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Teen Boys and Romance

My heart goes out to every teenage boy who has ever withered under the disappointed glare of a girlfriend or thrown his hands up with a pleading "what do you want from me?" It is not that they do not feel the emotions of teen love, or want with every fiber of their existence to make their partners swoon, it is simply a matter of having not read the correct books!

I am serious! How much better off would every teenage boy be for having read the love stories that preteen and teen girls thrive on? How is a teenage boy supposed to understand the allure of "as his lips brushed her neck," or "his gaze burned into her soul," or "I watched him stare at her retreating figure, as if she was his reason for existing?" This is the stuff love is made of for teenage girls and their poor boyfriends, do not have a clue!

Maybe if English teachers required classes to read the Twilight Series from Stephenie Meyer, and the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel, they could get read these books without being teased by peers and finally understand what teen girls are waiting for! It would be quite the popular male who knew the secrets of these romance books!

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