The Best Cancer Blogs of the Year

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  • Best of Cancer Blogs

    Best of Cancer Blogs

    We’ve made a lot of progress in detection and treatment for many types of cancer, but it still can be a frightening diagnosis. One of the most important things you can do is find reputable sources to understand all you can about cancer. Another way to cope is to connect with others who’ve been there.

    Click through the slideshow and find out more about the passionate bloggers who make up the best of cancer blogs in 2014.

  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) provides state-of-the-art, patient-centered treatment. The site is packed with practical information about diet and lifestyle, tips for caregivers, quality of life issues, and so much more.

    With that in mind, the CTCA Blog delves into the issues that concern patients here and now. Find out what the latest studies mean and what complementary therapies may be helpful.

  • Cure Magazine

    Cure Magazine

    Cancer is more than a physical diagnosis—it’s an emotional one too. And without the right support, it can become overwhelming. That’s why addressing both the physical and emotional sides of the disease is so important.

    Cure Magazine caters to cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers. The Cure Magazine Blog is written by a mixture of medical professionals and people whose lives are affected by cancer.

  • Stand Up 2 Cancer

    Stand Up 2 Cancer

    Stand Up 2 Cancer’s tagline says it all: “This is where the end of cancer begins.” This organization provides insight into the future of cancer treatment, with a focus on researching the causes and potential cures for all types of cancer.

    The Stand Up 2 Cancer Blog is where you’ll learn what’s happening today. You’ll also read touching stories about cancer patients and survivors, and you can contribute to the conversation via the comments feature.

  • Blog for a Cure

    Blog for a Cure

    Blog for a Cure is where you’ll meet up with fellow “cancer fighters” and help each other out by sharing stories. Members exchange tips for getting through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other treatments. Think you’re the only one who’s had a particular symptom or emotional reaction? It’s likely you’ll find someone here who has been through the same thing. Who knows: You may even be able to make someone else feel better.

  • Our Cancer Blog – Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Our Cancer Blog – Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Fighting cancer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Loved ones and caregivers have a struggle of a different sort, but it’s no less significant. Originally called My Cancer Blog and written by the late Leroy Sievers, his wife, journalist Laurie Singer Sievers, now writes the Johns Hopkins Medicine blog Our Cancer.

    Despite her struggle with personal loss, Singer Sievers’ writings are hopeful, healing, and poignant. She’s writing to a community she has intimate knowledge about, “a community of people living and fighting everyday.” Prepare to be moved.

  • I Had Cancer

    I Had Cancer

    As soon as you spot a blog post titled, “5 Ways to Avoid Cancer Metastasizing to Your Wallet,” you know you’re looking at a no-holds-barred blog. I Had Cancer is a member-driven site complete with forum discussions that encourage give and take. Here, cancer patients feel no need to sugarcoat their experiences, so you get a dose of each person’s reality.

    If you’re feeling disconnected and misunderstood, I Had Cancer may help you shake it off. You just might find someone here who knows exactly what you’re talking about, and perhaps you can help each other out.

  • Cancerwise – MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas

    Cancerwise – MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas

    MD Anderson’s mission is to one day eliminate cancer. Their Cancerwise blog serves as a resource for everyone presently touched by cancer. Students, medical professionals, caregivers, and patients can read, learn, and comment. Doctors provide trusted information alongside patients sharing personal perspectives of cancer and its treatment. When you read those patient stories, you can’t help but feel a bit more empowered and better prepared for the experience.

  • The New York Times Cancer Blog

    The New York Times Cancer Blog

    Journalists and bloggers provide the posts for the New York Times Cancer Blog. From breaking news in the world of cancer research to profiles of people living with cancer, this blog is a smorgasbord of reading material. Detailed reporting and insightful commentary provide fresh food for thought, making this blog worth a weekly visit.

  • Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog – American Cancer Society

    Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog – American Cancer Society

    Dr. Len's Cancer Blog is authored by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society, Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, MACP. Dr. Lichtenfeld’s observations from inside the world of modern medicine, along with the emotions stirred there, are a real eye-opener.

    The doc reports on relevant studies, cancer prevention, and treatment options. Patients, caregivers, and advocates alike can find helpful information and insights on a variety of cancer-related topics.

  • Cancer in Context - Reuters

    Cancer in Context - Reuters

    Writer and cancer survivor Debra Sherman covers cancer news for Reuters’ Cancer in Context blog. Her journalistic background combined with personal experiences results in captivating blog posts that get right down to the heart of things. Practical information and emotional transitions are both part of life with cancer, and Ms. Sherman manages to bring both to the table with style and grace.

  • Colorado Cancer Blogs – University of Colorado Cancer Center

    Colorado Cancer Blogs – University of Colorado Cancer Center

    The Colorado Cancer Blogs provides news from the University of Colorado Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. The blog is more of an online newspaper, where you can read about new studies, learn about research in the pipeline, and find information on clinical trials. If you’re interested in hard news about cancer, you’ll find it on the Colorado Cancer Blogs.

  • Cancer Survivorship Blog

    Cancer Survivorship Blog

    At the moment of diagnosis, you’re already a survivor, but there’s always something new to learn. The Cancer Survivorship Blog is designed as a way for patients and doctors to connect in forums and through blog posts. The site covers just about every topic associated with cancer, survivorship, and treatment.

    Doctors offer practical information for weathering treatment. Fellow patients share their personal stories. Find support, get your questions answered, or offer some healing advice of your own.

  • The Oncolink Cancer Blogs

    The Oncolink Cancer Blogs

    Oncolink has a series of cancer-related blogs, including Nutritional Nuggets, Beating the Beast, Through the Looking Glass, and more. First-hand accounts of life with cancer help the newly diagnosed feel less alone. They also help medical professionals provide a view from their perspectives.

    In addition to the blogs, the site offers a multitude of resources and support for patients and healthcare providers. The large archive of webinars and web chats covers information about specific types of cancer, treatment, and coping tips.

  • Research, Reach Out, and Recover

    Research, Reach Out, and Recover

    These bloggers are working hard to bring news and information to the people who need it most. They do what they do because they understand that the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make crucial health care decisions. They also know that sometimes, you just need to know that someone out there cares. When it comes to empowerment, knowledge and support go hand in hand.