Teens and Mothers

To celebrate Mother's Day I thought it would be a great idea to involve my teens and asked them to help me create a post that would celebrate teens and moms!

The 15-year old produced the following poem she wrote for the post:

By Madison Brown-Moffitt

A gentle hand
A warm caress
A warm embrace
You feel safe when
Her arms around
You wrap and with
A kiss you fall
Asleep within
That warmth of love.

One day you leave
That same embrace
And leave those arms,
Never forget
She who has loved
You through and through,
Your mother dear.

The 12-year old said, "no way - Mother's Day only happens because moms want to be worshipped an extra day each year," which stopped my warm, fuzzy, sentimental thoughts completely. And then I found some poems I had written for the girls when they were young, that I thought I would share with all of you - to remind us that we loved our teens more than life itself - at least when they were little - and every day we need to thank them for the experiences we've shared! They will all come around! Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

For Madison when she was five months old

We’ve kissed your eyes that they
Might twinkle forever.
We’ve whistled on your fingertips
That they may be musical.

We’ve massaged you gently
That you may walk
Softly on the earth,
We’ve sang you lullabies that you
Will dream peacefully.

What is left is to give you
The power in yourself –
The knowledge that you
Can, and will, be who
You choose to be.
I love you.


I opened an oyster one day and a small, beautiful fairy with nappy purple hair jumped out onto the beach I sat on and said, “Gee thanks,- I thought that dang oyster was gonna try and make me a pearl. To give up my nappy purple hair and look like every other pearl wouldn’t be no fun.” “You are welcome,” I said, and went about my business - the fairy did likewise.

1998 – for my darling daughters

We spend our days in so many happy little ways
Kisses and hugs, sleep from your eyes, everyone up to
Wash, if you please.
Momma, breakfast is done, we are ready for fun.
Can we be butterflies?

Butterfly wings and pixie dust, fly, fly, fly,
If you must.
Momma, Momma, do come quick, we found
Berries, ready to pick.
Rice, broccoli and maybe some peas
We’ll save the berries until later for tea.
Snuggle up and rest now, a book to read
Imagination is all we’ll need.
Dragons, castles, royalty, witches & wizards march
Through our dreams.

Snacks to be prepared,
A walk in the forest, a splash in the creek,
A quick little game of hide-and-don’t seek.
Mommies home – big hugs and a squeeze.
Oh mommy, we saw bugs, bees and peas, and big
Yellow flowers that made the baby sneeze.

Good night children. I love you both,
In so many happy little ways.

Photo credit: Midnightvelvet59

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