The 13 Best Cancer Blogs of 2013

  • Best Cancer Blogs of 2013

    Cancer is a scary diagnosis, and trying to maintain a fulfilling life when you’re trying to treat cancer can be difficult. These blogs can help.

    Educating yourself and learning from others’ experiences with cancer can be very empowering. Take a tip from these bloggers and make your life with cancer about you, not the disease.

  • Stupid Cancer Blog

    The name says it all: Stupid Cancer. This site is designed to help young adults and their caregivers find the treatments and resources they need in their battle against cancer. The blog shares recaps and highlights of medical conferences and symposiums. Through the posts, you can meet and see the faces of the people who run Stupid Cancer, advocate for young cancer patients, and work to find treatments for patients who want the best medicine has to offer.

  • The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Blog

    One of the most important parts of treating cancer is taking care of yourself, your mental health, and your body. The medical experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) regularly share tried-and-true health tips and ideas for making your life healthier on their blog.

    They write about the importance of lifestyle, including diet. They also cover tougher subjects, like talking to your children about your diagnosis. Their posts are timely and important for people with cancer.

  • Cure Blogs

    A team of bloggers and patients run the blog section of Cure magazine’s online community. Their posts are as varied as they are. Some talk about the latest advances of treatments. Some talk about life after cancer. Some share the emotional struggles they deal with each day. All are gifted writers with a real passion for what they write about and do.

    Come to read them all, or choose a favorite and focus on one blogger at a time. Either way, you’re sure to find something that can help you on your journey.

  • Stand Up 2 Cancer Blog

    Stand Up 2 Cancer is a unique organization in the American medical community. They fund research and develop connections between institutions and organizations to help find more effective treatments faster.

    Stand Up 2 Cancer Blog shares many updates from the important work they’re doing. It also shares stories of cancer patients both fighting cancer and living without it. It’s a community full of vibrant, energized individuals who are eager to beat the disease and help others.

  • Blog For a Cure

    When you’re diagnosed with cancer, friends and family may be afraid. They might be unsure what to say to you. You know who won’t be timid? Other cancer patients.

    Like you, they have questions and worries about the disease, and they want answers. The bloggers at Blog for a Cure are just like you: patients who need resources, answers, and direction.

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine: Our Cancer

    My Cancer was a blog written by Leroy Sievers when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2001. Leroy died in 2008, and My Cancer became Our Cancer. Today, Leroy’s widow, Laurie Singer Sievers, writes the blog. She covers a topic that is very important to those left behind when a cancer patient passes: how to go on. Her writings are beautiful, poignant, and sure to be an inspiration to many.

  • Pen Machine

    Most cancer blogs chronicle treatments, trials, and setbacks. Few make it to the final entry. The blog Pen Machine is a beginning-to-end story of one man’s diagnosis, fight, and eventual death from colorectal cancer.

    This blogger died almost three years ago. His family posted his last entry after his death. Despite the elapsed time, his blog and the lessons he shared live on. His final words are as encouraging to those without cancer as they can be to those with it. His humor is refreshing, especially when his words move you to tears.

  • I Had Cancer

    Once the treatments are over and the cancer gone, how do you go on living? Ask someone who knows. The survivors and organizers of I Had Cancer use their blog to write about life before and after the all-clear. The posts are motivational and educational. You’ll read about others’ experiences, but also find practical tips important to survivors.

    The blog isn’t just for people with one type of cancer. All cancers are covered here. After all, though the treatments and names may be different, the journey is often the same.

  • Cancerwise

    Each cancer patient is unique. So, too, are their journeys. Cancerwise, a blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center, introduces you to a few of those faces, their stories, and their families. You’ll also hear from medical experts on the latest research and cutting-edge technologies.

    You’ll meet survivors and widows, recently diagnosed patients, and those who’ve been on the treatment rollercoaster for a while. Each person brings with them insight and inspiration that may help you with your own journey.

  • New York Times: Well Cancer Blog

    One of the greatest names in journalism has created a blog to share the latest news in cancer treatment, prevention, and recovery. The New York Times’ Well Cancer Blog hosts posts from reporters, bloggers, and journalists on a variety of topics. Some posts deal with medical research and news, while others are very personal and inspiring.

    This blog isn’t meant as a place to find a community for support, but it can be a great resource for communities looking for the newest information about cancer.

  • Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog

    In his job as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Len travels the country learning about the newest innovations and breakthroughs in treatment and cures. From time to time, Dr. J. Leonard Lichtenfeld writes a blog about research and important topics for cancer patients. He also provides commentary on the latest studies and articles that might be of interest to advocates, patients, and caregivers.

  • Cancer in Context

    Reporter Debra Sherman covered healthcare for a decade for the news agency Reuters. She wrote about cancer, disease, treatments, and cures. Then, in June 2013, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Her disease and her journey are her new reporting assignments.

    In the Reuters blog, Cancer in Context, Sherman shares her diagnosis, journey through treatments, and daily struggles with the disease. Her acumen as a reporter means her posts are well-researched and easy to read. Her gift of prose makes for captivating, touching, and heart-breaking writing.

  • Colorado Cancer Blogs

    The University of Colorado’s Cancer Center is one of the most well-respected cancer treatment centers in the United States. In their Colorado Cancer Blogs, doctors, researchers, and health experts share a variety of stories related to cancer.

    Here, you’ll find updates on cutting-edge technology, results of clinical trials, and interviews with the experts conducting the research. The writers make difficult medical terminology easier to understand and decipher. It’s a must-follow for people on the hunt for new trials and treatments.

  • Find a Source of Strength

    Cancer is a difficult journey, but you can find strength and inspiration from the journey of others. When you receive a diagnosis, one of the most important things you can do is find people, organizations, and sources you can trust and connect with. 

    These blogs are all excellent starting points to discover a community of people like you—and to meet the experts working to make you healthier.

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