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Menstruation Rituals

What do female teens do to relieve menstrual discomfort? There have to be a million brilliant ideas out there from young women who have tried-and-true methods of relieving the bloating, cramps, mood swings, and tiredness that sometimes accompany periods.

Having daughters, our house includes some basics which I will share:
  • Ibuprofen - which seems to work better than period-specific over-the-counter medications we have tried;
  • Heat - we have heat wraps that stick to you for during the day at school; cloth-filled beanbags we heat in the microwave;
  • Tea - specifically fresh grated ginger tea made with honey, chamomile; and peppermint for settling a stomach;
  • Sleep - get enough;
  • Exercise - get enough - it helps with PMS, too;
  • Water - odd but true, you will feel less bloated if you drink enough liquids - and avoid your body feeling like it has to "save" the liquid;
  • Avoid salt & sugar - it makes you bloat worse - but helps with PMS!
Feel free to try our remedies, but I want to hear your suggestions, too - please post comments!
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Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.