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Monthly Introduction to Tech Medicine

What's this blog all about?

My goal in Tech Medicine will be to explore the intersection of medicine, new technologies, and the Internet. This is a purposefully broad topic. Several times weekly I will post focused reviews of issues interesting to health professionals and nonprofessionals alike. Posts may include examinations of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, scientific advances, internet services, and other technologies involving health care and the practice of medicine. Mirroring as it does the nature of the Internet and the sometimes surprising nature of new technologies, the content may also include topics that are wonderful, unusual, hilarious, or strange.

What are some recent posts on Tech Medicine?

Recent posts have included discussions on medical uses of the iPhone (part 1, part 2, and part 3) and thoughts on patient-physician email (part 1 and part 2).

Who are you?

I'm trained as a nephrologist (a kidney and blood pressure specialist). For the last two years I've written Kidney Notes, a blog designed to filter and process medical news. Most recently, Kidney Notes has become a collection of links, commentary, and scraps of information -- a reference database of interesting things with the help of a popular social bookmarking service called While I will continue posting to Kidney Notes, several friends have asked me to write longer posts of original content -- and this is what I will be writing on Tech Medicine. (Recently, I have also written a blog on personal productivity called The Efficient MD.)

There are many topics I plan to cover, but I'm also open to suggestions and tips. Please email them to
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Dr. Schwimmer's blog explores the intersection of medicine, new technologies, and the Internet.