ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The 13 Best ADHD Health Blogs of 2013

  • 13 Best ADHD Blogs of 2013

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as “one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood.”

    ADHD causes kids to have trouble focusing their attention, moderating their activity level, and controlling impulsive behavior. You can find relief for children with this condition by visiting the top blogs on ADHD. 

  • The CHADD Leadership Blog

    The CHADD Leadership Blog dishes out regular commentary on issues related to ADHD from Ruth Hughes, PhD, CEO of Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). The site also features guest blogs by other CHADD staff members.

    CHADD’s mission is to help improve the lives of those affected by ADHD. The blog helps get behind the real issues that ADHD sufferers face by drawing on personal experiences, current events, and research studies.

  •'s ADD/ADHD Blog

    Psychotherapist Keath Low manages's ADD/ADHD Blog. Low holds a clinical scientist appointment with the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at the University of North Carolina.

    The blog provides the basics on the condition, from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment information. It even goes a step further, with a special resources section for parents of kids with ADHD.

  • a mom's view of ADHD

    A Mom's View of ADHD centers on sharing a parental viewpoint on everyday life with ADHD kids—dads included. This comprehensive blog and resource center has attracted a devoted following of parent readers.

    The site features more than just posts. Chat forums, videos, support groups, and product reviews are just a few of the offerings from these talented bloggers, who collectively dub themselves the “ADHD Mommas.”

  • ADD Moms

    You’ll find welcome relief on ADD Moms, whether you’re a mom with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or ADHD, or you have a child who suffers from the condition.

    Brenda Nicholson, an ADD mom and coach, has raised three kids with ADD while managing her own symptoms along the way. Now she hopes to help you do the same.

  • ADDitude Magazine's ADHD Parenting Blog

    If you want to learn to live well while raising a child with ADHD, you’ve come to the right place. ADDitude Magazine's ADHD Parenting Blog, a partner to the leading magazine on the subject.

    The blog is facilitated by Kay Marner, a blogger and mother of two children, including a daughter with ADHD. Marner mixes her personal insights and experiences more general, research-based information.

  • Charlotte's ADHD Web

    Blogger Charlotte spins tales of family triumph and tribulations in Charlotte's ADHD Web. She finds humor amidst the difficulties inherent in raising a son with the condition.

    Like reading an email from a good and honest friend, Charlotte’s ADHD Web serves as informal therapy for her readers.

  • ADDitude Magazine's ADHD Expert Blog

    If you need advice and guidance from top experts in the field of ADHD, you can find it at ADDitude Magazine's ADHD Expert Blog. ADDitude Magazine’s panel of experts answers readers’ questions about parenting kids with ADHD. They also address adults living with the condition.

    Whatever’s on your mind—from medication issues to how to communicate better and form good habits with ADHD—these experts can lead you from confusion to clarity.

  • Dr. Stephen Ferrari's Attention Deficit Disorder Blog

    Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari, a specialist in the treatment of ADHD, shares his wisdom on Dr. Stephen Ferrari's Attention Deficit Disorder Blog. Concerned parents will discover compassion and comfort in Ferrari’s professional opinions and posts.

    Practical solutions are the name of the game in Ferrari’s blog. Topics run the gamut from behavior problems to self-confidence, with a special emphasis on managing difficulties at school.

  • ADHD Management

    Though kids first may come to mind when you think of ADHD, many adults also suffer from the condition. ADHD Management is among the few in the blogosphere that focuses exclusively on dealing with ADHD as a grownup.

    Jennifer Koretsky, managing partner and CEO of ADD Management Group, writes many of the posts herself. Blog categories include being productive, money management, relationships, and self-care.

  • ADDerworld

    ADD thought leader and motivational writer Bryan Hutchinson promotes positive thinking and ADHD in his blog, ADDerworld. As an author, Hutchinson has written both serious books—such as his memoir based on personal experience growing up with ADHD—and silly ones, like his hilarious eBook “10 Things I Hate about ADHD.”

    Similarly, Adderworld offers a range of writings that reflect different moods and tastes. The posts are inspirational and uplifting, encouraging readers to maximize their life experience with the condition.

  • Totally ADD Blog

    The Canadian-based Totally ADD Blog is part of Totally ADD, which was launched in 2009 by Rick and Ava Green and Dr. Umesh Jain. The blog was created for adults with ADHD, as well as loved ones and colleagues affected by it.

    The bloggers behind the site are a team of people with or affected by ADHD who are on a personal mission. They hope to remove the condition’s stigma, create an interactive community, and present tools and information in a memorable and fun way.

  • My ADD/ADHD Blog

    My ADD/ADHD Blog presents thoughts, tips, strategies, and information from ADD/ADHD support mentor and coach Tara McGillicuddy. This blogger is a senior certified ADHD coach and a woman living with ADHD.

    McGillicuddy’s blog combines thoughtful posts with event announcements and opportunities to receive support and coaching. She’s also the host of ADHD Support Talk Radio, which is accessible from her blog with an iTunes subscription.

  • Mungo’s ADHD

    Toronto-based Mungo was diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2010. He found the diagnosis enlightening in that it helped him make sense of struggles he’s experienced in his life.

    He took to blogging about his journey on Mungo's ADHD, shedding light on adult ADHD by presenting a personal perspective about it.

    Mungo includes a useful list of adult ADHD resources in addition to posts and pictures that help describe his experience, thoughts, and insights.

  • Don’t Face It Alone

    Whether you suffer from the condition yourself or are a parent, friend, or colleague of someone with ADHD, take a break from the challenges and enjoy some new perspectives on the 13 Best ADHD Blogs of 2013.

    With helpful resources, ideas for parenting a child with ADHD, and symptom management, these bloggers will let you know you’re not alone. 

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