Body Drama: Book Review

Body Drama; Real Girls, Real Bodies, Real Issues, Real Answers is a new book by Nancy Amanda Redd that should be on the shelf of every family, school, and doctor in America. This book provides pictures, knowledge and encouragement to young women everywhere to help them avoid feeling insecure, ugly or imperfect when faced with the air-brushed women the media bombards them with. This book covers it all - from body hair, bras, acne, weight issues, stinkies, bumpies, and even vaginal discharge!

I admit, when I agreed to review this book I assumed I would skim it, but I have to tell you that I read every single word, laughed, groaned, and even leaned a thing or two (like what a gueef is). This book is packed with very funny bad jokes, health information, body care tips and most importantly, full color photos of real women's bodies described using real-world language. This is maybe the most important aspect of the book - real words to describe real bodies - that you get to see. These bodies help people understand that their bodies are normal. There is even a page of vulvas - yep, real ones!

Everywhere in this book is the message that you are perfect and anyone who loves you, should think you look perfect! If you change your body it must be because you want to and nobody has the right to try and make you feel bad! We all stink sometimes, get zits, and 85% of women have cellulite - so relax and love living!

I tried to get my 12-year old and her friends to offer some quotes about this book, but they blushed and said "Mom, we are too young," but I will leave it on the shelf in my room though, where she knows she can find it and look through it in private. That said, I guess I better buy a copy to leave in my office, too! My 15-year old however, promises to read it during Christmas break and will publish her own review.

Nancy Amanda Redd has a Harvard degree with honors in women's studies and was Miss Virginia. Her goal is writing this book seems to have been to help young women understand "normal" covers a very wide reality and differs for every shape, ethnicity, and size. This amazing book will hit the bookstores at the end of the month, but you can order your copy now at for only $13.60.

There is not enough I can say about this book! Thank you Nancy Redd!

Photo credit: M.A.C. Kingsley
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