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The 24 Best Breast Cancer Health Blogs of 2013

  • 24 Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2013

    Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can feel shocking and overwhelming. But it’s important to learn and understand as much as you can about the condition in order to make the best decisions for your treatment and care.

    Hearing the perspective of others who have walked in your shoes can help you cope. Many passionate bloggers focus on the topic of breast cancer, and you can learn from them. Read on for the 24 Best Breast Cancer Health Blogs of 2013.

  • The Best Breast Cancer Ever

    Problem-solving is the name of the game for Shari Lindars. She writes about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment on the blog The Best Breast Cancer Ever.

    Lindars takes you through the experience of discovering she had breast cancer, and explaining it to others, including her children. Lindars is brave and inspiring, and will help you fight through your fears by showing you how it’s done.

  • Dancing with Cancer

    Long-time cancer survivor Jill is an experienced veteran when it comes to beating breast cancer. The cancer has spread since she was originally diagnosed in 1999, but Jill continues to fight back with a vengeance.

    Jill records and shares her journey with all who follow her blog, Dancing with Cancer. You’ll find frequent postings that track her pains and progress in eloquent words and pictures.

  • I Survived Damn Near Everything

    Breast cancer isn’t the only challenge that Carole Sanek has battled and won. Her claim I Survived Damn Near Everything is true.

    Most of Sanek’s posts are related to breast cancer and how she learned to thrive with it. However, you’ll find plenty of other topics covered on this blog. Bullying, bitchiness, and stupidity are just a few of the other things that Sanek has survived and gone on to thrive and blog about.

  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer

    Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LLBC) is both an organization and a blog to help empower women who have breast cancer.

    LLBC tackles difficult topics and newsworthy notes while offering everything from healthy recipes to poetry. They spotlight a wide range of blogging perspectives from regular contributors and guest posters. Bookmark this site to stay in the loop and feel better at the same time.

  • Chemobrain

    The two-year-old blog Chemobrain has led blogger AnneMarie to find support and enrichment from an online community. This has helped guide her through many milestones and turning points in her breast cancer journey.

    In return, AnneMarie’s readers receive wonderful guidance from her passionate posts and commitment to advocacy and volunteerism.

    As a bonus, Chemobrain features links to sign up for available research studies. Women can participate in these studies to help add to the medical community’s body of knowledge about breast cancer. Hopefully, new information will lead to a cure someday.

  • Nancy’s Point

    Loss is a prominent theme that Nancy Stordahl explores in her blog Nancy’s Point. Her breast cancer story includes her own diagnosis in 2010, just two years after losing her mother to the same disease.

    Read about Nancy’s point of view on everything from chemo side effects to surviving a cancer diagnosis. You’ll also get more personal snippets about her family life with grown children, husband, and pets.

  • The Accidental Amazon

    The Accidental Amazon (AKA blogger Kathi) likes complaining about breast cancer—but only in the service of change.

    Skeptical, soul-searching, and not one to suffer the status quo silently, Kathi uses her blog as a forum to cut through the hype about the disease. She doles out research findings and other information that can help you better cope with your cancer diagnosis.

  • ChemoBabe

    ChemoBabe is the persona that this initially reluctant blogger uses to motivate her (more than pink ribbons can) to keep fighting. Edgy and ever-ready for battle, this spunky superhero won’t be taken down by breast cancer.

    You won’t find Pollyanna platitudes here. ChemoBabe has an approach to living with cancer that’s real and raw. She spouts honest emotion about a disease that’s hard to put a positive spin on.

  • My Breast Cancer Blog

    Forty-three-year-old Jacki tells her personal story of breast cancer, which started when she was 34, on My Breast Cancer Blog.

    Jacki was told that her original diagnosis is behind her and that this particular cancer won’t come back. However, she still has plenty to talk about after nearly a decade as a cancer patient going through doctors and chemotherapy. Join Jacki’s journey to see how far she’s come.

  • Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog

    Caroline becomes a fast friend to all cancer survivors on Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog. She shares her views on medicine along with a rollercoaster of emotions from dealing with breast cancer and other illnesses.

    A patient advocate who lets her opinion be known, Caroline tells it like it is. Learn the truth about things you want to know about but were afraid to ask, like how friends respond to a cancer diagnosis and how to handle bad medical news.

  • Darn Good Lemonade

    Mandi may have been given the lemon of a stage II breast cancer diagnosis at the young age of 30, but that doesn’t mean life isn’t good. She blogs about what’s hard about her situation, and how she’s making things better on Darn Good Lemonade.

    Mandi’s posts reveal an interesting inner world that you’ll want to find out more about. She writes about everything from her warring internal optimist/pessimist to her thoughts on Angelina Jolie.

  • The Breast Blog in the World

    More than a blogger, Hester Tingey is a true writer, and has short story awards to prove it. A quick peek at her work on The Breast Blog in the World will quickly show you why.

    Tingey started her blog to provide near-daily updates on notable (sometimes funny) things that occurred during her treatment for breast cancer.

