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My Favorite Ergonomic Laptop Bag

This post will be a departure from the regular topics of this blog. It will be about bags. Specifically laptop bags. And here is where I will rant. Most laptop bags are either backpacks, which are comfortable but unprofessional, or business bags, usually slung over one shoulder, which in my experience cause a tremendous amount of back strain and soreness. Those of you who have laptops will recognize this problem.

I've been searching for a compromise -- a business bag that is both professional looking, comfortable, versatile, and back-healthy. And I've found it.

BBP bags has a line of bags that I first encountered in the 5th Avenue Apple Store while searching for a bag to hold my Macbook Pro. (BBP stands for "BumBakPak.") These bags are "hybrids" -- that is, they easily convert from a slung-over-the-shoulder-type professional-looking messenger bag to the more back-friendly backpack bag, which is padded in all the right places.

I try to make a habit of walking as much as possible, and the BBP bag -- I have the hamptons hybrid bag in obsidian black -- definitely makes this more pleasant, particularly in backpack mode.

I'm convinced that people get used to uncomfortable bags and in subtle ways, this causes them to resist walking with them. I've walked a lot more with my laptop bag ever since I switched to the BBP bag. Even if you don't have a laptop but carry a heavy bag, I suggest you investigate the BBP line of bags. Your back will thank you.
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