The Role of Fathers in HIV Education for Adolescent Boys

A recent study (conducted with 277 fathers and sons) published in the American Journal of Public Health titled "REAL Men: A Group-Randomized Trial of an HIV Prevention Intervention for Adolescent Boys," reported that boys whose fathers participated in the intervention were significantly more likely to abstain from sex, intend to delay intercourse, and use condoms if they were sexually active, than boys with fathers who did not participate. In addition, fathers who participated also discussed sexually-related issues more with their sons, and intended to continue those discussions!

Let's hear it for fathers! This sounds like a great intervention! Research has always shown that even in families with fathers, it is more likely that mom is doing the sexuality education, although many boys would rather talk to dad, so this intervention sounds like it helps fathers feel more confident and responsible for the sexuality education of their sons!

Photo Credit: notme2000

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