Abusive Relationships

A recent report from Teenage Research Unlimited that was sponsored by Liz Claiborne and loveisrespect.org included some disturbing findings last week. The findings stated that young females are at risk for being abused in relationships, particularly those who start being sexually active early (at or before age 14).

In addition, and more bothersome to me, was that in spite of the fact that many teens report being abused in relationships or knowing someone who has been abused in relationships, most did not know the warning signs for unhealthy relationships or what to do if a friend was being abused by a romantic partner.

If you are wondering if your relationship is healthy, ask yourself if the other person:

  • Puts you down?
  • Gets extremely jealous or possessive?
  • Constantly checks up on you?
  • Tells you how to dress?
  • Tries to control what you do and who you see?
  • Has big mood swings?
  • Makes you feel nervous (like you are walking on eggshells)?
  • Criticizes you?
  • Threatens to hurt you?
If the answer to any of those things was yes, talk to someone about this relationship and be aware that it might not be a healthy relationship for you. Love is respect operates the National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline (1-866-331-9474).

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