    With her core treatment now behind her, Tingey is free to expand her talent into writing about other things on her blog. Check back for spider-filled adventures and stories about flash mobs.

  • Let Life Happen

    Barbara Jacoby teaches readers how she learned to Let Life Happen on her site devoted to breast cancer and domestic violence.

    This inspiring blogger wanted to find a way to support others going through similar challenges. She started her blog to share stories of her life and perspectives on how to let life happen and move from victim to victor.

  • Miracle Survivors

    Tami Boehmer was told by a doctor that she’d die from breast cancer. Not willing to accept this negative prediction, Boehmer went on a mission to find others who had survived cancer death sentences and lived on to thrive.

    Her blog Miracle Survivors shares some of these inspirational stories, as does her book on the topic, From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds.

  • My Fabulous Boobies!

    Nicole McLean provides hope, help, and a visible online presence to young women who face breast cancer on her blog, My Fabulous Boobies!

    Despite having completed her treatments for stage IIIA breast cancer, McLean continues to generate posts. She’s even expanded her horizons beyond blogging to develop a web app, Pink Ribbon Life. The app helps connect breast cancer survivors worldwide.

  • Not Just About Cancer

    Some who receive a breast cancer diagnosis see life only through the lens of their disease. Not Laurie Kingston, Canadian author of the book Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer and blogger on Not Just About Cancer.

    Though Kingston’s observations often link back to cancer, her stories range far beyond that. They tend to touch on family, identity, kids, and even knitting. Not Just About Cancer is a refreshing reminder that you’re a lot more than your condition.

  • BumpyBoobs

    With a blog name like BumpyBoobs, you know you’re in for something different. Thirty-something Catherine Brunelle found out she had breast cancer one year into her marriage. Today, she does a bang-up job as one of the bloggers for the Canadian program Facing Cancer Together.

    Brunelle communicates equally well about the challenges that she has faced since her diagnosis and the many ways that she’s found inspiration. She’ll take you with her on a journey that you won’t want to miss.

  • Breast Cancer? But Doctor…I Hate Pink!

    Ann has stage IV breast cancer, and she’s honed her skill for saying out loud what many other people just think. Ann is determined to find the humor in life despite her serious situation. She gathers fans and loyal supporters by blogging on Breast Cancer? But Doctor…I Hate Pink!

    Ann started her posts at the time she found a suspicious lump in her breast and has continued them through her current treatment regimens. She holds nothing back in her vivid descriptions that will keep you coming back for more.

  • One Wig Stand

    One Wig Stand is a unique site that’s based on breast cancer survivors’ stories—as told through the point of view of the wigs they wear post-chemotherapy.

    The Lebanese non-government organization behind this blog plays an important role in providing Middle Eastern women with a support network.

    They go a long way in banishing the taboo of breast cancer, one wig at a time.

  • My Journey Past Breast Cancer

    With her treatment a year in the past, Debbie Emery is a true warrior and survivor in her fight against cancer. Gain strength from Emery’s blog, My Journey Past Breast Cancer.

    Happy to blog about more than just her medical condition, family-focused Emery writes posts that alternate between being hopeful and anxious, humorous and frightening—just like life itself.

  • Beyond Breast Cancer

    The writer of Beyond Breast Cancer uses the pseudonym “Lopsided Blogger,” which refers to her mastectomy. She shares many words of wisdom to help other women improve their own chances of detection and successful treatment of breast cancer.

    Lopsider Blogger has experience and opinions well worth reading if you need some advice about mammograms, breast reconstruction surgery, or how to do your homework about your doctor.

  • My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer

    A photo journal and blog that you won’t soon forget, My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer tells a beautiful love story through the perspective of a widower.

    Created by Angelo Merendino for his beloved late wife Jennifer, the blog is best known for its difficult but important photographs that depict the reality of a fatal breast cancer diagnosis.

    You won’t leave this site with dry eyes, but you will leave it more grateful for the love of the people you have in your life.

  • A Time for Such a Word

    This Ohio-based writer and mom started blogging to try to cut through the fog and pain of an unwelcome breast cancer diagnosis.

    Now on her third blog, this blogger has grown through the death of friends. A time for such a word explores feelings of futility and a renewed courage to press on and try to make sense of things. Stop by her site for dose of passion, poetry, and power.

  • Perks of Cancer

    Florence Strang, breast cancer survivor and author of the book 100 Perks of Having Cancer, blogs with attitude and aplomb on the site Perks of Cancer.

    Strang is a true warrior and one to watch whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. She’s been through it all: from chemotherapy to conquering cancer. And she’s the perfect person to guide you through similar challenges without losing faith.

  • Support This Year’s Best Breast Cancer Blogs

    If you or a loved one has breast cancer, it’s important to hear what other people who have this difficult condition have to say about it.

    Take a page from the playbooks of brave women worldwide who are living with breast cancer and can offer support. Start by reading the 24 Best Breast Cancer Health Blogs of 2013, and expand your online community.

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