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Teen Health 411
Teen Health 411

Boys Lie About Sex?

In fact, according to the results of an online survey about sex, relationships, and sexual respect, 60 percent of young men and teen boys lie about sex. In November, 1,200 males ages 15-22 took the survey conducted by TRU, Seventeen magazine and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Some of the findings include:
  • 45 percent reported they were virgins;
  • 60 percent admitted to lying about something related to sex: 30 percent lied about how far they have gone, 24 percent about their number of sexual partners, and 23 percent about their virginity status;
  • 78 percent agreed there was "way too much pressure" from society to have sex;
  • 57 percent of sexually active respondents reported having had unprotected sex;
  • 53 percent said they had talked with a parent about preventing pregnancy;
  • 51 percent said having sex before marriage was acceptable in their family; and
  • 66 percent said they could be happy in a serious relationship that did not include sex.
The survey also found that the double standard is still alive and well. In terms of "hooking up," "friends with benefits" - 53 percent said of the males reported that having a lot of casual partners makes males more popular, but 71 percent reported believing that having sex made girls less popular.

And there you have it - some things never change!

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About the Author

Dr. Brown is a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent health.