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New Drug Information Portal from the National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine just released a new Drug Information Portal for patients and health care professionals. From the announcement:
More than 12,000 drug records are available for searching. The search interface is straightforward, requiring only a drug name as a search term, and successful searching is enhanced by the assistance of a spellchecker. Information buttons and balloon pop-ups guide the user by providing helpful hints or a description of the resource and links to the source website. Links to the following resources contribute to the search results: MedlinePlus®, AIDSinfo®, Medline/PubMed®, LactMed, HSDB®, Dietary Supplements Labels Database, TOXLINE®, DailyMed®,, PubChem, NIAID Anti-HIV/OI Database, ChemIDplus®, Drugs@FDA, DEA, and
The main search page is as uncluttered as Google. It suggests trying valium, so here's the search result as an example:
For physicians, Epocrates, UpToDate, and still offer more readable presentations of drug information, but if you're interested in patient information -- or for sheer quantity and breadth -- the Drug Information Portal is hard to beat.

(Also posted on The Efficient MD.)
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