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It's a Type 2 Life

San Francisco Bay Area resident Patrick Totty writes about his experiences living with type 2 diabetes

  • Oct 30 2012

    A Rival to Swiss Chocolate?

    Although many people think that type 1 diabetics are the only people who take insulin injections, an estimated 11 million type 2s in Europe and North America are also on insulin therapy. They deal with many of the same hassles that type 1s do...

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  • Oct 24 2012

    Words Not Spoken, Facts Not Presented

    When it comes to dealing with diabetes, never forget that some of the information we get doesn’t always fully disclose the facts. If that sounds paranoid, I don’t mean to come off that way. But as a former newspaperman, I know how easy it is ...

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  • Oct 15 2012

    A Diabetic Doctor's Take on Carb Cravings

    I’ve mentioned Dr. Richard Bernstein here before. Bernstein is the 78-year-old Long Island-based doctor who for years has been a thorn in the side of the American Diabetes Association. That’s because of his advocacy of a low-carb approach to bo...

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  • Oct 10 2012

    Priscilla's Grits

    I mentioned recently that my wife and I were taking a trip through the beautiful red rock country of southern Utah. To get there, we drove along back roads through California and central Nevada. One of our stops in Nevada was the hamlet of ...

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  • Oct 04 2012

    Conflicting Views on Cinnamon for Type 2

    There’s a story about a monastery in the Dark Ages where the friars are sitting around the dinner table disputing how many teeth are in a horse’s mouth. The elder monks are citing Aristotle for their answer, but there’s an argument over the ...

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  • Sep 12 2012

    Hitting the Road with Type 2

    My wife and I will soon be driving out from the San Francisco Bay Area to southern Utah. We haven’t visited the glorious red rock country there in years, so we’ve been anticipating this trip for months. Our goal is to shun freeways and inter...

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  • Sep 06 2012

    Ulysses and the Seven Siren Cheetos

    My wife, who is extremely slender and has never suffered from being an ounce overweight, rediscovered the Cheeto about two years ago. The Cheeto, as we all know, is the devilish combination of salt and tangy, orange-y fat that the Frito-Lay C...

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  • Aug 28 2012

    Will Type 2s be the New Gurus?

    I set aside a few bucks each month and when the total reaches $80 or $100 send the money to an international non-profit organization called Heiferthat offers relief to families in need by providing them with a long-term food source. Twenty dol...

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  • Aug 24 2012

    Bobbing on the Sargasso Sea

    The Sargasso Sea is a section of the Atlantic Ocean that almost every sailor on earth knows about and fears. It’s not that the sea has dragons, or violent weather, or pirates, or unexplained disappearances. What it has is nothing, as in no wi...

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  • Aug 23 2012

    Giant Temptations

    My friend Mike has a sixth sense when it comes to finding bargains. A few years ago, he heard that a long-time San Francisco Giants baseball team season ticket holder was looking to sell her rights to two prime seats at the Club Level above hom...

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About the Author

Bay Area resident Patrick Totty was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July, 2003.