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Teen Health 411
Teen Health 411

Movie Review: Beauty Mark (2008)

Beauty Mark: How Far Would You Go? is a great film about how far people will go to fit into our culture's standard of beauty. This is a courageous look at the impact on self-image that "ideals" about weight and looks have on people, through the eyes of an athlete.

With personal stories from male and female athletes, humor, tears, and facts, this movie answers some important questions: Can sports really make you unhealthy? How do families influence our relationships with our own bodies, and how do media-set standards get into our heads?

Listening to the narrator ask beautiful people how they feel about their body, and watching their tears about never feeling "OK" was both eye-opening and very disturbing. This is a must see for youth everywhere, but be prepared for issues that include, dysfunctional families, rape, eating disorders, gender, sexual orientation, and uncontrolled obsessive behavior.

I think one of my favorite lines was "we have lost track of normal." The hardest thing to hear was how awful everyone felt inside, and how far people were willing to go because of their fear of being old, fat, and ugly.

There are some healing messages, too - we can choose what we consume and what we absorb from our culture - no one is to blame, and we all have choice. Eating disorders and emotional distress go hand in hand - please do not ignore them in yourself or your friends.

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About the Author

Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.