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Meals Matter from the Dairy Council of California

By 2030, the American Hospital Association estimates that more than 37 million midlife adults will be managing more than one chronic condition such as obesity or diabetes. The Dairy Council of California is providing a three-week self-directed Nutrition and Fitness Challenge at their website Meals Matter to help people achieve nutrition and fitness goals faster. Once you sign up you will receive a weekly email that guides you through the steps to achieving your goals.

As steps in the process, you will learn
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) and calorie needs
  • Assess your current activity level using online tools
  • Find out about your food personality and even keep track of your food
  • Track your progress and make adjustments to your food and activity logs
  • Pus, get expert tips and a great resource page
During the three weeks you will be able to assess your current eating and set goals based on food preferences and health priorities with some very cool online tools. You and your teens can learn more about how to balance your exercise and eating, and find recipes that meet your goals. How fun is that! Start today (you must register by 1/14/08) and good luck! You can find this information at

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