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Tech Medicine Links for 9.9.8

The price for genetic testing through the startup 23andMe just plummeted from $999 to $399. Details are here.

The 23andMe service enables its customers to:

  • Search and explore genes contributing to their personal characteristics, such as lactose intolerance, athletic ability, and food preferences;
  • Learn how the latest research studies relate to their genomes;
  • Compare their profiles to family and friends who are also 23andMe participants and trace the inheritance of genes associated with specific traits;
  • Discover their genetic roots and learn about where and how their ancestors might have lived and the prehistoric events they experienced, and:
  • Actively participate in a new research approach and contribute to the advancement of the field of genetics.
Dr. Donald J. Palmisano, a former president of the American Medical Association who lives in New Orleans, blogged the Hurricane Gustav evacuation at MedPage Today.

Bertalan Meskó is the writer of ScienceRoll. At the Medicine 2.0 Conference, he presented on, "Medical education and building an online reputation in the world of web 2.0."

We're drowning in iPhone apps. Here's a listing of the "Coolest 50 health and fitness apps for the iPhone."

Via FriendFeed: major scientists with blogs. (Thanks, Bertalan.)

Here's the official website of the Medicine 2.0 conference in Toronto, which links to the proceeding published as a free PDF. To prepare you for the experience, here's a sample abstract title: "The Construction of Expertise in the Age of the Internet: Psychotropic Drug Knowledge in Consumer-Constructed Online Spaces."

And finally, speaking of FriendFeed: be sure to check out the FriendFeed Doctor's Room.
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