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Protect and Care for Your Skin

There was a great article in the New York Times 12/27/07 by beauty skeptic Natasha Singer suggesting the best eight ways to care for our skin, at all ages, are as follows:
  • Discard old beauty products that you put your fingers into ( like face creams) after one year to avoid the growth of micro-organsisms. The FDA suggests discarding mascara three months after opening it to avoid eye infections.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking ages skin prematurely, and gives you more wrinkles.
  • Do not squeeze pimples, it pushes the bacteria deeper into your skin, and can create scars.
  • More sleep and less stress. Stress and sleep deprivation are associated with skin problems, slower healing, and even hair loss.
  • Wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer but also keep the skin softer and more consistently colored.
  • Do not use too many skin products, it can inflame your skin. Use a mild cleanser, a sunscreen or better yet a moisturizer with 15 spf sunscreen in it, and maybe one other product with vitamins C , A & E, soy, green tea, or peptides.
  • Wash your face at night to take off the make-up or debris gathered during the day.
  • Finally, watch the cost. The author suggests never spending more than $30 on a product. There is no way to know more expensive products work any better than what you find in the drugstore. Many times the high cost is for packaging, advertising, and celebrity endorsements.
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