The Best Food Allergy Blogs of 2015

The Best Food Allergy Blogs of 2015

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  • The Best Food Allergy Blogs of 2015

    The Best Food Allergy Blogs of 2015

    Food allergies are some of the most common types of allergies, and can lead to serious consequences. Many people with food allergies have severe reactions. One such reaction is anaphylaxis, a potentially life threatening state. 

    We’ve dug up the best, most informative food allergy and anaphylaxis-related blogs from around the web for you to check out. Whether you have allergies or have a loved one who does, you’re sure to find some great reading here.

  • It’s an Itchy Little World

    It’s an Itchy Little World

    Jennifer is a mom of two. One of her children is Tristan, who has eczema, allergies, and asthma. She started It's an Itchy Little World to share her family’s stories of using an integrative approach to battling these conditions.

    It’s an Itchy Little World features posts from Jennifer as well as news and stories from guest bloggers and professionals. The blog includes lots of content about food allergies, severe allergies, and anaphylaxis. It also includes an extensive list of resources for food allergies, eczema, and asthma patients. It’s an Itchy Little World will help you in your own journey towards itch-free, sneeze-free, and wheeze-free days.

  • OneSpot Allergy

    OneSpot Allergy

    Elizabeth Goldenberg is a Canadian lawyer and mother. She started Onespot Allergy as a way to educate those with all types of allergies about legal and safety concerns. 

    Onespot Allergy covers all sorts of food allergy and anaphylaxis-related issues. Goldenberg posts helpful warnings about popular food products that contain allergens. She also makes recommendations for allergy-friendly products.

  • Lexie's Kitchen

    Lexie's Kitchen

    Visit Lexie's Kitchen if you think that having food allergies means giving up good taste. This terrific blog has been serving up inspiration and allergy-friendly recipes since 2010.

    This beautifully designed blog specializes in sharing ideas and recipes for “tasty eats and treats” free of gluten, eggs, dairy, and other ingredients that commonly cause food allergies.

  • Cybele Pascal

    Cybele Pascal

    Cookbook author Cybele Pascal is also known as “the allergy-friendly cook.” As the mother of two children with food allergies and a person who has food allergies herself, Pascal has focused her career on “working to make the world a safer and more delicious place for eaters everywhere, one recipe at a time.”

    Pascal’s site focuses on helping readers thrive without exposure to the top eight food allergens. Here you’ll find new recipes and tips on allergen-free products. You’ll also find tidbits from her life as you follow along.

  • Learning to Eat Allergy-Free

    Learning to Eat Allergy-Free

    Colette Martin is the “allergen-free baker.” She shares information and solutions for busy families with multiple food allergies on her blog Learning to Eat Allergy-Free.

    Martin is a food allergy mom and expert on baking allergen-free. She acquired her skillset after her son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies causing her to reinvent how her family ate meals. The result is a wonderful site that parents of children with food allergies will check for recipes and inspiration time and again.

  • AllergyHome


    Two pediatric allergists created AllergyHome in order to bring about greater food allergy awareness in the world. The site targets a broad set of readers, including the newly diagnosed, family members and caretakers of people with severe allergies, and people who teach kids about food allergies. Browse this informative, frequently updated blog for the pediatric allergist’s perspective on all things food allergy-related.

  • The FARE Blog

    The FARE Blog

    The FARE Blog launched in 2013 after the merger of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) and the Food Allergy Initiative.

    As part of FARE’s online offerings, the FARE Blog provides a wealth of resources and tools for living with food allergies and managing severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis.

    The blog delivers the latest in food allergy and anaphylaxis news. Posts include updates on legislation, reports on the latest research, recipes, and personal stories from adults and kids with food allergies.

  • Jeanette's Healthy Living

    Jeanette's Healthy Living

    When you step into Jeanette’s online kitchen, you’ll find healthy dishes packed with flavor and goodness — even for those with multiple food allergies.

    This former corporate executive turned stay-at-home mom started Jeanette's Healthy Living blog after making countless meals for family and friends with special dietary needs due to illness.

    The blog features a recipe index (with only whole ingredients and minimal sugar and fat) and a special section on cooking for kids. You can also find guidelines on how to create a healthy pantry.

  • Kids With Food Allergies Blog

    Kids With Food Allergies Blog

    The Kids With Food Allergies blog is a product of the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The organization’s goal is to spread awareness and to provide essential information to families with children coping with food allergies.

    The blog offers a wealth of tips and tricks for parents, ranging from free webinars to live chat events and recipes. It briefs parents on food allergies, anaphylaxis, and treatment. You’ll find everything you need to make great, allergy-friendly food that fits your child’s special requirements.

