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Laparoscopic Surgery Performed at 4X HD

The holy grail of resolution is not high definition video, but telepresence — resolution so good it feels like you're looking through a window, not a TV set or a monitor. Resolution so detailed you feel like you are there.


The RED Digital Cinema Camera Company offers a new line of high definition video cameras which have gained an enthusiastic following among directors. (For example, Steven Soderbergh said that "Shooting with RED is like hearing the Beatles for the first time. RED sees the way I see.") Here's a sample of HD video of Paris shot with the RED.

Dr. Steven Palter, an obstetrician/gynecologist and fertility specialist, recently performed the world's first laparoscopic surgery with the RED camera at a resolution equivalent to 4X HD. The procedure was presented on October 20 at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Atlanta. According to Dr. Palter,
"The images are the sharpest, most detail-rich and color-correct endoscopic images ever created anywhere. There is not a more accurate view inside the human body... By increasing resolution to this level we allow the surgeon to be actually immersed in images that surpass the live surgical experience. The resolution approaches that of the human eye but it is combined with 10 fold magnification through the telescope which operates just inches away from the disease. The progress from regular surgical film technology is like comparing sitting in an HD home theater to watching a video on a cell phone..."
More information may be found at Doc in the Machine.
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