Book Review: What to Expect When Your Child Leaves for College

According to M. Spohn (2008), most parents experience some sort of separation anxiety when their child leaves for college. What to Expect When Your Child Leaves for College: A Complete Guide for Parents Only will give you some valuable information to help make the upcoming transition easier, including information about encouraging independence, offering support, handling the drop-off, dealing with empty nest syndrome, and how to keep the lines of communication open. There is some great advice about how to plan meaningful family time, and how to teach your child to live on his or her own.

Additionally, there are some suggestions about how to deal with seemingly irrational behavior in the summer before college, which may include spending excessive amounts of time with friends, ignoring you, and even being a real pain to be around. This book can help you prepare for the emotional roller coaster you may experience as your child adjusts to college life, and your child’s first visit home. Practical and supportive – this book is a must read for parents.

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