The Best Anxiety Health Blogs of 2013

These blogs are the best for a reason: they really can help you manage - or even conquer - your anxiety, one step at a time.

10 Best Anxiety Blogs of 2013

Do you experience worry, uneasiness, and nervousness—the telltale signs of anxiety? You’re far from alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States, or about 18 percent of the population.

When you have anxious feelings, it can help to find support. We’ve chosen the top 10 anxiety blogs of 2013 that address topics of interest to those with anxiety.

Home Life Simplified

Blogger Debra Dane suffers from anxiety, depression, and perfectionism. She shares her insights on Home Life Simplified on how to combat with self-care and simplification.

Writing from the perspective of a mother of two, Dane focuses on intentional, authentic living on a journey to being a happier person and parent. Her strategies are creative and calming, and her accessible style helps to create an online community of loyal supporters.

Panic and Anxiety Blog

The creators of the Panic and Anxiety Blog describe it as “tips and advice for eliminating panic attacks and anxiety.” But the blog goes far beyond simple tips. It provides detailed support, research, resources, and even videos to help anxiety sufferers gain control.

Covering topics as wide-ranging as phobias, anger management, social anxiety, and ADHD, this blog is dedicated to helping readers enjoy a rich, happy life free of stress, fear, and limitations.

I Am Living With Anxiety

I Am Living With Anxiety provides a personal perspective on the condition from blogger Doug. Doug shares his experience living with anxiety and focuses on solutions that have been effective for him in overcoming anxious feelings.

Doug bases many of his ideas and philosophies on the teachings of Dr. Abraham Low, a founder of the recovery self-help movement. With Dr. Low’s principles as a backdrop, this candid blogger helps empower others to live a life not controlled by anxiety.

Positively Positive

The Positively Positive blog promotes the philosophy that your attitude and the choices you make result in the quality of life that you lead. Providing uplifting words from multiple contributors on categories such as inspiration, living, loving, playing, working, and giving, this message-based blog has a simple goal: to bring positive messages to readers each day.

Give yourself a dose of positivity by spending some time on Positively Positive and watch your day brighten.


Blogger Eric Wilinski, who has been dealing with panic disorder for two decades, has created a unique blog called Panic! In addition to Wilinski’s personal insights and experiences, the blog is essentially a newsfeed on all stories relevant to anxiety, depression, panic, and related topics.

Panic! explores topics such as whether or not Facebook makes people anxious, celebrities with anxiety, and mental health in the workplace. If it’s been in the news and it’s about anxiety, you’ll find an analysis of it on this blog.

Anxiety Guru

Paul Dooley has been the Anxiety Guru since 2008, doling out words of comfort and advice, as well as a podcast for those who feel anxious. As someone who has lived with generalized anxiety disorder, Dooley is an experienced guide and friendly voice for those in need of ways to cope with anxiety.

Anxiety Guru provides detailed explanations of anxiety symptoms and strategies that can help you feel better right away, such as diet and exercise programs. If you prefer to listen to rather than read Dooley’s advice, simply download free podcasts from the site.

The Social Phobic

Blogger Nick shares his thoughts and the tribulations as a sufferer of social phobia (also called social anxiety disorder) in his mid-twenties. The Social Phobic uses the honesty of raw emotions such as discouragement and feeling overwhelmed to bring you inside his world and explain what it really feels like to live with social phobia. Nick also provides a forum for readers who relate to these feelings to band together in camaraderie.

Anxiety Slayer

“The Slayers” are Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer, who co-founded Anxiety Slayer to support those whose lives are overshadowed by stress or anxiety. Much more than a blog, Anxiety Slayer provides a plethora of invaluable resources to help with anxiety management, including articles, podcasts, albums, and audio downloads.

The site also offers a free stress relief eBook, self-help anxiety tips, and access to coaching services for those who want to work one-on-one with the Slayers to soothe their anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Facilitated by Arlin Cuncic, offers a blog on Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). With a background in clinical psychology, Cuncic’s expertise in mood disorders provides a reputable starting point to learn about SAD symptoms and strategies for getting the help you need.

Cuncic’s calming guidance helps sufferers understand the daily struggles caused by this condition, as well as how to cope effectively and regain control of your life.

Good Therapy

The Good Therapy blog helps those with anxiety and other mental health conditions explore therapeutic options and find qualified therapists. It covers a wide range of conditions, behaviors, and issues of interest for those who want to learn more about how to manage their mental health.

From anorexia and sexual abuse to postpartum depression and more, posts are searchable by condition and issues treated. The site also offers reliable information on drugs and psychotropic medication.

Read and Be Soothed

It can be helpful to receive reassurance from a trusted community when you’re feeling anxious. The bloggers who have been honored in Healthline’s Best Anxiety Blogs of 2013 provide  a range of advice to soothe the nerves of anxiety sufferers.

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that effective tips and strategies can help you regain control of your anxiety. The next time you’re feeling anxious, visit these top blogs for some quick relief.