorrect wisdom in the Respiratory Therapy Cave. This blog is filled with scientific info and commentary for all individuals with breathing problems. Frea addresses the subject of lung health from every perspective: patient, therapist, reporter, scientist, and more.  

    Check out posts on COPD basics, treatments, related diseases, prevention, and more. You can even use his creative quizzes to find out “what type” of COPD patient you are.

  • COPD Connect

    At COPD Connect, you can connect with other COPD patients, doctors, and advocates. This superb health information center offers a discussion forum, COPD-related videos on topics such as seasonal allergies and disease stigma, and even badges for site participants.

    Discover a world of news stories, product reviews, blog articles, and a wide variety of options for building a social network around fellow COPD-ers.

  • COPD Digest

    A COPD Foundation publication, the COPD Digest offers a comprehensive overview of the world as it affects COPD patients. From learning how to manage prescriptions to developing an exercise plan, the digest offers informative articles on things that really matter: self-care, health maintenance, relevant policies, expert interviews and advice, and the latest news in advocacy and awareness.

    The COPD Digest will help readers become smarter consumers, better patients, active advocates, and a member of an integrated community of COPD individuals. Breathe easy with this publication at your service!

  • International COPD Coalition

    The non-profit International COPD Coalition provides COPD patient guides in seven languages. They emphasize early diagnosis, and address the comfort and quality of life of COPD patients.

    This is also an excellent place to learn more about medical and patient conferences, advocacy events, and world health policy.

  • Visit the 13 Best COPD Blogs

    COPD can be a frightening, isolating illness. However, it doesn’t have to be with these instructive and enlightening blogs and webpages at your fingertips. Take advantage of the wealth of information these smart, creative, and helpful sites provide.

    Visit these amazing blogs, and help build the online community of COPD resources and a better life for yourself.

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