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Post Holiday Blues?

Feeling a little slow, sad, or irritable during this last few days of the holiday season? Are you paying more attention to the advertisements for anti-depression medication? Do you have a list of things to do that is longer than the the available number of hours before you go back to work? Do not panic! My suggestion is that you relax and give yourself some permission to slow down and think about what is important, what has to be done, and what can wait until next weekend.

You may just be exhausted. For the last month students have been finishing a semester at school, or at least approaching it, employees have been working ahead to take time off, families have added gifting, parties, decorating, and traveling into already full lives, and well, most extended family get togethers bring with them a little emotional baggage. Chances are really good that your physical and emotional reserves are very low and you really need some serious rest.

It is not too late to schedule some well-deserved down time. Look at the rest of the holiday and figure out when and where you can take some time to just sit still, have a massage, take a walk, play a game, bake with the kids, whatever you do to have fun and relax. Try to minimize the "have tos" and focus on the "want tos," which is not a very productive way to live life, but may give you some energy in the long run.

My suggestion is that we all start 2008 conscious of what we need, where our energy is going, and what is important to us and our families! Another year is passing and it is important to take time to recognize our accomplishments and goals!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 be healthy, happy and fun!

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Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.