7 Dinner Recipes for Oregano Lovers

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  • It’s All Greek to Me

    It’s All Greek to Me

    If you’ve ever had Greek food, you’re familiar with the unique flavor of oregano. Packed with vitamin A, fiber, calcium, and potassium, oregano (fresh or dried) has been used throughout history as a kitchen staple.

    In Greek mythology, it was created by Aphrodite and used as a love potion. While its actual origins are probably less mystical, its name — meaning “joy of the mountain” — celebrates a legacy that’s both culinary and medicinal.

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  • Antioxidant and Skin Treatment

    Antioxidant and Skin Treatment

    Like many herbs and spices, oregano has proven antioxidant capabilities. There’s also some evidence that it can help treat bacterial infections, including the strain that causes urinary tract infections.

    It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties. Oil of oregano is often used as a topical treatment for skin inflammation and acne. Studies show that, mixed with thyme, the oil could potentially help to treat gastrointestinal issues like colitis.

    If you’re interested in the health benefits, or just like the taste, read on for seven amazing dinner recipes that can bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen table.

  • Cuban Sirloin Kabobs with Asparagus

    Cuban Sirloin Kabobs with Asparagus

    Some kabob meats may have questionable origins, but with this recipe, it’s all about quality. Infuse your sirloin with oregano, cumin, and orange juice, and serve it with couscous or orzo.

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  • Greek Chicken Salad

    Greek Chicken Salad

    No Greek salad is complete without a dash of oregano sprinkled on top of hunks of crumbled feta. For an extra boost of protein, add some shredded rotisserie chicken, or grill some fillets of your own.

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  • Beef & Beer Chili

    Beef & Beer Chili

    Beer never tasted so good. Pour a can into your chili while you sauté the beef, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Our hearty recipe is infused with cumin, garlic, and dried oregano.

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  • Red Pepper & Turkey Pasta

    Red Pepper & Turkey Pasta

    This pasta sauce recipe substitutes tomato sauce for pureed, baked red bell peppers for an extra kick of vitamin C. Mix in some fresh, chopped oregano before combining it with sautéed ground turkey — an excellent source of selenium, which your cells need to function properly.

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  • Spicy Chicken Posole

    Spicy Chicken Posole

    While posole is usually made with pork shoulder, this chicken recipe is a flavorful, lighter alternative with all the kick.

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  • Turkey Chili

    Turkey Chili

    Lighter than your typical beef chili, this recipe is easy to make and just as flavorful, packed with arthritis-fighting foods like kidney beans and turmeric.

  • Spinach, Tomato & Feta Pasta

    Spinach, Tomato & Feta Pasta

    Sauté some plump, red tomatoes with spinach and a dash of dried oregano. Pour it onto some baked whole wheat pasta and add crumbly feta for a diabetes-friendly Mediterranean delight.