The Acid Reflux Solution
The Acid Reflux Solution

Dr. Jorge, author of the best-selling health and cook book, The Acid Reflux Solution, offers advice, information, and even a few recipes to help you live a better life, without sacrificing any of its great pleasures.

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Cooking For Charity and Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

About a month ago I was approached to participate in a charity raffle.  I agreed, seeing as I am not the sort of person to say no to a good cause.  I offered to cook meals out of my book, The Acid Reflux Solution, as my auction item. I thought it would be fun and hilarious, since I am not a cook in any way shape or form.  I am no chef while we both don white coats, that’s were the similarities end. I can avoid burning pasta, but my meals won’t end up on the next issue of Bon Appétit. But I knew the recipes in my book are tasty, healthy and fool-proof, so I agreed.  To my surprise, the lucky “winner” paid $800  for me to come to their home and prepare dinner!

Clear the kitchen, here comes Chef Jorge.

Cooking is more art than science — some of us have a knack for it, and some of us don’t.  But if someone like myself can prepare a dinner consisting of:

Savory goat cheese spread

Arugula Salad with avocado, melon & blueberries

Spanish Potatoes Au Gratin

Grass-fed beef hamburgers with grilled Portobello mushrooms & blue cheese

Blueberry-Mango Parfait

…then it is my belief that anyone can create great tasting meals!  The ingredients are relatively easy to find. Nothing is exotic, and these recipes do not involve much prep time.

In writing The Acid Reflux Solution, I sought to help the millions suffering from GERD by offering easy (not to mention tasty) advice for managing acid production. Many more are unaware of what GERD was or what they could do to quell and eventually cure it. Such was the case with the party I was cooking for many of them were unaware of how their diets affected their health. They still believed the old wives' tales and followed the wrong advice, and their diets and bodies were a reflection of this. They consumed food and drink until their bellies swelled, and when the acidic flames rose up at the end of meals, their soothing after-dinner mints were antacid tablets. As a doctor, I felt it was my obligation to first listen, then educate my ‘patients’ about what they were experiencing and what they could do about it.

It was an interesting experience to learn more about the people I had written the book for. They believed their heartburn was incurable. That it was simply a fact of life. I am a gastroenterologist and was previously entranced by the same spell.  I used to eat super-sized portions, would lie down too quickly after meals, consume fatty foods, and had a few spare pounds thanks to my lifestyle. I was the unknowing average American, and here I was talking to patients about their acid reflux!  That changed upon writing my book.  Now I maintain portion sizes at meals, walk around, and stay hydrated with water – keeping the ship lean,so to speak. As a result, I’ve lost 30 pounds without trying… all because I decided to put an end to my acid reflux troubles.

It was rewarding to satiate their hunger and also offer solutions to the ailments they thought were incurable.  I knew my participation in this fundraiser would help others in the world, I just didn’t expect to put several faces so close to home.

Oh, and in case you were wondering:  the meal was amazing.

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Dr. Jorge offers advice, information, and even a few recipes to help you live a better life.