The Best Bipolar Health Blogs of the Year

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  • See the Web's Best

    See the Web's Best

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), bipolar disorder affects 5.6 million people in the United States. This disorder is characterized by manic and depressive phases, which can be disruptive and challenging.

    Whether you’re close to someone with bipolar disorder or you’ve been diagnosed, put these blogs at the top of your reading list. Some will make you laugh, while others will help you learn more about bipolar disorder. All will give you information, hope, and the knowledge that you’re not alone in your struggles.

  • Bipolar Burble

    Bipolar Burble

    Author and speaker Natasha Tracy hosts and writes the blog Bipolar Burble. She first began writing as a way to collect her thoughts and calm her mind while battling rapid cycling bipolar disorder II. As her blog grew, Tracy realized she was reaching and helping others.

    Read Bipolar Burble to get a variety of information about living with bipolar disorder: from personal experiences and reflections to timely updates on research and the latest news on treatments, coping strategies, and more.

  • Enduring Bipolar Disorder

    Enduring Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar sufferer S.K. Ditta shares personal details about living with this disorder on his blog, Enduring Bipolar Disorder. While he recognizes that everyone’s journey with bipolar is different, Ditta hopes his own experiences will help readers better understand the impact this disorder has on a person’s life.

    With an emphasis on positive thinking, reflection, and learning from the latest research, Ditta’s blog is an inspiration for anyone suffering with bipolar disorder.

  • Bipolar Beat

    Bipolar Beat

    Bipolar Beat at Psych Central is an informative and interesting blog authored by two experts in the field of bipolar disorder. Dr. Candida Fink is a psychiatrist specializing in child and adolescent bipolar disorder. Joey Kraynak is an experienced freelance author who has written extensively on bipolar disorder. He also has a personal connection to the subject, as his wife was diagnosed with the disorder 15 years ago. Together these two bloggers provide clinical and personal perspectives on the disorder.

  • Bipolar Hope

    Bipolar Hope

    Bipolar Hope is the blog that accompanies BP Magazine. It’s authored by several people who have unique perspectives on bipolar disorder. Many of the authors struggle with the disorder or are the parents of children who do. Others are professionals in the mental health field.

    The variety of authors means that you can turn to this blog for a wealth of information, inspiration, and practical guidance, no matter what your needs are. Whether you’re a patient, a parent, or just interested in learning more, you must check out this blog.

  • Bipolar Happens

    Bipolar Happens

    With her characteristic straight talk, Julie A. Fast educates her readers at Bipolar Happens. An author, blogger, speaker, and life coach, Fast also struggles with bipolar.

    Read this blog to learn about how Fast copes with the disorder on a daily basis, while still helping her clients. Her straightforward tips and unique “Health Cards Treatment System” for managing bipolar disorder could be the help and inspiration you were looking for.

  • Suddenly Bipolar

    Suddenly Bipolar

    Deborah, writer of the blog Suddenly Bipolar, received her diagnosis unexpectedly. While it helped to explain many issues in her life up to that point, the revelation also was scary and upsetting.

    Deborah shares her journey with bipolar disorder from the beginning. If you have received a surprising bipolar diagnosis, this blog is a must read. Her intensely personal writing will help you feel less alone in your struggle.

  • Bipolar Blogging

    Bipolar Blogging

    If you received your bipolar diagnosis as an adult, turn to Bipolar Blogging for empathy and support. The anonymous author behind this blog didn’t receive a diagnosis until he was in his 50s. While it was terrifying, it also brought him comfort and helped him understand why he had struggled so much throughout his life.

    Read Bipolar Blogging whether you or someone you love is taking the same journey.

  • Bipolar State of Being

    Bipolar State of Being

    Each blogger brings a unique perspective to living with bipolar disorder. For Nicole, author of Bipolar State of Being, it’s surviving and thriving as a mom. Her insights into having this disorder and borderline personality disorder are pure inspiration. The blog should be required reading for all mothers battling mental illness.

    Nicole posts a mixture of personal essays, poetry, and links to informative and useful sites. The posts are clearly a positive outlet for her, but they also provide hope and a sense of support and community for her readers.

  • The Bipolar Blogger Network

    The Bipolar Blogger Network

    The Bipolar Blogger Network is a special kind of blog. It hosts numerous writers, each with a different outlook on bipolar disorder. They represent a mix of men and women, young and old. Some have struggled with the disorder themselves. Others love someone with bipolar.

    For bipolar information, personal experiences, reflections, and news, you can’t find a greater variety or a wider community than this one. Add it to your list of daily reading.

  • Bipolar Out Loud

    Bipolar Out Loud

    Nellie Russell started her site, Bipolar Out Loud, to express her frustrations and difficulties battling bipolar disorder. A blog arose as an outlet that also reaches out to others with support and helps to break down the barriers of mental illness stigma.

    Russell shares both personal experiences and practical tips for living with bipolar. As a working life coach, she’s able to share with her readers the many ways in which she helps her clients not just live, but thrive with a mental illness.

  • Bipolar Mom Life

    Bipolar Mom Life

    Jennifer Marshall chronicles her struggles and her triumphs as a mother of two young children and a person living with bipolar disorder on her blog, Bipolar Mom Life. Marshall left a corporate job to pursue writing. Now she uses her blog to hone her skills and to reach out to others suffering through bipolar.

    As you read, it will become clear immediately that Marshall’s blog isn’t simply a self-serving endeavor. She cares about helping people like her and truly hopes to help shed light on bipolar disorder.

  • Being Mentally Interesting

    Being Mentally Interesting

    Blogger Seaneen embraces her mental illness and jokingly considers herself to be among the mentally interesting. Her blog, Being Mentally Interesting, chronicles experiences like being hospitalized at a young age and getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    Seaneen uses wit and humor to shed light on what it’s like living with bipolar disorder. Originally an outlet for her own angst, the site is now a wonderful resource for others who find themselves diagnosed with bipolar or any mental illness.

  • Pax Nortona

    Pax Nortona

    Pax Nortona is a blog penned by writer and bipolar sufferer Joel Sax. From the first post you read, you’ll see that this blog is different from the rest. Sax writes very personally on the subject of bipolar as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He also composes short creative pieces and philosophical musings.

    Add Pax Nortona to your list of blogs to read for regularly updated and highly readable reflections from someone who knows what it’s like to live with mental illness.

  • Finding Support in Community

    Finding Support in Community

    Living with bipolar disorder takes its toll, but knowing that others are going through something similar can make a huge difference in your life. Reach out and read about the experiences of people like you. You’ll tap into a pool of information as well as a font of inspiration, hope, and support.