From Womb to World
From Womb to World

Kristy provides support for pregnant and laboring mothers and for transitioning families after the birth of their baby.

  • Aug 15 2012

    Information Overload During Pregnancy

    There are so many things that we experience when preparing to birth our babies. Our minds are racing with thoughts about the pregnancy and the growing baby, about our changing bodies, what labor and delivery will be like, how we will be as pare...

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  • Aug 13 2012

    Weighing Your Options for Labor and Delivery

    As discussed in my last post, when it comes to childbirth, preparation is key.During labor and delivery we are often presented with having to make hard decisions, and it's important to weigh the pros and cons of every option. Ask for time alone wi...

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  • Aug 06 2012

    The Lessons We Learn in Childbirth Offer Insights for Everyday Life

    Our summer vacation this year is going to be spent with family back East. We’ll be away from home for 6 weeks, and have a huge list of people to see and things to do. The prospect of being with all of my family is so exciting, but the thought o...

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  • Aug 03 2012

    Pregnancy and Self Esteem

    During pregnancy I find that sometimes I’m on a roller coaster with my self esteem and emotions. I have moments of grandeur when I feel like I am strong and can do anything. My power as a mother lifts me up and encourages me in my daily endeavo...

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  • Jul 19 2012

    Do I Need to Prepare for a Second or Third Birth?

    We all experience labor differently. Even if you have more than one child, your labor and delivery for each one will be distinctive. Of course there are many similarities that could happen, but each birth is unique in its whole. I have had thre...

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  • Jun 29 2012

    Functioning and Thriving on Little Sleep

    I woke up today wondering if I ever went to sleep. My 5 month old was up most of the night wanting to nurse and be held. Not that I can blame him; both are wonderful and needed things. While I am happy to oblige him, a lot of his waking comes f...

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  • Jun 28 2012

    Tune In

    There are many ways we can shut down in birth or tune out. Tuning in can be harder, more challenging and even scary. It is different for each person. There are so many factors that contribute to how we feel about birth and how we approach birth...

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  • Jun 21 2012

    Who Says That’s a Dumb Question? You’re About To Give Birth!

    I get asked a lot of questions from prenatal yoga students and doula clients. There are questions on changes happening with the mother's body, preparing for labor and delivery, post partum concerns, infant care, breastfeeding and parenting. The...

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  • Jun 19 2012

    Crib Matters

    Three days ago we started the transition of moving our baby from the AMBY baby hammock to the crib. We didn't move our first two boys into the crib until they were 7 months old. We felt it was important to have them close to us. When it was tim...

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  • Jun 15 2012

    Embracing My Journey

    About 10 years ago I was taking my certification classes for teaching prenatal yoga when I fell in love with birth and supporting women through pregnancy and the process of giving birth. We had a professional Doula facilitate part of our yoga t...

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Kristy is a highly trained and experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator.