The Best Biking Apps of the Year

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  • Bike Your Way to Glory

    Bike Your Way to Glory

    Everywhere you look, bike lanes are being paved and docking stations are going up. People of all ages and ability levels are hopping on the biking bandwagon!

    Cycling can save you money, torch calories, and whittle your waist. Check out these apps that will give you reason after reason to keep your car in the garage.

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  • Strava


    iPhone – 5 stars with 184 ratings – Free

    Android – 4.5 stars with 88,703 ratings – Free

    There are dozens of workout tracking apps on the market, but Strava’s slick interface and social aspects set it apart. Earn badges, compare your time and ability with other cyclists, and share photos of your best views on Instagram. 

    You can even keep track of your equipment usage so you know when it’s time to replace your tires or get your bike tuned up. If you have a Garmin, it’s easy to link the two programs for even better analytics.

  • Map My Ride

    Map My Ride

    iPhone – 4.5 stars with 293 ratings - Free

    Android —4.5 stars with 38,550 ratings – Free

    If you love your spin class but are new to biking on an actual road or path, Map My Ride promises to help bring the best elements of a stationary bike’s computer to your outdoor adventure.

    Unlike a lot of other tracking apps, it automatically stops the meter when you’re held up by a stoplight, preventing those weird spikes and valleys you sometimes see. With flyover views of your ride and sharing controls, it’s easy to see why Map My Ride is so popular.

  • Cyclemeter


    iPhone — 4.5 stars with 53 ratings – Free

    Keep an eye on your splits, intervals, and zones with Cyclemeter. It’s an easy way to train for your first race or your hundredth and track your improvement over time. Cyclemeter collects a ton of data and presents it in colorful graphs and charts, leaving you with a wealth of information about your health and well-being.

  • Bikemap


    iPhone – 3 stars with 27 ratings – Free

    Android – 4 stars with 782 ratings – Free 

    Planning a biking trip somewhere far away? Bikemap can help you get the lay of the land. With over a million user-submitted routes in countries across the globe, it shows these routes or lets you upload your own routes to share with other cyclists.

    You can filter by description, distance, elevation, and difficulty level so you can find your ideal ride at home and abroad.

  • CAA Bike Safety App

    CAA Bike Safety App

    iPhone – Free

    If you’re new to cycling, it can be hard to know what the rules of the road are. After all, they don’t teach that in driver’s ed! Learn how to use bike lanes, the best ways to signal your intent, and when you have the right of way with this helpful app.

    The CAA Bike Safety app has tips for how to avoid collisions, good rules for cyclists to follow, and even has tips for motorists who want to be safe around bikes. Test what you’ve learned with the quizzes provided so you can get out and enjoy riding around fearlessly!

  • Bike Repair

    Bike Repair

    iPhone – 4 stars with 14 ratings — $3.99

    Android – 4 stars with 350 reviews — $2.92

    What happens when you’re ten miles up a mountain and you hear a snap and a clang? Bike Repair features dozens of basic repairs with clear photos and instructions for quick fixes on the go.

    Even cyclists who can’t assemble an IKEA bookshelf will be able to help themselves out of a jam with Bike Repair’s help. This app also has a “what to wear” feature for your ride based on your current location, perfect for the cyclists who always find themselves too hot or too chilly.