Recovery From the Election

OK I admit that I have been uncommonly depressed since the election Tuesday - as my lack of posts may indicate - although the lack of pictures undermines my motivation, as well.

Do not get me wrong, I am thrilled to have a black man as president, happy that so many good things were funded (like libraries), thankful that CA Proposition 4 did not pass, which would have required me to transport teenagers across state lines to get abortions which would have landed me in prison, but people in CA voted to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples, which I am finding very difficult to accept.

My kids, who were born after civil rights, post feminism, and post Stonewall, have never witnessed this kind of discrimination and they are truly surprised by the ignorance and mean-spirited nature of the people who voted to keep gay and lesbian people from marrying.

Another serious concern I have had for months is how much misinformation there was associated with this election, and how few skills people seem to have to "unpack" media messages and learn the truth about what they are voting for. It would be easy to be swayed by the commercials if all you had read was the sample ballot description of the issue, and it is a little scary that media images can be anything a group can pay for.

OK I understand the cynicsm and depression I am feeling, I just wish i knew what to do about it!

Blessings for peace and change!
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