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Teen Health 411
Teen Health 411

Put Your Mom in a Cell Phone

We all know that moms and their nagging make us better people, so why not put a mom in every cell phone? It makes perfect sense, now doesn't it? Electronic mass marketing is actually cheap, and in some cases, very effective, particularly if you are trying to convince someone to do something they already know they should be doing!

Saving money, getting exercise, paying our bills on time, remembering to do our errands, not eating ice cream, flossing our teeth, taking our medication, getting enough sleep, washing our hands, eating salad versus fries, doing the laundry, calling the mother ... there are a million things each of us need to do on a daily basis to keep our bodies and lives functioning. And, like most behavior change - we are always forced to weigh the delight of some immediate gratification versus the long-term benefit of choosing a healthier alternative.

In most cases, we know what we should be doing (have the knowledge), understand the benefit of the correct behavior (motivation), and even have any required ability (skill) to do the right thing, but what is missing, I am sad to say, is that little bit of self-control, which, nagging can help provide!

So, in come some amazing new companies to help us put a mother into our cell phones - without judgment or "that tone" she can help you remember at 11:49 AM that salad is healthier than french fries, or that going to bed on time will help you do better in work or school tomorrow more than chatting with one more Facebook buddy will!

One particular company providing this service is Vive Coach, and I encourage everyone to give them a try. You do have to register, but it is really a great way to help yourself do what is right for you, and call your mother!

Photo credit: daryl_mitchell
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About the Author

Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.