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College Courting - Decision Approaching


Oh my! The college admission letters are piling up - and the child that was sure no one would want her now feels confident that there is a college out there for her - the question has become which one?

I love the letters mentioning her unique qualities and experiences - personal notes about the fit between our eldest teen and each college, scholarship offers, promises of international experiences, close relationships with faculty, and project-based education, but my favorite is the letter from the college president, acknowledging the decision facing our family!

The money is due May 1st, and there are still a couple of decisions we are waiting for - but already the decision is looking painful. As the acceptances come in I ask, so, how about it - if you had to pick A or B, which would it be? The answer is consistent - I would be happy at either one! Sadly, I know that is code for "I have no idea" and we have some emotional discussions on the horizon.

I think for now, we just let her sit with the success, reading all of the material streaming into our home addressed to her, and encouraging her to "see herself" on each campus. There will be one more trip to two colleges in the Midwest that we did not see last year, one trip for a scholarship competition, several auditions for musical scholarships, and maybe one more interview, but sooner or later, the decision will have to be made - and I for one - cannot even guess at the outcome! Thank goodness we have choices is all I can say!

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