  • The Allergy Eats

    The Allergy Eats

    The Allergy Eats is the ultimate blog for finding allergy-friendly restaurants. They feature a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to restaurants across the nation that are ready to accommodate people with allergies. People with food allergies rate the directory.

    The database for The Allergy Eats claims to include every restaurant in the country, from large chains to small diners and gourmet grub to greasy-spoon fare. They even provide menus (when available), which include information on allergy-specific foods. You won’t need to worry as much about food allergies or anaphylaxis with The Allergy Eats on your side.

  • Food Allergy Buzz

    Food Allergy Buzz

    Want to share ways to enjoy the allergen-free good things in life? This is exactly what Food Allergy Buzz is for. The site’s author, Jennifer B., started Food Allergy Buzz in order to spread the word about notable news related to living well with food allergies.

    Food Allergy Buzz has an advocacy element in addition to increasing food allergy awareness. It provides notifications about local food allergy awareness activities, and it also offers resources for sending kids with food allergies back to school.

  • AllergicChild


    Robert and Nicole Smith started AllergicChild because of their two kids’ severe allergies. One is allergic to fish, shellfish, sesame, peanuts, and tree nuts. The other has celiac disease as well as a mast cell mediated disorder. This blog and its site offer a great all-around resource for parents of children with severe allergies and food allergies.

    The Smiths share their experiences and interview a variety of experts on their blog, sharing tips on how to successfully live and cope with food allergies. They also cover news from the larger allergy community. Elsewhere on the site you can learn about the top eight food allergens, as well as basic allergy-related information to help fill in gaps in your knowledge about food allergies.

  • Raising Jack with Celiac

    Raising Jack with Celiac

    Celiac disease isn’t an allergy to gluten. It’s an autoimmune condition that causes your body to attack its own healthy tissue. But the dietary habits that can prevent you from developing gluten sensitivity can also keep you safe if you do have celiac disease. This blogger slices and dices medical issues such as these on Raising Jack with Celiac. She also tosses in plenty of firsthand news about new food products available to those with celiac or other wheat and gluten sensitivities. 

  • Please Don’t Pass the Nuts

    Please Don’t Pass the Nuts

    Please Don’t Pass the Nuts is a clever name for an allergy blog, but this blog is more than just clever. Sloane Miller has made informing folks about allergies a very full career as a writer on allergies and a therapist working with individual clients. Her blog brings plenty of consumer news like new products and important food product recalls. You’ll also want to visit Miller for thoughtful essays on how to manage kids’ allergies and how to be your own best advocate.

  • Allergy Shmallergy

    Allergy Shmallergy

    Having food allergies means you have to watch out for yourself and be careful about what you eat. Having a young child who has food allergies means you have to constantly be vigilant. But how do you raise allergic children safely and prevent them from experiencing the world as a place of constant threat? That’s the goal of Allergy Shmallergy. This mom-blogger has to avoid milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds on behalf of her son. Check out her blog for recipes that work around these and other common allergens. You’ll also find up-to-the-moment information on important issues like hosting an allergic guest at the holidays.

  • Amazing and Atopic

    Amazing and Atopic

    The atopic triad is a combination of eczema, asthma, and hay fever. Some atopic patients also have food allergies. That’s the case with this blogger’s daughter. Amazing and Atopic explores one family’s personal story, while also casting an eye on news from the allergy and immunology community. Also included is an important “Five Minutes for Allergies” page, covering critical points about anaphylaxis.

  • Allergy Free Alaska

    Allergy Free Alaska

    We all know you’ll spend more if you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Will you make more delicious food if you browse a recipe blog with mouthwatering pictures? Test yourself at Allergy Free Alaska. Far from being confined to one state, this blog explores the global goodness of homemade marshmallows, granola bars, tortillas, and more — all allergen-free.


  • No Nuts Moms Group

    No Nuts Moms Group

    No Nuts Moms Group is a great central location for all things allergy, but with the warm and personal touch that moms give best. Along with a memorial to those we’ve lost to allergies, you’ll find tips on allergen-free holidays, and information on advocacy and policy groups like FAACT, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team. Guest posts cover individual stories and ideas for traveling with allergies.

  • Additional Allergy Tips

    Additional Allergy Tips

    If you have food allergies and/or severe allergic reactions, there’s a lot you need to know to manage them effectively. The experiences and advice available from these allergy blogs can help you cope with these challenges and thrive every day.

    Your doctor can and will help you, but don’t suffer alone with your allergies. Collaborate with others who have been there and can help. Whether you need recipes, restaurant recommendations, or just a knowledgeable resource, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this blog list.