The Best ADHD Health Blogs of the Year

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  • A Look at the Year's Best

    A Look at the Year's Best

    ADHD is a disorder characterized by trouble focusing and concentrating, as well as hyperactive behaviors. Many children are diagnosed with this disorder, but adults can have it too. If you’re an adult with ADHD, or the parent of a diagnosed child, there’s a world of information waiting for you.

    Check out the best blogs on ADHD that the internet has to offer. Some will give you support and hope, while others will have you rolling with laughter. The tips, advice, and sense of community provided here are invaluable for anyone impacted by this disorder.

  • CHADD Leadership Blog

    CHADD Leadership Blog

    The organization Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder hosts the CHADD Leadership Blog. What makes this blog special is the breadth and depth of expertise it offers. Most posts are penned by CHADD CEO Ruth Hughes, whose experiences as a clinical psychologist and mother of a son with ADHD are helpful. Other posts come from a variety of experts in the field.

    Add the CHADD blog to your list for the most expert advice about ADHD that you can find in one place. It’s a great resource for the latest research, innovative treatments, and personal stories about coping with the disorder.

  • ADD/ADHD at

    ADD/ADHD at

    Keath Low is the author and guide for the ADD/ADHD page at She’s a psychotherapist specializing in helping children with ADHD and their families. Low’s experiences in assessing, treating, and supporting the children and families who struggle with this disorder give her a unique perspective.

    Check out this site regularly for practical tips and solutions for coping day-to-day with a child diagnosed with ADHD. You’ll also get advice for finding the right doctor, sorting through treatment plans, and educating yourself about your options.

  • ADD Moms

    ADD Moms

    Any adult who has received an ADHD diagnosis later in life should be reading the blog ADD Moms. Author Brenda Nicholson got her surprising diagnosis at the age of 42 while having her children evaluated. Nicholson learned to live with her disorder and now helps others cope by working as a life coach specializing in adult ADHD.

    At ADD Moms, you’ll find advice and support along with information about ADHD, reviews for products, and suggestions for natural remedies that have worked for Nicholson and her clients.

  • ADDitude


    Founded in 1998, ADDitude magazine is an all-in-one resource for everything related to ADD and ADHD. The magazine is available in both print and online formats. Turn to the ADDitude blog for regularly updated information on parenting children with ADHD.

    Here you can find posts written by a variety of guest bloggers who bring a range of experiences and expertise on the subjects of ADHD and being a parent. From stories about discovering the early signs of ADHD in a child to tips for making your life easier, you won’t be disappointed by the content.

  • ADDitude: The Experts

    ADDitude: The Experts

    The Experts is another collection of blog posts from ADDitude magazine, with blog posts by experts in the field of ADHD. Pediatricians, psychologists, educators, and more are available to answer your questions about anything related to ADHD.

    Skim through the posts to find answers to questions that others have asked. Or, you can also pose your own question and have it answered by someone in the know.

  • Charlotte's ADHD Web

    Charlotte's ADHD Web

    Charlotte is a mother like any other. She loves her son and tries to do the best for him, but she has had to learn how to be the mother to a young boy with ADHD. She posts her personal experiences with Bobby and all their daily ups and downs at Charlotte’s ADHD Web.

    Charlotte gives strength, as well as hope and inspiration, to her readers. Check out this blog for laughs, a few cries, experienced advice, and the words of a caring and sympathetic fellow mother.

  • ADHD Management

    ADHD Management

    ADHD Management is a blog devoted to helping adults diagnosed with ADHD learn about their disorder and find the resources needed to live happily with it. Founder Jennifer Koretsky shares her personal story of being diagnosed at the age of 25. Although it was difficult news to hear, her diagnosis turned on a light bulb that helped her make positive changes in her life.

    Now working as a coach to help other adults with ADHD, Koretsky shares her personal journey and her practical advice on her blog. This is a must-read for anyone surprised by a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult.

  • Totally ADD

    Totally ADD

    Totally ADD has everything you need to survive as an adult with ADHD. Partially funded by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Television Fund, the site provides support and information to adults feeling lost and confused after receiving an ADHD diagnosis.

    Totally ADD makes great strides in breaking down the stigma of adult ADHD and does so with humor and fun. Why just learn about your disorder? Get an education and learn to laugh about it by enjoying the posts and the social interaction at Totally ADD.

  • My ADD/ADHD Blog

    My ADD/ADHD Blog

    Put My ADD/ADHD Blog on your reading list for an incredibly thorough set of resources on everything ADHD. Author Tara McGillicuddy is an adult with ADHD and a certified ADHD coach. She’s taken her own struggles with the disorder and turned them into effective strategies for helping others.  

    On her blog, you’ll find posts with useful and practical tips for coping with ADHD. McGillicuddy also provides information about apps and other products to help you on a daily basis, along with opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, and training sessions.

  • Dr. Hallowell

    Dr. Hallowell

    Dr. Edward Hallowell is an author, psychiatrist, speaker, expert on ADHD, and blogger. He has experience working with both children and adults and a wealth of knowledge to share with his readers. He’s also highly sought after by television and radio shows for his expertise.

    Check in to Hallowell’s blog for nearly daily updates with information about ADHD, tips for living a happier life, and notices about upcoming events related to ADHD, as well as guest posts by noted experts.

  • ADHD Roller Coaster

    ADHD Roller Coaster

    Being an adult with ADHD is like riding a roller coaster. So says ADHD Roller Coaster blogger and adult ADHD expert Gina Pera. After her husband was diagnosed as an adult, Pera made it her mission to help shed light on the too-often unrecognized problem of adult ADHD.

    Today Pera is a successful author and expert on adult ADHD, and she hosts a blog that will help keep you up to date on the latest news related to ADHD in adults. You’ll also enjoy her personal and thoughtful essays on the topic.

  • Adult ADD Strengths

    Adult ADD Strengths

    Adult ADHD coach Pete Quily playfully refers to the disorder as Attention Surplus Condition in his informative yet lighthearted blog, Adult ADD Strengths. Quily is a certified life coach, an advocate for adults struggling with ADHD, and also has the disorder.

    His blog provides inspiration and hope to readers, along with practical tips and a good dose of humor. Quily stocks his blog with personal stories and anecdotes from contributors that will amuse, enlighten, and inform you.

  • Getting Support for ADHD

    Getting Support for ADHD

    The most important thing you can do if you or your child is struggling with ADHD is to get a diagnosis and learn about treatment options. You can also turn to these informative blogs for help and support. The resources, hope, and community within these blogs will make a huge improvement in how you cope with ADHD.