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Teen Health 411
Teen Health 411

The "Used To Be" Empty Nest

Here is a new parenting issue - how do parents handle having their college graduate come home to stay? According to it seems that more and more (77% last year) college graduates are not getting a job after college or setting up their own homes, but are moving back in with mom and/or dad.

Is it the recession or is it that this generation (Gen Y) is just more attached to family and home, and maybe less motivated? I cannot help thinking that this phenomenon is related to the issues experienced by college freshmen, too!

In previous posts I have talked about the higher numbers of first year college students who seem emotionally unprepared for college in spite of wonderful academic, music, sports, and community service records. What seems to be missing are the skills required to be an adult, manage time, handle problems and negotiate "the real world." Maybe this generation of students are all struggling, but the ones making it through four years of college are suffering, at the other end.

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Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.